National Arts Month 2019 and What This Means Para Sa Mga Cebuano Artists


You're a Cebuano artist, and you want support. 

You want to express. You feel that the government should at least recognize your needs for opportunities as an artist. You want to be recognized but don't want to be a sellout. You want the recognition, the meaning, the feeling that your art matters. What might you do?


Enjoy the National Arts Month events at SM Seaside that's supported by your taxes.

Did you know that the NCAA exists para tabangan ang mga artists? Para naay recognition, tagaan ka ug gamay nga suporta, or push para ma butang ka sa sakto nga mindset for your art. NCAA is created using your taxes and you should take advantage of it. Kontaka ang NCAA, naa kay google, facebook, e email sila nga in need ka of support or any opportunity.

Then adto sa FB page sa SM Seaside and e check karon nga month ang mga FREE WORKSHOPS, free screening, free dance performances and other free entertainment nga ilang gi showcase para sa tanang Cebuanos. You can bring your whole family, your whole gang, squad or team of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love players and you can farm Zeny while watching the art performances.

Enjoy this Bisaya Short Film that features the Canjulao Ukulele Ensemble

Think about this Olga Tokarczuk Quote


Solutions for Cebuanos Looking For Gifts


so pasko napud. daghan nasad gusto makadawat ug regalo. daghan nasad magpasuya. daghan nasad ang mag inusara. pero daghan sad ang gusto mupalit.

Pero unsa may nindot ipanghatag karong Pasko?



Maybe maayo tagaan nimo imong loved ones ug book about Decentralization and Fractals and Making Things Small ni Nassim Taleb, Seneca or Benoit Mandelbrot? Their books help us understand why big things are prone to ruin, why small things (small circle of friends, small investments, small toxins) are healthy?

2.  Netflix Subscription

Maybe maayo tudluon nimo imo mama unsaon pag gamit ug Netflix para makatan W siyag movies sa balay ra and e lessen ninyo sa family ang pag adto sa malls kay traffic na kaayo? Maybe you can also watch shows nga mutudlo ninyo how to start a business without risking your life savings.

Start business small time lang. Kay dako kayo role sa luck sa business. Pede ka ma wipe out. Okay ang nag employee, safe, pero prone ka ma wipe out kay ilisan kag mas bato. Maybe sud gamay sa bitcoin or whatever but gamay lang. Not whole savings. Pede raka mubayad ug Netflix through Globe kay para di magamit imong credit card. Risky kayu kung credit card.

3. Watch Bisaya Short Films/Videos

Nindot ang mga videos nila Kalami Cebu, Alem Garcia, Medyo Maldito ug kanang Ka Swerte Ba kay they are challenging the mainstream media. Maayo ekatag ang kalingawan, ang kwarta nga makuha sa Philippine showbiz. Sige nalang sila, Bisaya napud. And here’s one short bisaya video for you:


Solutions for X From Cebuano Artists, Crisscrossings and Cinema

Problem: X has read David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and now X feels alone and depressed and almost scared that life's meaning is subjective and can be meaningless. 

X wants some form of relief. X wants to embrace the absurdity of a world replete with subjectivity but X is not ready to go to a psychiatrist. What can X do?

Solutions That May Or May Not Work And Will Not Hold Bisaya Short Films Accountable

1. X can go to the Crisscrossings' Art and Creators' Market to pay for lessons from Artists in Cebu who seem to have made it, to have done it and to have been happy about it.
X can also just bask in the FREE Art and Admission-Free Creators' Market and Exhibit to either support artists by buying their creations or just by viewing the artworks made by Cebu's production companies, such as 22 Tango, Sutukil Sauce and Beta Ops. Doing this may feel X feel less alone. Or not. Visit Create Cebu's FB for more.

Part of the sponsors of this exhibit is DOST and DTI, which are government units, which means X's taxes PARTLY, emphasis on PARTLY, made this happen, so X can take advantage of the taxes he/she/it/they paid for.

2. X can also watch this 2008 Bisaya Short Film called "The Answer", Directed by Richard Abad, and feel consoled by its message in the ending, which X will only understand if X speaks Bisaya. X should probably learn Bisaya now.

