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Bisaya Short Films and Globe Media Excellence Awards And Everything Else About Hypocrisy

Dear Internet Writers of The Philippines: 

The Globe Media Excellence Awards Jury is now looking for entries from which they will declare their 2016 Batch of Winners, and you should submit an entry because the Internet needs you and the more entries you send, the more powerful our Facebook accounts become.

More power for our Facebook and social media might mean a more transparent and decentralized and anti-fragile Philippines, which could then mean less traffic in Mandaue, less cases of mentally disturbed girlfriends/boyfriends that ruin Filipinos' lives, and less number of children in the streets who are being fed by random strangers with leftover junk food and Carcinogen-1-laden Fastfood Burgers that all the more add to these children's problems, instead of alleviating them. Also, speaking of meanings, Albert Camus said Life Is Better Without Meaning, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Also, remember the Millenium Development Goals set by the United Nations to improve the well-being of every single poor person on Earth? Judges of the entries for the Global Media Excellence Awards 2016 requires submissions to fit such goals.

Here is my only tip for Online Writers on how to write your GMEA entries to increase your "chances of winning": don't be dead. Dead people don't get to win, unless you're Heath Ledger or something. Just kidding. Here are some tips:

1. Don't skip reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. The book fixes the common Egoistic Problem in Advocacy Work: using Charity Work to feed one's ego, to feed one's need to be noticed by their friends as A Person Who Saves The World And Who Is Better Than/Like Mother Teresa.

The book tackles how you can free your ego, detach from the mind's double-binds, remove your obsession with suffering, and confront the absurd and yet necessary mindset of living the most healthy life even if we're all condemned to die. Hurray for Existentialism!

By the way, do you notice how people love their suffering, and how this kind of insanity is what gets us quicker to the End of The World? Not that The End of The World is something we despise. It is what it is. No labels, no judgment. But by saying No Judgment, we are still judging it. If you're still confused by such absurdity and you can't live with such contradiction and you're the kind of fragile person who goes crazy at the sudden change of a friend's dinner plan, then do not submit an entry for the Globe Media Excellence Awards 2016 unless you consult with a mental therapist first because anything you do that you consider is A Help For Humanity will end up toxic.

Helping others (by volunteering, by organizing events with the goal of raising money for poor people, by starting a family, by loving someone) without fixing yourself first is just you feeding your ego, and thereby is a path to more self-destruction.

Self-destruction may have sprung from The Dark Matter like Black Holes, and thereby must have a reason to exist. But we already have Death as The Dark Matter, so must we also let The Dark engulf The Light of Life? Whatever happened to Yin and Yang? Anyway, get healthy first by making sure:

-you're eating a healthy diet (but how do we know what is healthy when the Media lie to us all the time?)
-you're not hurting your love partners with your Parental Abandonment Issues (but if I'm free of my suffering, who am I now if I Am My Suffering? Btw, Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now has the answers that DO NOT INVOLVE THEOLOGY AND "GO Back To God" Solutions that your Bullsh*t Radar considers worthless)

-you get therapy via Church Priests (but be careful, though, some priests are unenlightened enough to hurt you or "molest children", if we based it on the Oscar Best Picture, Spotlight; via Psychologists; or via what Nicholson Taleb calls The Via Negativa Approach, where you subtract things from your life in order to be better. Subtractive living means cutting off from white sugar, from Carcinogen1-laced ham, by removing off marijuana unless it's medically subscribed or if you live where the Dangerous Drugs Act board is not enforced, cut down on Treadmilling, where you work so hard just because you fortify your social status of owning properties, which seems to be good for now but the iatrogenics of that is that later you might be so attached with your wealth, that there's more harm in the feeling that you might lose them all compared to not having wealth to worry about in the first place.

Also, don't be a wiseass by saying, "but everything has carcinogens! Let's just do YOLO and die!" In response to that: "Go back to the gene pool if all you do is to smartass your way out of life. You have no place for my Earth.", said Not Me.

2. After reading the book, the assumption is that you can anchor your drive to Help Others not from the ego, but from an inner peace that is reminiscent of the Zen Teachings of D.T. Suzuki, an enlightenment teacher mentioned in J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, which is a book you will read when you want to be reminded of this truth:

If you have no interest to Google Search who J.D. Salinger is, please move to another blog. Bisaya Short Films is not for you.

