Tom N Toms' Opening At Mabolo Cebu and The Problem Of Loneliness

Dear Cebuanos:

How are you? Welcome to Bisaya Short Films, where you can learn things like, how to be happy by watching cinema, such as movies of Dolphy and Lav Diaz. After reading, you will learn two things:

1. How Tom N Toms can help us Cebuanos be more compassionate and less hurtful to those who are different.

2. How you can help fellow Cebuanos become less sad and less depressed, especially after the news about bombing in Davao.

Let's start.

The other day we the Bloggers got invited for the launch of the Tom N Toms Coffee Shop at The Greenery in Mabolo, the one near Gallery, where Boosog restaurant is. Type "Tom N Toms Mabolo" on Google to locate the place. 

I liked the location of Tom N Toms because it's not in a mall, and I think I read from Jessica Zafra's reputable blog and Nicholson Taleb's books that congested malls can be harmful to society. 

It's encouraged not to spend too much time in malls. We have to diversify. We should spread out our time in different places, as Taleb's book suggested, for the benefit of our antifragile bodies. Click HERE to read more of his ideas. 

Thinking small is good because large things cause bigger damage. Duterte's federalism is based on this idea. Making homes and regions operate in a small scale lessens large-scale casualties and damages. 

Tom N Toms location seems inspired by this. It's away from the mall and provides competition for them, and we know that competition is good for the consumers as a whole. The more competition, the better the product. Tom N Toms gets this and they have my respect. And gratitude for letting us try their concoctions and drinks on the house. 

Also, their espresso is reliable for that needed caffeine fix, and I recommend you try their Strawberry Smoothie without cream and sugar because it can be the healthiest option to get there. Tom N Toms is also 24/7 all week; convenient for writers and students. (McDonald's Basak says they're 24/7 but on Sundays, they're closed)

Now how can Tom N Toms help us Cebuanos become more compassionate? By providing a venue for Cebuanos to talk. By providing another location for us to learn how we should try our hard to not say mean things to people because, just to err on the safe side, those people we say mean things to might be mentally unhealthy or depressed. Suicide is a number one cause of death.

Here are more ideas about this:

1. Go to Tom N Toms on a weekday. Everyone might be in crowded coffee shops in malls where seats are not guaranteed, but not you. You're comfortable. Now that you are, you can now read the ideas of David Foster Wallace while sipping a Tom N Toms latte to learn how to not say mean stuff to people who might cry and hurt themselves because of your words. Here's a sample of his ideas. Click HERE for more.

2. Go to Tom N Toms and click HERE to read the article from the reliable The Guardian entitled "Think loneliness is about single people looking for love? Think again" . It's about an elderly married couple in Italy that policemen visited because they were crying out loud from loneliness. Here's a sample:

the story of Jole and Michele suggests something else: a distinct kind of loneliness stemming not from the absence of significant others but from a feeling of disconnection with the wider world, a sense that you’re no longer part of something shared and human.

Visit Tom N Toms to nurture friendship, get healthier drinks, read ideas from David Foster Wallace and learn more of compassion.  A person's life might depend on how you hurt with your words.

To see what's inside Tom N Toms, click HERE.

Nagmahal nasaktan nagsulat sa Tom N Toms,
A Bad Richard


6 Reasons To Watch Easy A Starring Emma Stone

It's good something like Easy A is in Bisaya Cinema for everyone who just can no longer bear the amazing humor of Petrang Kabayo to enjoy. Not that Vice Ganda isn't a force to reckon. To help you decide whether to skip this or it's a go, give this guide a try.

1. It's got Emma Stone in it, which pretty much sums up the reason why you should also be looking for her in Superbad and Zombieland. They're just as necessary for you to be like the genius you really want to be even if you don't really want to read.

2. Stanley Tucci plays a father. In Easy A he's got a line saying he was previously gay, but said in a way that isn't just dubious, but also funny. Watch out for that.