WARNING: If somebody suggests to you something in real life, people say that the Suggester should pay the price if the suggestion fails. Suggester should have skin in the game. 

That said, Bisaya Short Films can't pay the price for its suggestions for X above because X is an imaginary concept, not a real person.


Solutions For Cebu From HMR Trading Haus and Cinema

Problem: You're a Unionbank Cardholder and you want to buy supplies that can help you produce your Bisaya Short Film or video assignment for your corporate work, and you want your Unionbank card to help you score rewards.

You also want a store that sells pre-loved items because you don't want anything to waste. Where do you go?

Solution: Go to HMR Cebu, where Unionbank Cardholders can get Annual Fees Waived and Other Rebate Incentives, and where you can buy the crossbow probably used in The Walking Dead, the Kayak probably used in Meryl Streep's movies and other consumer items that may or may not change your life.

Visit HMR Trading Haus, Mandaue for more details or their FB page for more offers and discounts and ideas on what materials to buy to shoot your own film.

Watch also the movie Brief Interviews with Hideous Men to have ideas to solve your Cebuano issues, such as Traffic in Mandaue and Money.

Here are some of the stuff to buy at HMR


Solutions for Cebu's Hungry from Rise Against Hunger and Cinema

Dear Cebu:

Have you seen the 2016 movie I, Daniel Blake, a movie that shows a food bank that gave away food for the poorest of Europe? Pede nato na himoon diri sa Cebu City! We can build a food bank in Cebu City where all the hungry can just go and find relief.

I am with Nassim Taleb that we should not promote dependency, but that doesn't mean we should be calloused against the poor.

Rise Against Hunger is the organization that can help us build the dream of having a food bank in Cebu City using ideas in Cinema. Here are basic facts about Rise Against Hunger.

1. Rise Against Hunger is the non-profit group that has for its vision the eradication of hunger across the world by 2030. It was formerly named Stop Hunger Now in 1998, but even with the new name, the international hunger relief organization still continues to push the mission of ending hunger in our lifetime and mobilizing the resources in doing so.

2. More than 310 million meals have already been distributed all over 74 countries because of Rise Against Hunger.

3. If you plan to work with Rise Against Hunger and commit to their programs and attempt to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development goal, then contact Bisaya Short Films through the message box in the top left of this page.

Also, be reminded that virtue signaling is when you announce in public that you help people by your donations.

Real virtue is when you help unannounced, anonymously, in private. Some people donate and start charities for branding. That is not virtue. It's a cost-cutting scheme.

It is your duty as a cinema watcher to weed out the Napoles Groups from the legit ones.

The Janitor


Solutions from Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and Globe's myBusiness Solutions


X is a Filipino filmmaker and wants to start a movie streaming business for their films, like what Mubi, Netflix and iFlix did. X needs a trustworthy company to work with that is rooted in the Philippines. What can X do?

Solutions That May or May Not Work:

1. X can consider Globe myBusiness Solutions

I support Globe because their Free Facebook Messenger is reliable even at 2G connection, making it one of my most important business tools; without it, I can't hit my goals.

I went to their Automate Business Conference at Waterfront last July 26 as part of their Globe myBusinessAcademy and I learned that they now have Business Solutions to help advertise movie makers like X on Google and Facebook Ads for maximum reach.

I can't vouch for how superior Globe's solutions are since I haven't used them yet, but I personally asked Tina Lo, a top furniture exporter who uses Globe's solutions, and she said "so far, so good pa naman ang Globe. They're quick to answer our calls during glitches. "

Tina Lo is now the Ambasadress of Globe, so do more research and ask more people who used Globe's business solutions.

2. X can read Nicholas Nassim Taleb's Ideas

Para di ka ma scam diri sa Cebu, hinumdumi ang mga gitudlo sa usa ka writer nga si Nassim Taleb. An important lesson gikan niya is:

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. Meaning, I should never ask a doctor or a lawyer or a filmmaker or a blogger or anyone selling me a product if I need their products. Their incentive to lie is high because they want my money.

More of Taleb, click HERE

3. X can get Ideas from Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk reminds me of how a lot of what happens to us is mostly a work of fate. It's a thrilling, layered story of how soldiers cleverly survived the World War. One tactic I learned from the movie that can be applied to the business problems of X is this:

Never stay inside a locked cabin boat when you're in war territory because if a torpedo hits the boat, you're trapped to death.

