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Chrestine and I


Days ago was my first time to watch a Star Cinema movie since I last met Chrestine. It was Sayo Lamang starring Bea Alonzo and actors who are not, well, her. When I was 16 I planned to no avail to make a website using Bea Alonzo pictures as front page because she reminded me of the girl I once made to chase me around the school quadrangle because I found out she was letting herself on to a guy who once scoffed at my spoiler that Gandalf in the Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King adaptation was no longer The Gray but The White, and now officially label as the kind of phony you would never want to smooch with even after she vomits to bonkers, no, wait, especially when she vomits after drinking with her and another girl friend in the room she never had from her brother the permission to use nor from me to mock the short films I made her to watch in.Strangely enough, the short film I did was a 5-minute clip of this guy, walking.

Bea Alonzo in the first three minutes of Sa'Yo Lamang convinced me she was really good at acting austere, but nevertheless the kind of phony who deserves being featured in the homepage of a horny teenager's high-school HTML-based website assignment. Our computer instructor, by the way, was hot and not male.

Sa'Yo Lamang's the funniest show I saw this month. In a scene where Bea Alonzo was saying something like "Tama na, sumasakit na ang isip ko!" (Stop it, my head's hurting!), she touched her neck at the mention of the head. It made me and Chrestine laugh so hard because a neck isn't the head and I checked about the audience to see if we're not the only one who thought this. We're the only one.

Chrestine also thought Deither Ocampo's body looked off and ugly. Apparently she's not alone:

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