3. It's oddly a homage to Failbook.com. Coke Zero being tweeted is something you should learn how to make fun of.

4. Lisa Kudrow is there, but not in a role you'd like her to be, but then again, who wants to watch her outside Friends? No seriously be nice to her.

5. Using references to a gnome, Huckleberry Finn, Scarlett Letter and 80's chick flicks might be something you can a learn a lot from when deciding to dominate the world with your short films.

6. Emma Stone will be in a Bisaya Short Film.


Carey Mulligan Will Be In A Bisaya Short Film

Image from Popsugar.com

I watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps alone. Actually, not quite. I was with Carey Mulligan, which pretty much sums up the very of my emotional universe right now. Curse you, Shia LaBeouf and your stupid surname. Who has that name?

There were scenes in the movie that made me laugh. Oliver Stone's attempt to do like some sort of modern feel filmmaking effect (probably seeing too much Aronofsky films and thinking hey I might not be too old to make something this cool ---bsshkk---cut clip, focus eyelid, zoom in to a pupil, change still, fast forward, binary nos. running down the screen because if there's one true modern movie effect to best represent the meltdown it's The Matrix from the noughties. Classic and REALLY authentic, Oliver. Or should I say, that's really OLIVER, what you did haha it's crap, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) makes me sad but I have to admit are a bit happy too. That scene where a splash of ocean waves was for half-a-second shown? That made the guy seats away from me appear to feel left out; probably also because I chortled in a way you can only do when watching such a clearly attention-worthy not-such-a-waste-of-my-dead-life Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps movie. The ooze-coming-out-of-my-nostrils-kind. And he of course has seen this because hey it's not like it's all too dark in the movies. Also, this was the guy who I was pretty sure just half-pretended to get shocked in a scene of the movie to show his interest and wit that he really got it. I didn't get most of the dialogue and it's OBVIOUSLY just because of Tinnitus because it's not like I'm dumb or anything like that (Is Papua Guinea not a continent?). Every time I got bored though I just imagine an executive in the very austere meeting nose-exploring in just as austere manner. Now that's entertainment copyrights German Moreno.

Of course everybody knows it's just about Carey Mulligan, the reason I was there. What else could there be? Did you just see that smile? That movement of the eyelids? Oh my god. Now I have to look what taut means and use it in everyday conversations in coffee shops, which will go look something like this,

"And may I have your name, sir?"
"Can you make it taut, please?."

Those who like the last Indiana Jones drivel might like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, so call your dad, who adopted you now.


Chrestine and I


Days ago was my first time to watch a Star Cinema movie since I last met Chrestine. It was Sayo Lamang starring Bea Alonzo and actors who are not, well, her. When I was 16 I planned to no avail to make a website using Bea Alonzo pictures as front page because she reminded me of the girl I once made to chase me around the school quadrangle because I found out she was letting herself on to a guy who once scoffed at my spoiler that Gandalf in the Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King adaptation was no longer The Gray but The White, and now officially label as the kind of phony you would never want to smooch with even after she vomits to bonkers, no, wait, especially when she vomits after drinking with her and another girl friend in the room she never had from her brother the permission to use nor from me to mock the short films I made her to watch in.Strangely enough, the short film I did was a 5-minute clip of this guy, walking.

Bea Alonzo in the first three minutes of Sa'Yo Lamang convinced me she was really good at acting austere, but nevertheless the kind of phony who deserves being featured in the homepage of a horny teenager's high-school HTML-based website assignment. Our computer instructor, by the way, was hot and not male.

Sa'Yo Lamang's the funniest show I saw this month. In a scene where Bea Alonzo was saying something like "Tama na, sumasakit na ang isip ko!" (Stop it, my head's hurting!), she touched her neck at the mention of the head. It made me and Chrestine laugh so hard because a neck isn't the head and I checked about the audience to see if we're not the only one who thought this. We're the only one.

Chrestine also thought Deither Ocampo's body looked off and ugly. Apparently she's not alone: http://www.jessicarulestheuniverse.com/2010/09/08/like-the-seven-plagues-flash-forwarded/

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