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Solution to Why Google Developers Group Are Heroes

The Google Developers Group' (GDG) "Cebu Code Camp" at IEC Convention Center on Saturday February 25, 2017 is Google's biggest event yet in Cebu. Click HERE for Program Schedule:

It's a non-profit FREE event where one can learn the latest tech from Google employees in Japan, Korea and Singapore that I hope may help our Cebuanos learn not only how to develop apps, but also learn to have "skin in the game", in which Cebuano programmers pay the price in case the gadgets they invent cause harm to Cebu's cultural, moral and environmental well-being.

Remember in Hammurabi Code where architects are beheaded when the houses they build colllapse? No? Well, Cebuano developers better remember.

By the way, the registration is now closed after 1,000+ participants signed up.

So instead of inviting more Cebuanos to go there and learn the tech that can help us, say, solve Cebu traffic and promote mental health for depressed suicidal Cebuano students, let's instead talk about why Bisaya Short Films thinks Shad, Maurice, Romeo, Frances and other volunteers/professionals for Google are heroes:

1. They are willing to be bashed. 

The online community can be toxic with mentally disturbed people who can't get psychiatric help and who happily hurt you just because they can without real cost.

And yet by organizing events that the world can talk about through social media, the volunteers are brave enough to still put their heads at the top for everyone to throw tomatoes at, so to speak.

In a society where artist Anna Kendrick thinks The Internet is like a burning a car (where we should just move away from it because it's burning), the volunteers still brave to touch the fire.

I also think the "volunteers" understand how some people think that the web can be destructive and harmful because we get way too much information from it.

Too much information means too much noise, which leads to more fallacies that shape government policies and/or destroy lives.

And yet they're still passionate about Google's technologies because they seem to also understand that the web allows small local Cebuano players to get access to a bigger market. Or maybe they just LOVE Google.
So it is Bisaya Short Films' wish that their experts this Saturday can also teach our Cebuanos how not to forget the Skin In The Game concept argued by Limousine Driver Flaneur Nicholson Nassim Taleb.

2. They made public their complete names , photos and Google Info for everyone to use against them. 

Anyone who is dissatisfied for whatever reason by the events they organize can just attack them, like what happened to celebrities Leslie Jones, President Donald Trump, etc and yet they still brave the fire.

Now that's skin in the game. Hands down to them.

That said, watch this video or postmodern short film about Skin In The Game to learn less because less is more. :


Solution to Support The Book of Cebuano Artists Martino A. Abellana and Raymund L. Fernandez

Dear Cebuanos: 

Kana ganing ganahan ka mutan aw ug mga nindot nga mga butang kay daghan kaayo'g bati nahitabo sa imong 2016? 

Namatyan ka ug Carrie Fisher. Nidaug ang ilang Trump. Namatyan ka ug amigo sa Tokhang. Nagbuwag mo sa imong uyab kay the relationship you had was built under the foundation of the madness of ego. Char.

Maybe kinahanglan ka ug reminder nga naa pay kaanyag ug kalingaw tunga tunga sa kamingaw?  Reminder nga some beautiful things in life don't have to be completely unfree. Then the University of San Carlos Coffee Table book Kamingaw: An Impressionist Portrait of the Bisaya Painter written by Martino A. Abellana might be for you. 

The book is a collection of paintings by  Cebuano artist Martino Abellana that reminds me of the art Vincent Van Gogh killed himself for. Abellana's art also made me want to look for that Vincent Van Gogh experimental movie Loving Vincent.

Bisaya Short Films was invited for the Press Conference for this book and here's The Notes

1. Cebuano filmmakers such as Film School graduates from the University of San Carlos itself, the university that published this book, might want to make a documentary of some sort to present Martino A. Abellana to the world ala Loving Vincent.

Or is it more preferable to keep Martino Abellana's beautiful work to us Cebuanos, so as probably to filter out foreigners who don't deserve to see his work?

2. If you say you support Bisaya artists, then buying this book by Raymund who is also an artist means you're putting Skin In The Game. 

Skin in the Game is an idea by Nassim Taleb The Philosopher You Shouldn't Read that reminds us Cebuanos that when you support something, you better have something big to show for it. 

Such as when you say you love a person, you better sacrifice something to prove it. Because love without sacrifice is just theft, which is another Taleb quote. Go google him. Show his quotes to your pretentious teachers who are all cheap talk.

3. Raymund L. Fernandez said himself that there will be a browsing copy of this book available at the Cebu Public Library for students who'd like to read the book but won't purchase. 

