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A Love Letter For Movie Star Ellen Adarna From Bisaya Short Films

Dear Ellen Adarna:

Have you seen the movie Mr. Right? It's about a girl who forgives, accepts and still loves a guy to death even if it's his job to kill people. The movie's interesting because it reminds me of Family Guy in that Peter Griffin is forgiven by his woman for whatever evil he's done so long as it's not cheating on another woman. What do you think of this, Ellen, that a man can kill or steal and can be forgiven and can even be praised but when one cheats, one should face a woman's wrath? Also, what do you think of this Nicholson Taleb aphorism?

What have you been watching lately by the way? I saw Hail Caesar, a Coen Brothers Film, which was a visual and musical treat that still tackled topics of sensational import, such as the hypocrisy of communism and capitalism, and the impossibilities of both. Another one good movie I saw is Soap Opera.

It's a movie that's intentionally made to be filled with bad actors, and real people placed in real situations acting like bad actors, all doing this to comment on how Filipinos seem to be so attached to their teledrama and soap opera drama TV show that they live their lives as if being in one.

Did you notice Ellen how Antifragile the movie is? Antifragility is when one is like a Hydra whose head multiplies and increases value once beheaded. Meaning, an antifragile Soap Opera will benefit from an attack/negative review because if you hate Soap Opera, it will be successful in pointing out that this attitude of Filipinos acting like bad TV Show characters is hate-worthy.

If you hated Soap Opera for its crude visual effects or its uninspired presumption that there are Cebuanos out there who would crime for burgers, bigger apartment and consumer junk , which I don't think you should, then you wouldve understood the movie's point: that it's your interpretation of what the reality of the poor people is, that needs to be questioned.

If you liked Remton Zuasola's Soap Opera, it might be because it's self aware of the Philosophy 101 cliche that what we think is real can be just an ABS CBN ad. Soap Opera stood out to me because it screams of Albert Camus' Theory of The Absurd.

Anyway, I wrote you this letter because I want to ask for your number. Let's talk.

Richard Abad, Not Leonardo Di Caprio

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