3. Don't miss watching David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men to learn that People Who Repeat What They Say Do That Because It Is Only Through Redundancy That Evolution Works, if we based this on That Brainpickings Article; and to fix the ironic issues inherent in helping others, the double bind being this:

"If I don't help others, I am selfish. If I don't, I am selfish, too, because I derive my happiness from other people's malaise."

4. Quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stop having sex for non-Love pleasure even with condom because Condoms offers no complete protection, stop drinking soda, don't buy a car unless it's a matter of life and death or unless you're planning to use the car for Carpool, leave your drug-using partner unless it's prescription drugs. Or not. Natural Selection will do these for you, anyway.


You Will Not Read This Guide To Achieving Your Dream Because You Dislike Being Told


You have nothing to do for the whole month because you just left your job to find your real purpose in the world of show business. You want to be a director. You want to be the kind of director that Lav Diaz will be struck by. 

You want Martin Scorsese to bow down before you not from your intelligence or genius directorial skills but from the fact that you have touched his emotional pleasure points that he can no longer sleep without remembering your movie. 

You quit your job because you're ready to bathe into the void and be willing to be judged as a failure just so you can get rid of this itch of something that would not have been relieved if you stayed in your job.  It is your dream to get rid of that itch, and there's no Caladryl anti-itch lotion for ambition.

But the dream is a long journey ahead, and you don't believe in the self-help books and blogs that tell you how you should pursue your dream because the makers of those books are probably just out to separate you from your money. 

You believe nothing but yourself, so you decide to tread the path of not being told what to do. So in this context, what do you do?


1. You will reconsider going to The Oakridge Pavillion Pink Tent Bazaar and FREE TASTE every cake there the way Ilyana and Abby would do it in the Funniest TV Show you have never seen: Broad City. You can also buy knickknacks and Voodoo Dolls and stationery for your dead ex boyfriends, so you can get the feel of the inspiration when Sam Raimi makes his horror movies such as Drag Me To Hell.

But you won't really go to the bazaar because you don't want to be told.

Visit CraftsmithLiving For More Art

2,  You can check out SlumberHigh, the Bed Maker that's originally made in Cebu, and you can check whether this is the kind of bed you can use in a Bisaya Short Film you're going to direct with Monica Bellucci as the star. But you won't check out the Bed Store because you don't want to be told.

3. You can take a Road Trip around North of Cebu and take photo of a poster of a newspaper called Tourjack, which in Cebuano dialect means "hard rough sex". Pretend you're Henry Miller and writing about sex while going around North of Cebu. But you won't take the road trip because you don't want to be told.

 4. You can go to the Blind Massage Parlor in Parkmall, and be reminded of that Al Pacino movie "Scent of A Woman" where he's blind and is making love through a dance with the most beautiful woman you'll ever probably see dancing with a blind man.

5. You can plan ahead for the next Globe Media Excellence Awards and prepare for your Blog Post that will compete against all the current winners. Your dream is to make a film, so you can start your ideas in a blog and get the boost you need by reading up on the current winning journalists. You can learn how to start a fast-launching blog with the Cebu Blogging Community, but you won't do that because you don't want to be told.

6. You can try Ginabot for the first/second time, and will not try it again for the next 5 years because it's bad for you, but it's also so delicious that it feels unfair to deprive you of such sumptuous pleasure. Food is a big source of good filmmaking, and Jon Favvreau's Chef wouldn't have been an influential movie to watch without the service of good food.

You can also go to Cordova and eat as much as 10 Lumpia Shanghai there in one day because this spring roll dish is made of vegetables but still deep fried, so it's relatively not unsafe to eat in large amount. But you still won't follow this because you don't like to be told what to do.

Email me at bisayawriter(at)gmail(dot)com for directions

7. You can watch the next Gugmang Giatay musical and maybe you can be inspired to make a musical-inspired movie the way John Carney's Once was made or the way Roman Polanski's Venus in Fur was brought to life.

8. You can attend the next Family Enterprise Convention, which is the ComicCon version of businessmen who want their companies to survive in at least the next 5 generations or more.

Family Businesses don't last for as long as their creators would like them to live because if there's anything we learned from business movies such as Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood and Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, it is this: you cannot make money without hurting anyone, and we are now in a generation where money from the parents means guilt for the children. 