What Raymund didn't say was that these students probably won't buy the book because they no longer can afford it and because they're paying too much money for their tuition already at a university that Nassim Taleb The Most Dangerous Living Philosopher Today implied to be an institution that just breeds diplomas and creates graduates that can't get jobs and that don't help the society flourish but instead cause its collapse caused by the fact that what most Philippine universities have as professors are "Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI)" lawyers and political science professors and doctors and teachers and journalists and media executives with no Skin In The Game that hold so much power in influencing Philippine Laws but don't take responsibility in the damage that they cause in what they're teaching, suggesting or promoting. 

What a long sentence. Let's do it again.

In fact, perhaps maybe in my own humble non-arrogant opinion I think we have so much traffic today in Cebu because we have so many students clogging the roads  but the universities are producing not enough morally calibrated graduates that can be brave enough to think of solutions for this traffic and are now instead just additional bodies into the pile of future Mandaue road kill? Graduates pa more!

The redundancy is intentional because according to Taleb redundancy is what made us survive (we have redundant number of legs, hands, lungs, kidneys.)

The defensiveness is intentional because people online are harsh.

By the way, here's a Bisaya Short Film about a Taong Grasa infiltrating a painting gallery in SM from artists who might've been influenced by Artist Martino.

Bisaya Short Films
Taong Grasa sa Dan at SM Art Gallery



Movie Review of Camp Sawi and Active Vista International Film Festival

Dear Ara Chawdhry and People of Dakila and Camp Sawi:

If you need the song Arci Munoz sang at the end of Camp Sawi movie, then skip reading the article below and head on to the last part where the Youtube video is.

If you want to know how Camp Sawi with Active Vista is suggesting that people seek medical psychological help when they're depressed, read the article.

Active Vista reminds me of how Revolutionizing The Way We See Things can help rape victims see the blessing of their suffering.

And so I used the Active Vista's Truth X Imagination strategy to find genius in Viva Films' movie Camp Sawi, a movie I ignorantly presume to be something that Active Vista contrasts from and a movie that at face value might be labelled as "shallow, superficial or superfluous"

1. Camp Sawi is a comedy your family and friends can watch, with an acting performance and Filipino humor flavor that I believe any Cebuano audience will appreciate, unless they're unhappy.

But it's also an experimental cinema in that it presents us a social experiment of housing people who suffer from an addiction to drama, and steering them away from suicide thru absurd comedy, and the beauty of Cebuano beach the way Gosiengfiao's Temptation Island and Jon Krasinsky's Brief Inteviews with Hideous Men attempted to resolve the knee-jerk reactions of intelligence.

2. Camp Sawi is a comedy that, if you go beyond face value, will make you rethink, and detach from the thought of being victimized.

On the other hand, the movies I saw in Active Vista made me think that maybe the more revolutionary approach is how not to discriminate against movies that are supposedly made for money or movies that are just made for entertainment.

The challenge is for one to not go for the knee-jerk reaction and say things like, "That movie is dumb and is not deep and is not socially relevant."

The challenge is to find in movies like Camp Sawi a form of beauty, and a message that promotes human rights.

The challenge is not to be lured by the dangers, convolutions and pretensions of depth in socially relevant cinema that might have caused David Foster Wallace's and Robin Williams' suicide.

The challenge is to not attach meaning where there is none.

The challenge for Dakila is to find humor in the struggle for change in the same way that Camp Sawi's challenge is for its creators to be aware of the costs of being shallow.

The challenge is for Camp Sawi and Dakila's directors to have Skin In The Game in that they will, say, build a mechanism that if it's proven that the people who have seen their movies will become depressed by watching them, Camp Sawi and Active Vista will help pay for mental health medication because they contributed to the health hazard. Or something like that.

Movies in the Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival seem to scream of importance in a culture where intellectuals can defend that Cat Videos are just as, if not more important than, a film covering poverty and human rights, especially after reading enough Postmodern Philosophy to see them that way.

The challenge of Active Vista is to accept that The Truth, after reading Nicholas Nassim Taleb, David Foster Wallace and Jessica Zafra's blog, is to embrace cosmic indifference, to remember that we're just teaching birds to fly, and that the reason Filipinos forget too easily is because it's in being in the constant present detached from time can one be happy.

If one can be happy, why would a sane Filipino stick to the past that makes one suffer?

P.S. You can watch the beautifully shot Camp Sawi at SM Seaside City Cinema. You might not have the same wonderful experience if you watch elsewhere.

Also, here's The Arci Song in Camp Sawi you're looking for and that you're playing in a loop a million timesh, probably harming yourself:

a bad richard


FREE Movie Later and This Whole Week By Cebu International Film Festival and Active Vista Film Fest

Dear Mga Bisdak Nga Gusto Ug FREE Movies:

1. Unya, 730pm sa Ayala Center Onstage, adto ta. Libre ra! Way atik, opening film siya sa Cebu International Film Fest ug nag Volunteer ko didto. The rest of the schedule kay below,
Click HERE to enlarge the image.

