The New Old Spaghetti House and How Its Vietnamese Spaghetti Changed A Life

1. The only Old Spaghetti House in the Visayas inside SM CITY CEBU beside the Gelatissimo Kiosk (not Consolacion nor Seaside) reopened months ago after doing changes to its already distinct and warm look.

We never cared much about how the restaurant has old memorabilia of Coca Cola products and supposedly vintage posters because we mostly never cared about a restaurant's look. We're deeeep people, you know. We're complicated.

2. The only reason I come back to the place is the Vietnamese Spaghetti without shrimps. I went back there last night because I needed garlic in my system and there was no garlic soup in French Baker and Pizza Hut and Jollibee (oh no, Jollibee has no garlic soup? That's weird!)

and the P95 TOSH pasta has so much garlic the Aswang in you's gonna be like, WTF, dood! Vietnamese Spaghetti delivered and is still a masterpiece.
The New Old Spaghetti House is a place of good garlic pasta.

3. I met there Martin Castillanes the Manager, who turns out to be my friend still and was linked to my ex and was my roommate in freshmen high (oohhh..freshmen high soounds sosyal!) and is composing music ala-Perfect-Pitch Anna Kendrick and David Guetta and does Mixed Martial arts and is my friend and is my friend and is my friend.

Bisaya Short Films will connect with his being to make the world a better place, simply put.

P.S. Thanks Martin for the supreme TOSHMANIA membership card/keychain/Shuriken that can get me freebies in TOSH and Fully Booked and that is only given to people who spend 7X the amount I spent there last night. I await our music collaboration and may the force be with us.

Also, People, watch out for The Old Spaghetti House "All You Need is Love" promo, which I'll blog asap. Shout out if you want freebies!

The Old Spaghetti House is the place of good Vietnamese Garlic Pasta. I don't know about the rest. Yet.

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