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How VisPop Music Festival Music Can Make Cebuanos Forget Their Death

Problem: You're suddenly now an existentialist Cebuano, which means you're just one level lower than the emo teens who are so WhoGoat, they actually have goat beards to fit their emotions, and you think that your death is soon. It is in death that you endure life, as Albert Camus might have implied, so you need to face it like a selfie.

You want to live in the absurdity of this existence and death, but you also don't want to stop listening to the Spotify Playlist right now, which is filled with Visayan Pop Music because you can't get that earworm of a song blasted through in that wonderful Yolk coffee shop near Ayala, Cebu. That song is that Bisaya Up Dharma Down-esque song about taking a photo of a handsome stranger. Nothing's absurder than that.

What should you do to?


1. Find that earworm in Youtube and listen in a loop. Here it is because you're lazy: Pa-Pictura Ko Nimo, Gwapo (Lyric Video) by Marie Salvaleon

2. Join the Music Festival where "Pa-Pictura Ko" was born or catapulted into a novelty star. It's common Cebuano Wisdom nga ang mga kanta sa Missing Filemon ang musika para sa Cebuano kung unsa ang Eraserheads sa tibuok nasod. The songs have become a shadow of Cebuano nuances, ridiculous habits and Western-adapted identity-confused culture. 

You enjoy this confusion, and next week you can enjoy it more because Missing Filemon might be part of the event in the poster below that celebrates what passes for original Cebuano Pop Music and the event that fuels debate on whether we genuinely have originality in our songs when our identity is a Pinakbet of world cultures.

Hurray for Being Colonized By Americans and Spaniards so now Our Music Culture is screwed!

This music festival is a concert featuring all the music from Vispop Music Festival 1-3.
Visit Their Facebook Page for more info.

3. Visit YOLK Coffee Shop in Mabolo and do a Food Therapy.  We liked it there, even if they turned off the aircon when they saw I was the only customer there (Hurray for Environment!), and you might like the place so much, too, that you'll no longer cry for something you know will mathematically just end.

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