2. Unya, naa pa gyud, ig Friday ug Ugma, sa San Carlos Movie Theater, naa napoy salida. Kontaka lang ko ninyo kung mauwaw mo or unsa ba, kay mu guide ko ninyo. Put your contact nos. sa comment section below. Lamat!

Click HERE to enlarge image. 

How MAC at SM Seaside City Helps Cebu's Problems

Dear People Who Wear Make-up:

There's a MAC Store at Seaside City Cebu now that you can check out.

For that, I want to talk about creativity.

I want to talk about how being as creative as MAC solves our problems in Cebu, like unemployment and garbage.

Creativity and freedom from fixed colorless forms is an emphasis of MAC store.

It's a make-up store but its potential to empower, inspire and reframe perspective in Cebuanos is vital and astounding in, for example, deconstructing the ideas that make one feel like one's social status is inferior to others.

This inferiority complex might be the reason why we're all caught up in character assasination tricks that hurt people and make people extract joy in the act of hurt.

The art of MAC store is to create.

Its idea that it's all just cosmetics seems like a slice of hope for those who think that they're just stuck to what is given, what is socially accepted, what is "authentic", what is "unpretentious", with no chance of appeal.

Movies like Leos Carax' Holy Motors and Ben Stiller's Zoolander showcase how such a fashion boutique like MAC can be a platform for self-expression.

Mac can help us escape from the self-limiting attitudes of society (Contact me on comment section below to know how and why.) That said, here's how MAC can help make a better Cebu:

1. The Department of Transportation and Communications in Cebu will offer skills training for jeepney operators that are going to be unemployed by the Bus Rapid Transit project.

If we offer Make Up Skills for these drivers sponsored by MAC, we not only empower them, we remind the dangerously uninformed Cebuanos that there's money and livelihood in jeepney drivers as make-up artists.

We also make MAC socially vital in Cebu with this idea because foreign companies providing jobs is vital and astounding for Cebuanos and vital and audacious are the two words used in MAC's slogan.

Teaching drivers how to do make-up is an unusual audacious idea, but if we ignored the unusual ideas of entrepreneurs and artists, where would we be now?

2. MAC can sponsor a "Share A Lipstick Responsibly Campaign", where we encourage Cebuanos to share their unused lipstick to others, lowering the garbage output of Inayawan Dumpsite.

We can use the idea in genius TV show Broad City, where the tip of a used lipstick is cut off and so its new user is like getting a brand new one, with no hygiene problems. We can commission the prolific Sutukil Sauce production to do the campaign.

For more enlightenment about this, one can watch Adam Sandler's Don't Mess With The Zohan and Jon Krasinsky's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

That's all for now. If you have other Cebuano problems, such as customer service issues with Globe Telecom and PLDT, I can help. Or not. Albert Camus said it's all meaningless anyway, and yet it's all still meaningful.

A Bad Richard


A Letter For The Makers of Suicide Squad

Dear Creators of Suicide Squad:

10 Questions for you.

1. Why is Harley Quin even part of the group when she's barely even got herself together and she's just there to provide some erotica to the group? Is her skillset even better than just the average Extra in the movie?

2. Why did Jared Leto accept the role knowing how hard of an act he has to follow?

3. Why is this movie seem inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and yet feels lacking?

4. Why did Lav Diaz not direct this movie?

5. Why am I always thinking of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight during watching it?

6. Why am I writing this while watching the movie?

7./ Why is this movie good, and I mean good in the "I'm Just Going To Think Deeper About This Film To Appreciate It"?

8. Why am I not reading Albert Camus' books instead of watching this?

9. Why does Harley Quinn remind me of Cosmetic Form of Rebellion, the Nicholson Taleb term?

10. Why do I not like the movie and yet like it, too?

Anyone answer?

A Bad Richard


Presidential Candidates As Characters in Captain America: Civil War

1.  Captain America: Civil War opens tomorrow April 27 in theaters here in the Philippines. Yesterday was its VIP Premier Screening for Cebu Blogging Community Bloggers made possible by Bisaya Short Films and SM Seaside City. Which means: tonight is the first time you will read a movie review about it that relates to our Presidential Candidates. Here we go:

2. Here's why Captain America: Civil War is about our Presidential Elections: Capt. America is Duterte because he breaks the law to defend what he thinks is right, and what he ONLY thinks is right.