The most tempting way that a large powerful businessman can do is to just give all the wealth away because the cost of wealth could mean destroyed friendships and loves and families, but the Family Enterprise Convention sponsored by Premier Consultancy will offer the businessman solutions that prevent it from that temptation.

You can go seek their help if you can afford FREE because they offer free consultation, and write probably a documentary about Family Businesses? But you really won't, will you, because you don't want to be told what to do?

9. You can go to Dumaguete, and read the new book by Alfred A. Yuson there, which is the "Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe", first published in 1988, and maybe get inspired enough to not throw away your Bisaya Short Films stories that you wrote inside the cleanest ferry boat you'd ever been in, which is owned by The Cokaliong. 

Cokaliong Ferry Boat from Cebu to Dumaguete is so clean, it doesn't even have soap in its washroom. I mean, I'm kidding because they may have just forgot to put in the soap, but what a coincidence, right?

10. You can go to Siquijor and write your stories there, and plan out the blueprint of your dream and you might be lucky to shoot a photo like this below.

11. You can go to The Social and socialize, and who knows, you might videotape a potentially viral video of A Girl Singing Frozen Inside A Night Bar, which is what I did below this photo of me and Claire, The Social's Bar Manager, who is responsible for my luck to shoot a Bisaya Short Film starring the talented kids of Cebu who go out at night inside a Halloween night bar:

What Happened At The 2015 Halloween Party in The Social At Ayala Center Cebu Will Delight You:

12. You can also attend the First Christmas Party In Your Life That Is Celebrated in November, which is organized by Globe Telecom. You can join the event and imagine what it might have felt like for Jay Gatsby to wait for Daisy Buchanan in the most fascinating novel/movie about social climbers, The Great Gatsby.

13. You can go to the new Atrium in Parkmall and enjoy the Fake Plastic Trees inside the mall, which was the concept of the architect really. At least, they could have used real trees, right? Maybe the style is a comment on the artificiality of things? Who knows. Watch Leos Carax' Holy Motors starring Eva Mendez and you might find out the answer on why Parkmall does this.

14. You can also go to Cebu Lumad Lions' club inauguration and meet the New President there, Ms. Ferliza, and ask her about the ways Cebu City can be improved, and the reasons why Mar Roxas should be the next president. Then you can watch thrilling political movies such as Chito Rono's Badil, and be discouraged by its presentation of dirty Filipino elections, that you have to save your morale by watching the uplifting episodes of Will Forte's The Last Man on Earth.

But you won't do this because Bisaya Short Films is not here to tell you what to do.

Reactions? Keep them to yourself, or throw them to me:



The Truth About The Globe Media Excellence Awards 2015

You want to be somebody. You want to be somebody without pretension. You can become somebody by reading all of James Salter novels and imitate his prose so you can write your trashier, uglier and more successful version of Fifty Shades of Grey. But you can't do that.

Or you can use your friends, and start a pyramid scam, so you get rich quick, or at least quick enough to fool your friends that your success means you're better than them.

Or you can just be true to yourself, and be a prostitute in the government. 

Prostitute your values, and start selling your votes, so you get rich and famous so fast, they need to put you in jail.

But you want to be the kind of somebody that isn't phony, that is true, that's not just a ctrl+v of the ctrl+c of your parents' idea of you.

How can you be that?



Last Saturday was The Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) at the Grand Convention Center and The Bisaya Short Films force was there to probably get material to write about for the next short film project with Lav Diaz, hopefully. 

The GMEA is the Oscars of Cebu, and like the Oscars, anybody who's somebody knows about it. Did you know about it?

Anyway, one award was for Blogger of The Year won by Ms. Gladys Reyes, who we suspect is an enemy of Juday. Yes, an award was given to someone for being a blogger. Anyone can be a blogger. Heck, that journalist interviewing Gen. Luna in Jerrold Tarog's Heneral Luna was a Spanish-times version of a blogger. And because a blogger is where you're truest to yourself, it's where you can be most authentic.

If you blog about Aldub vs Pastillas Girl, or if you blog about the death of depth because of the shallowness Lea Salonga accused Aldub was promoting, then you're one step closer to an award. You can even blog about your cat's favorite movies, good luck with that. Anything, everything, anything as long as you care. When you do, others will. And when others start caring about you, then what does that make you? 

A somebody.

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