In business, it can mean that X should never put themselves in a business decision that traps them to death. To survive, X should make multiple exits and never put all in one basket, so that if 1 basket fails, the other baskets still make him survive.

A Bad Richard


Solutions to What Schools Cebuano Parents Should Choose

Imaginary Problem: 

You're a Cebuano parent looking for the best education for your children. You learned from Taxi Driver Nassim Taleb that it is always best practice to make things small. The smaller the system, the easier it is to spot the mistake or the right cause of a problem. How? 

Imagine a barrel of water and a cup of water. If you drop a bue ink in a BIG barrel, you might not see the blue. If blue drop is in a SMALL cup, you see the blue color clearly (Taelb's idea) . Gets?

Anyway, you believe that everything should be smaller because:

- Singapore is effective because it's small and
- France is rich now because it started as group of small barangays. 

The bigger, the more prone to blow up and fail. Look at that exploding Samsung Phone; it was so big, it exploded. So anyway, how do you decide for your children's education when you want things small?


1. Consider Apprenticeship.
Philippines is now catching up with the global truth that the university style of education can be a major scam. Not absolutely, but mostly.
Cebuano parents save hard-eard money from selling their carabaos to send their children to school and after graduation their degree can't get them a job. Duterte should shut down universities that can't guarantee jobs.

When you apprentice and learn skills by doing and not just reading, you learn valuable skills that help you survive life without being scammed by University of San Carlos. Joke!

2. Consider Small Size Education
If your kids are still in Primary and Grade School, choose a small class size. 

If you live in Talamban, EC2 Excellence Academy is an option. They're great because they have small size classes. They charge P70k a yr and accept retirees to volunteer with them. If you live elsewhere, homeschooling is an option, too. Contact me via Message Box to the left to know more about EC2.

Homeschooling means you work at home then teach kids with the wisdom of your grandmother, and not with school books that can turn your kids into unemployed degree-holders who damage society, instead of nerds trained by reality who know how to hunt, farm, take risks and earn money without scamming Cebu.

3. Consider watching Captain Fantastic. It's a movie where the children are taught by their parents to read novels by Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Nabokov.

To grow their own healthy food, not the junk we are forced to eat because the government police is not forcing stores like Jollibee and McDonalds and Burger King to feed us food without chemicals that damage us.

To meditate so they learn how not to be so emotionally hungry, that they cheat on their boy/girlfriends. To know that love without sacrifice is theft.

Confused? Comment below.


How President Duterte Can Help Hungry Cebu

Cebuano Problem : 

There may be two kinds of hungry Cebuanos: the "I Can Buy Ten Burgers Just For Fun" Hungry, and the "I Come From Abusive Parents In A Corrupt Government, So I Just Dig For Food at I.T. Park Trash Cans" Hungry. I figured I'm of the first kind. The street children I can ultimately do nothing about because the universe has its reasons why suffering exists, is of the second kind.  

I learned more about how the universe doesn't seem to care about our suffering by watching John Lloyd Cruz' Honor Thy Father, and reading Albert Camus. Google it.

Anyway today I found out that FatCow Burgers and Malts is now at Robinsons Galleria; they opened here a year ago.

I read somewhere that FatCow milkshakes are wonderful. So with the facts above, I asked myself: If I had P100,000, what would I do?

Answers for Cebuano Problem:

1. I would go to Any Burger Station and buy 100 of the most delicious Angus and Sirloin burgers they have, such as The Bbq Hawaiian and Notorious B.I.G., which I both sampled and liked . I would eat one, and go to Vicente Sotto Hospital and give away the rest and feed random patients, overworked nurses and underslept doctors there, unless they refuse to, for diet restrictions.

I would also buy them Vanilla milkshakes, the malted kind, not the regular one, because it's so good, I caught myself saying I wanna marry it. In Japan, you can marry a comics. Maybe in Cebu, we can marry a Vanilla Milkshake?

2. I would put up a Duterte's Kitchen near Capitol where homeless people can just eat Fatcow burgers for free, provided Cebu City CCTV can prove they've been homeless for at least 3 days. 

