Solution for Cebuano Travellers from Airasia

Problem: You're a Cebuano.

You're a Cebuano traveller who reads books by Leo Tolstoy.

You think you already tried everything that Cebu offers best. Siomai sa Tisa and Fairlane Ngohiong, checked. Monbis HalohaloĆ«. Golden Cowrie Talong. 

Alejo's Lechon. Alejandro's Crispy Pata. Rico's Lechon featured by Kalami Cebu. Ginabot sa Fuente. Don Benito's Cassava Cake, among others. Checked!

You already volunteered your skills to SimplyShare Foundation, PLDT's Gabay Guro, Habitat for Humanity and Cebu Blogging Community.

You've read books by Nicholas Nassim Taleb and used his ideas on how to lose weight and still eat junk food, how to be a vegetarian without being a hypocrite and how to not be harmed by the Mandaue traffic. 

(Click HERE for Taleb's ideas that can help you make sense of President Duterte's politics.)

You've also read enough Don deLillo's stories to learn that to travel is a bad overrated thing that may harm you.

You've also watched local Bisaya Short Films from Youtube and iFlix to support local Cebu art and talents. 

In short, you've been a decent civilized human being. Now what's next?

Answer/Suggestion: You go to Taipei. 

You go to Taipei and use their Bike for Rent system.

You bike around their Wifi-powered city and their street markets that boast of what passes for authentic local culture today. Study their people's lifestyle.

Eat Taiwan's version of San Carlos' Ngohiong and Siomai sa Tisa and Halo-halo and compare it with Cebu's version. Tell me about it. I will buy the information.

Bike safely around off-beaten paths and try to stay away from Touristified areas, which are spots overexposed to tourists. 

The world needs your help in discovering new paths, new ways of travelling, new ideas.

Go to Taipei's local bookstore and find James Salter's books. Sell them to me. I buy P400/each.

You can also go watch a Taipei film in cinemas there, and compare their film to our Bisaya cinema here, such as our Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria and videos by Sutukil Sauce. 
Write down your observations and share them on Facebook for people to read. This can slightly shake up and improve our local economy.   

In short, consume as much ideas, observations, intricate moments and experience in Taiwan. Then come back here in Cebu and bring the kind of changes you want for us.

This Bisaya Short Film is made possible by AirAsia Philippines.

To celebrate the launch of the Taipei flights, AirAsia is offering promotional fares on airasia.com from as low as P888 for Cebu-Taipei with travel period between 25 November 2016 (first trip ever to Taipei from Cebu by AirAsia. Nice!) and 25 March 2017. Promotional fares are up for grabs from today until 23 October only.

Click HERE for Flight Schedule and how to apply for the Visa needed for Cebuanos to experience Taiwan.


Read Jessica Zafra's Favorite Books To Calm Your Nerves

Problem: You're a reader of Jessica Zafra's work because she's introduced you to the greatness of David Foster Wallace, James Salter, Lydia Davis, Jonathan Lethem, Ian Rankin, Ian McEwan, Alan Furst, Woody Allen, Elmore Leonard, and Jerome David Oh Dear God Thank You For This Writer Salinger.

You read her the way atheists don't go to church. Your nerves are shot.

What do you do?


Visit Jessica Zafra's post "100 Books" and read them all. Do not watch movies unless it's The Wire, Arrested Development, Bored To Death or Broad City. Go straight to the books.

You can start by reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and find out where the "The Poor Man Gets Rich To Get The Love Of His Life" story template famous in Filipino soap opera comes from.

Go read Woody Allen's Without Feathers and never again read that title of an Emily Dickinson poem line without being reminded that there are always two ways to seeing things.

You can also start with The Catcher in The Rye, and don't believe anyone who tells you that books can make you go crazy. Crazy people are crazy without reading books, and sometimes by  not reading one.

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