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3 Attacks Against The Aldub vs Pastillas Girl Battle

1. The best thing that's happened to this ABSCBN-GMA fight is that hindi na palaging late si Vice Ganda sa Showtime. Before the fight you get the feeling that Showtime intentionally makes Vice Ganda come out late so the audience stays long enough to confirm whether Vice Ganda's not absent.

Now that the competition is tough, Vice Ganda absent could mean Showtime's drop the way WilTime BigTime dropped. And disappeared.

2. Whether Aldub or Pastillas wins, we the audience always lose. Hours watching the show means hundreads of hours lost from reading James Salter's novels about how love can make you rich.

Watching weekly Aldub means hours lost from, say, watching Bisaya Short Films that teach you how to think critically, dress in style and be sexy and wealthy like Vice Ganda, Sarah Silverman and Dolphy.

The Aldub and Showtime shows can't make you wealthy, sexy, or contribute to your physical beauty, social status and intelligence. But they make you happy and that is the most important thing, isn't it?

3. The thing with Lea Salonga's rant about wanting to be deep is that Lea's ironically no different from the Aldub she's thought to bash.

Aldub is selling shallowness. And Lea's selling deepness. Both of them are selling you a commodity. Now what are you buying?


Stuff Game Shows Like Showtime And Wowowillie Are Too Weak To Say

1. Don't recite your poetry, no matter how sentimental they are. Yes, you've remembered that piece of poem, good job memory you attributed to God, but we've got to go because our profit is dependent on how entertaining you are and you are not fun to listen to if you're reciting that boring dialogue. Grind! We don't care about how that poem means so much to you, how that was written by your husband before he died in a bloody combat with your father, how that was a product of suffered love and life. We don't care. We need to go. So unless you make us feel awesome, just shut the eff up.

2. We will give you money but, uhm, can you, like, be on TV and share how you are a victim of rape and how you made it through thanks to GOD what are you doing! That's against religion!

3. We give you money, but we need to take advantage of your pain and past, and you should make us money, too. We say we care but only so much that it gives us the estimated ROI Statistics-1001- R.E > Tax E.D. Profit. We make money out of you, poor people.

4. We tell the Madlang People that they raise their hands and in Jesus' name, and shout "In Jesus Name, We'll Heal You, Sick Participant!". Yes, we do that. Jesus' healing powers is pretty much dependent on how many people raise their hands and pray for me. Jesus is that shallow.

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