I would stock the Duterte's Kitchen with all the Fat Cow milkshakes and burgers everyday because Fat cow says they use premium beef and the homeless deserve the best. (Insert your laugh here).

But a nutritionist should maintain the place to make sure the homeless don't forget to eat their fruits and vegetables first. Hehe.

3. I would not recommend Cebuanos to follow this suggestion because of hidden risks in building a Duterte's Kitchen. This idea is for me alone. Or you can follow it at your own risk. 


Solution To Why SM Seaside City's Spread 2.0 Benefits Cebuanos

The Reason SM Seaside City's Spread Benefits Cebuanos is that it was giving away Cebuanos FREE FOOD. Like Tax Relief or Tax Cuts, but for food. Like in the movie Captain Fantastic*, a movie I think Cebu should watch because it's about living healthy and reading books!

Anyway, binisay on nato beh para klaro: LIBRE NGA PAGKAON PARA SA CEBUANO gipanghatag sa SM Seaside City Spread Part 2! And not just Sampler Size ha, such as kanang FREE TASTE sa grocery ha. But a whole meal! A buffet even.

Pero you ask, "Basin Chaka lang nga food? And nothing that satisfies my New Yorker palette? " A big No! Because the food served is a buffet of Paulito's sumptuous Barbecue and Pork Kaldereta with Rice, among others! To my friends: their Bola Bola is a must-try. 

Special note: Paulito's seems like the only stall there to give Cebuanos plates to eat at the whole buffet until sawa (or at least until they tell you to stop) Visit their FB pages for more. 

And because of this Food Carnival, let me say:

Thank you, Snowvins' must-try Ice Cream Halohalo. Thank you, Butterbean's Tablea Drink that needs more inspiration but I'm still grateful for. 

Thank you Zawadi's desert. Thank you, Soi's Pad Thai. Thank you, The Social's tasty and FREE Tuna Taco although I'm not sure you were giving FREE FOOD to Cebuanos who were not VIP; I think you were selling burgers. 

Thank you, Cabalen's FREE Karekare even if you served no rice. Thank you, Pink Heaven's FREE sylvannas samplers (not just for media but for every person who went there). 

Thank you, other food stalls at Spread 2.0 that let us sample their food. To readers: Please contact me using the Contact Box to your left if you need these Seaside food shops to cater your lunch meetings and birthday parties, and there might be discounts.

P.S. In my opinion, here's what's better:

1. Alexis Yap and that male host in Spread 1.0 .

2. Goodie Bags with maybe Cinema Tickets (practically cost-free) for the invited media, with the agreement that they use the tickets to let Cebuanos' Persons with Disabilities watch movies and make them happy. 

Happy Cebu means more Spread. Make the rich richer, but protect the most vulnerable too. Let's do this!

This idea is inspired by our Blogger Mae Cimafranca's admirable Program of Giving Food and Book Reading to children. 

The cynic in me thinks that charity programs can turn into the Napoles Corruption problems, where non-profit work is used to corrupt people's funds. 

But the hopeful in me thinks that something about Mae and SM Seaside City's food programs is legit.

So let's all be vigilant, Cebuanos. The good/bad can be bad/good tomorrow.

*  Captain Fantastic is a movie about a family that decides to live in the forest to have freedom to read Leo Tolstoy's books, eat healthy organic food, learn martial arts to survive and others, and then decides to go back in the city.

They once had a family activity called "Mission: Free Food" where they go to the store and eat free food. Cebuanos who went to Spread 2.0 simply went to the store and ate free food, too. So Spread 2.0 and Captain Fantastic is pareha gamay.


Solution To Why Google Development Group Convention at SM Seaside City Can Be Good For You

Dear Cebuanos:

Kana ganing ganahan ka maka kat on unsaon pag gamit ug Youtube ug uban pang mga "Libre" nga butang sa internet kay ganahan ka mag himo ug Salida nga gusto nimo matan aw sa tibuok kalibutan gamit ang Youtube or ganahan ka maka earn ug daghan nga kuwarta gamit ang Online Tools?

Kung mao ni imo sitwasyon, adto ta sa SM Seaside City karong November 19, 2016 9am up para muapil sa usa ka LIBRE (pero naay registration) nga Google Development Group FREE Workshop.

