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A Letter For Regine Velasquez Fans About How PLDT Helps You Become A Better Filipino

Dear Fans of Regine Velasquez:

Before we present to you our arguments on how PLDT Home helps you become a better Filipino citizen of our Philippine republic, 3 things:

1. PLDT Home is claimed to be country's leading digital and multimedia service provider, and I agree with this.

2. PLDT Home is generous enough to reward their loyal subscribers by giving away a FREE Regine Velasquez Concert this week held at SM City Cebu, and I hope you were there with me. If not, here's a video of that episode: 

3. PLDT supports the LGBT Community and I say this because I'm thrilled by their viral Father Accepting A Son Advertisement, and I say this matter-of-factly, not in a "I'm paid to say this" kind of way. 

And it means that if we sense that PLDT is biased against LGBT, we can take it against them and hold them responsible.

So lets go back to the list of reasons how PLDT Home makes you a better Filipino, especially in this Duterte Presidency:

1. While stuck in traffic and complaining at something you have no control over, you can use the BIG DATA you have from your Smart Bro by watching Youtube videos from the School of Life Channel.

It's a channel to learn how to help end depression, marijuana use and emotional suffering by reading novels by Leo Tolstoy, Marcel Proust and Karl Marx. If those videos don't help, contact me and I'll help you get medical help.

I believe depression breeds marijuana users and if we address this, we create less depressed citizens. 

The less number of depressed people we have, the more enlightened Filipino citizens we breed. PLDT is not a guaranteed cure for this, but at least it helps. Are we helping?

Here's more info on how to get Smart Bro with iPad Mini 2 for less than the price of that Php700-dress you don't really need this month , click HERE.

2. If you're a person unfairly labelled by society to belong in the "Poverty/Indigent" category, redeem yourself by connecting to your Brgy. Hall's PLDT Wifi and read as many articles you can to make you so educated, you'll make money rain. 

If your Brgy. officers refuse you to connect to their Wifi, call the Corruption Hotline set by Duterte and report your Brgy. Officers anonymously. Or text me and I'll personally meet you and help you get a Wifi.

3. With your PLDT Home connection, listen to more Regine Velasques songs in commute and be more present. 

In Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, being present can help you not overeat and ruin your diet, not overdrink and cause road accidents and not overdo things and cause your health to break down. Don't forget to save Offline all those Regine Velasquez songs to conserve your battery.

4. With your most budget-friendly PLDT Home plan, watch as many iFlix TV series from Louis C.K.'s TV series Louie because he can teach you how to detach from your ego, which is a cause of all sorts of suffering, according to Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now.

Watch also all the comedy shows you can from iFlix because comedy helps you see things in a perspective that makes you happy even in a tragedy.

And always remember: it's not that your internet provider is slow. It's just that you're too stressed by work/lazy/mentally unhealthy to see the infinite creative ways to make most out of it.

Richard Abad

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