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Why Curbside Streetfood in Talamban is Better Than Bluewater Restaurants in Maribago

         Bluewater Resorts, Maribago

Problem: You've seen The Leftovers after reading Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus and the fact that both products of commercial pursuits make no solid sense to you reassures your faith in the unknown. You dismiss the idea of hope because it sucks. 

Your life is the happiest but you're under antidepressants. You'd been to The Cove restaurant in Bluewater Maribago and you were not happy with how the discount system works because you see the world as this dog-eat-dog world, even though you liked the taste of Azucena, an exotic food in Pampanga consisting of tasty butchered, fries dog, which is literally a hot dog. But you're still alive, and in want of things, and any form of social climbing is your thing. What shall you do?

Solution: Visit Curbside, the streetfood restaurant across Bright Academy in Talamban and try the food that most of your friends haven't tasted yet, which includes pork innards and quail eggs. Forget expensive food because they're for the Katkats. Be truly sosyal and eat what social climbers don't.

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