Kung naa kay kaila nga Computer Programmers, pakuyuga! Pede siya makadaog ug kuwarta. P50,000 is the prize sa Hackathon!

Pero pagbantay ha: daghan issues sa privacy ang paggamit sa internet. Daghan pajud bashers sa internet nga makadaot sa imo mental health, so make sure you pay the price sa imo pag apil apil sa mga Online Activities. E Google ang mga quotes ni Nicholas Nassim Taleb to learn more of this.

So anyway, join Google Development now! VISIT Here to register for FREE: devfest.gdgcebu.org



Tom N Toms' Opening At Mabolo Cebu and The Problem Of Loneliness

Dear Cebuanos:

How are you? Welcome to Bisaya Short Films, where you can learn things like, how to be happy by watching cinema, such as movies of Dolphy and Lav Diaz. After reading, you will learn two things:

1. How Tom N Toms can help us Cebuanos be more compassionate and less hurtful to those who are different.

2. How you can help fellow Cebuanos become less sad and less depressed, especially after the news about bombing in Davao.

Let's start.

The other day we the Bloggers got invited for the launch of the Tom N Toms Coffee Shop at The Greenery in Mabolo, the one near Gallery, where Boosog restaurant is. Type "Tom N Toms Mabolo" on Google to locate the place. 

I liked the location of Tom N Toms because it's not in a mall, and I think I read from Jessica Zafra's reputable blog and Nicholson Taleb's books that congested malls can be harmful to society. 

It's encouraged not to spend too much time in malls. We have to diversify. We should spread out our time in different places, as Taleb's book suggested, for the benefit of our antifragile bodies. Click HERE to read more of his ideas. 

Thinking small is good because large things cause bigger damage. Duterte's federalism is based on this idea. Making homes and regions operate in a small scale lessens large-scale casualties and damages. 

Tom N Toms location seems inspired by this. It's away from the mall and provides competition for them, and we know that competition is good for the consumers as a whole. The more competition, the better the product. Tom N Toms gets this and they have my respect. And gratitude for letting us try their concoctions and drinks on the house. 

Also, their espresso is reliable for that needed caffeine fix, and I recommend you try their Strawberry Smoothie without cream and sugar because it can be the healthiest option to get there. Tom N Toms is also 24/7 all week; convenient for writers and students. (McDonald's Basak says they're 24/7 but on Sundays, they're closed)

Now how can Tom N Toms help us Cebuanos become more compassionate? By providing a venue for Cebuanos to talk. By providing another location for us to learn how we should try our hard to not say mean things to people because, just to err on the safe side, those people we say mean things to might be mentally unhealthy or depressed. Suicide is a number one cause of death.

Here are more ideas about this:

1. Go to Tom N Toms on a weekday. Everyone might be in crowded coffee shops in malls where seats are not guaranteed, but not you. You're comfortable. Now that you are, you can now read the ideas of David Foster Wallace while sipping a Tom N Toms latte to learn how to not say mean stuff to people who might cry and hurt themselves because of your words. Here's a sample of his ideas. Click HERE for more.

2. Go to Tom N Toms and click HERE to read the article from the reliable The Guardian entitled "Think loneliness is about single people looking for love? Think again" . It's about an elderly married couple in Italy that policemen visited because they were crying out loud from loneliness. Here's a sample:

the story of Jole and Michele suggests something else: a distinct kind of loneliness stemming not from the absence of significant others but from a feeling of disconnection with the wider world, a sense that you’re no longer part of something shared and human.

Visit Tom N Toms to nurture friendship, get healthier drinks, read ideas from David Foster Wallace and learn more of compassion.  A person's life might depend on how you hurt with your words.

To see what's inside Tom N Toms, click HERE.

Nagmahal nasaktan nagsulat sa Tom N Toms,
A Bad Richard


Globe Business and Small Business Problems in Cebu

Dear Businessmen in Cebu:

Welcome to Bisaya Short Films, the blog to read about business solutions inspired by movies.

After reading, you will learn three things:

1. How using Globe Business Apps can help your business in Cebu fly.

2. How to empower your business with FREE tools available online.

3. How not to be scammed by girlfriends, friends and big companies.

Let's start.

How Globe Business Can Help Your Business in Cebu Fly

Right now you can call Globe Business hotline above to ask how their products like Canvas and Google Drive help your business handle paperwork. 

Globe is up there with the best and they are as good as they are, so you can trust them.

Also, I use Google Drive myself, so if this product fails, I'm harmed, too, and so I fail when you fail.

They also have products that can help you monitor your delivery trucks and simplify your payroll system. Don't trust the internet too much to avoid scammers, so go to Globe directly, or speak with the accredited agent. 

Ask for ID. Or email me (use contact form in the left) so I can help.

After acquiring the help of Globe Business, you can now then watch the movie The Big Short because it's about how greed in business gets you a lot of money but makes you prone to harming yourself.

How to Empower Yourself with Free Tools

1. Click HERE to read 200 Ways to make money on the side while your business is still starting. Passive income gets you to earn the money needed to fuel your business, and the more ways, the more chances of winning! Also, you already know this, and this is me just "teaching birds how to fly".

Don't forget the 20-80 approach on things, though, where you spend 80% of your time and money to safe projects, and the 20% to risky ones. For example, spend 80 of your time with family, 20 with friends.

Next: go to iFlix and watch more Powerful Movies that make you consume less, live more and detach from your ego. Pay for your entertainment. Stealing is path to depression.

How Not To Be Scammed

Answer: Diversify. Spread out your time and money. Don't give everything to one thing. Don't listen to advice, including mine. Embrace contradiction because we are human. Read Nicholson Taleb because he is The Non-Phony "Dili Peke" Trader Cebuanos need.

Nagmahal nasaktan nag blog,
A Bad Richard


How MAC at SM Seaside City Helps Cebu's Problems

Dear People Who Wear Make-up:

There's a MAC Store at Seaside City Cebu now that you can check out.

For that, I want to talk about creativity.

I want to talk about how being as creative as MAC solves our problems in Cebu, like unemployment and garbage.

Creativity and freedom from fixed colorless forms is an emphasis of MAC store.

It's a make-up store but its potential to empower, inspire and reframe perspective in Cebuanos is vital and astounding in, for example, deconstructing the ideas that make one feel like one's social status is inferior to others.

This inferiority complex might be the reason why we're all caught up in character assasination tricks that hurt people and make people extract joy in the act of hurt.

The art of MAC store is to create.

Its idea that it's all just cosmetics seems like a slice of hope for those who think that they're just stuck to what is given, what is socially accepted, what is "authentic", what is "unpretentious", with no chance of appeal.

Movies like Leos Carax' Holy Motors and Ben Stiller's Zoolander showcase how such a fashion boutique like MAC can be a platform for self-expression.

Mac can help us escape from the self-limiting attitudes of society (Contact me on comment section below to know how and why.) That said, here's how MAC can help make a better Cebu:

1. The Department of Transportation and Communications in Cebu will offer skills training for jeepney operators that are going to be unemployed by the Bus Rapid Transit project.

If we offer Make Up Skills for these drivers sponsored by MAC, we not only empower them, we remind the dangerously uninformed Cebuanos that there's money and livelihood in jeepney drivers as make-up artists.

We also make MAC socially vital in Cebu with this idea because foreign companies providing jobs is vital and astounding for Cebuanos and vital and audacious are the two words used in MAC's slogan.

Teaching drivers how to do make-up is an unusual audacious idea, but if we ignored the unusual ideas of entrepreneurs and artists, where would we be now?

2. MAC can sponsor a "Share A Lipstick Responsibly Campaign", where we encourage Cebuanos to share their unused lipstick to others, lowering the garbage output of Inayawan Dumpsite.

We can use the idea in genius TV show Broad City, where the tip of a used lipstick is cut off and so its new user is like getting a brand new one, with no hygiene problems. We can commission the prolific Sutukil Sauce production to do the campaign.

For more enlightenment about this, one can watch Adam Sandler's Don't Mess With The Zohan and Jon Krasinsky's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

That's all for now. If you have other Cebuano problems, such as customer service issues with Globe Telecom and PLDT, I can help. Or not. Albert Camus said it's all meaningless anyway, and yet it's all still meaningful.

A Bad Richard


FREE Movies at Ayala Center Cebu from Japan

Dear Mga Bisdak Nga Ganahan Manan-aw ug Libre nga Salida Sa Ayala: 

1. Pahimusli ni ninyo! Murag last two days nalang ugma ug ig ka Sunday. Diretso ramo sa Cinema 4. Ayaw uwaw uwaw, para astig, Wala niy catch. Dili mo pabayron. Although maybe pamaagi ni sa Japan para mu conquer sa Cebu? E culturally educate ta sa ilang culture (tinuyo na nga reduntant ang "culturally educate ta sa ilang culture" para funny hehe) para dili ta masuko sa Japan?

2. Adto nata! 5pm ko ni gisuwat ron. Muadto nako taud taud sa Ayala para makaabot pa sa last screening today. Then mag Pokemon Go na dayon ko. Klase klase ang salida, naay animation, Naay mga bisan unsa lang. E click ni nga site para makabasa ka unsa klase nga mga salida: (CLICK ME)

3. Be warned. Daghan nig drama. Dili ni American movies nga daghan special effects. Kung trip nimo, kanang heart to heart talk nga movies ala MMK and ganahan ka makalibre, mao ni tan awa ugma. Di pa ka ana? Maka save ka ug kwarta para sa imong ka date kay di naka mugasto ug sine.

Adto nata!


A Letter For Regine Velasquez Fans About How PLDT Helps You Become A Better Filipino

Dear Fans of Regine Velasquez:

Before we present to you our arguments on how PLDT Home helps you become a better Filipino citizen of our Philippine republic, 3 things:

1. PLDT Home is claimed to be country's leading digital and multimedia service provider, and I agree with this.

2. PLDT Home is generous enough to reward their loyal subscribers by giving away a FREE Regine Velasquez Concert this week held at SM City Cebu, and I hope you were there with me. If not, here's a video of that episode: 

3. PLDT supports the LGBT Community and I say this because I'm thrilled by their viral Father Accepting A Son Advertisement, and I say this matter-of-factly, not in a "I'm paid to say this" kind of way. 

And it means that if we sense that PLDT is biased against LGBT, we can take it against them and hold them responsible.

So lets go back to the list of reasons how PLDT Home makes you a better Filipino, especially in this Duterte Presidency:

1. While stuck in traffic and complaining at something you have no control over, you can use the BIG DATA you have from your Smart Bro by watching Youtube videos from the School of Life Channel.

It's a channel to learn how to help end depression, marijuana use and emotional suffering by reading novels by Leo Tolstoy, Marcel Proust and Karl Marx. If those videos don't help, contact me and I'll help you get medical help.

I believe depression breeds marijuana users and if we address this, we create less depressed citizens. 

The less number of depressed people we have, the more enlightened Filipino citizens we breed. PLDT is not a guaranteed cure for this, but at least it helps. Are we helping?

Here's more info on how to get Smart Bro with iPad Mini 2 for less than the price of that Php700-dress you don't really need this month , click HERE.

2. If you're a person unfairly labelled by society to belong in the "Poverty/Indigent" category, redeem yourself by connecting to your Brgy. Hall's PLDT Wifi and read as many articles you can to make you so educated, you'll make money rain. 

If your Brgy. officers refuse you to connect to their Wifi, call the Corruption Hotline set by Duterte and report your Brgy. Officers anonymously. Or text me and I'll personally meet you and help you get a Wifi.

3. With your PLDT Home connection, listen to more Regine Velasques songs in commute and be more present. 

In Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, being present can help you not overeat and ruin your diet, not overdrink and cause road accidents and not overdo things and cause your health to break down. Don't forget to save Offline all those Regine Velasquez songs to conserve your battery.

4. With your most budget-friendly PLDT Home plan, watch as many iFlix TV series from Louis C.K.'s TV series Louie because he can teach you how to detach from your ego, which is a cause of all sorts of suffering, according to Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now.

Watch also all the comedy shows you can from iFlix because comedy helps you see things in a perspective that makes you happy even in a tragedy.

And always remember: it's not that your internet provider is slow. It's just that you're too stressed by work/lazy/mentally unhealthy to see the infinite creative ways to make most out of it.

Richard Abad

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