Iron Man is Mar because he sticks to what's legal and his hand laser is yellow, which is so Mar. Grace Poe is Black Widow because of shifting loyalties to two countries.

Binay is BLACK Panther, and I'm not saying why. Falcon is Miriam because he can fly to the heavens, where Miriam will soon go. Miriam can also be Scarlet Witch because she controls everything with her mind.

3. Captain America: Civil War is the kind of  "Expected To Be Ultra Fun And Expected To Never Disappoint" movie that can make people say the following things:

"This is so awesome!"

" Awww, Spiderman is so cute and why does he sound so much like Tobey Maguire? He definitely adds levity to this movie. Wait, am I using the word levity, right? Quick, open your Dictionary app"

"This reminds me of what I think will happen when Duterte wins. His enemies can't accept if he wins, so Civil War across the nation might start because of inability to agree on what constitues Right and Wrong."

4. Here's the Bisaya Short Films review of Captain America: Civil War from Isabeau of .
I was amidst fan boys and girls who wanted to be first to see Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. Most of the people was so absorbed and focused on the movie I swear the jeers on account of Spiderboy seemed perfectly on cue.
Third: Captain America is hot! Chris Evans has the dreamiest eyes! He definitely looks like a guy who could do no wrong. I'd say yes to all of his plans legal or not.
Chris Evans has the dreamiest eyes! He definitely looks like a guy who could do no wrong. I'd say yes to all of his plans legal or not. I'm all for #teamcap 

Verdict: Go watch Captain America: Civil War at SM Seaside City Cinema Now.



iFlix and Bisaya Short Films

Chapter I: What is iFlix Internet TV?


CEBU, APRIL 20, 2016 – iflix is Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service, offering  subscribers unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment for a low  monthly price. Consumers can sign up for a 30-day trial with full access to all of iflix’s  world-class features and content without having to submit credit card or payment details to participate. Subscribers will instantly be able to enjoy: 
  • Unlimited access to iflix’s vast library of tens of thousands of hours of top quality Western, Asian and Local content; 
  • Access to iflix on up to 5 devices of their choice, whether phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, connected TV or other connected device; 
  • Share an iflix subscription and simultaneously watch different content on two different devices at the same time for each subscription;
  • Download & Watch Offline feature which allows iflix subscribers to download and enjoy the content of their choosing without a Wi-Fi connection.
CONCLUSION: Devour iFlix now, but not until you read novels and learned how not to use TV and Movies as a form of addiction to replace an unhappiness issue in your life that can only be cured by going to therapy. Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now can help you learn how not to consume too much capitalism.

Chapter II: Review of iFlix Service

Chapter III: Review of iFlix Movies

Movie Review of Brillante Mendoza's Movie, Thy Womb starring Nora Aunor and Lovi Poe

It is stunning and filled with "Detached From Ego" ideas necessary for people who want to deviate from suffering and will remind you of this line in Sylvia Plath's Channel Crossing:

Press Play to watch trailer of Thy Womb

Movie Review of Raya Martin's Festival de Cannes Awardee movie, Independencia:

It is timeless cinema in that it presents us a version of 1898 Philippine history in black and white Old Cinema format but is shot and processed in the 21st Century. 

Raya Martin's Independencia will remind you of that Jessica Zafra review of David Mitchell's novel, where she said something about a book being postmodern and at the same time traditional. So Independencia is traditionally modern or modernly traditional. 2016 is anti-irony, and so this movie is watched best during Throwback Thursdays.

For More Info on iFlix, click HERE


Bisaya Short Films and Wyeth Invite Schools To Help Generate Kid Innovators

Dear Every Cebuano Teacher:

Did you know that corruption and heavy traffic in our Cebu might have been prevented if we had innovation and technology to capture via photo every digital transaction done in our government offices? If we had the same technology used in Anna Kendrick's Get A Job, we would be able to monitor every transaction of traffic officers in the field who are tempted to corrupt the traffic system to create more traffic. Innovation is the solution. And we can start the innovation with our kids. Here's an idea:

The nationwide search for the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators aims to spark curiosity in children and nurture their love for science and passion for innovation, empowering them to make a difference in their own way toward nation building.

It supports the efforts of the government, the academia, the science and technology sector, parents and stakeholders in harnessing children’s full potential as the nation’s human resource pillar in the goal of sustaining inclusive economic growth.

The search not only seeks to recognize outstanding kid innovators and their achievements, but also aspires to celebrate their exciting journey to innovation, to encourage and inspire more children to unleash the power of their curiosity.
The program is one of the highlights of the global 100th year anniversary celebration of Wyeth Nutrition, which marks its unwavering passion for innovation toward nurturing healthier generations.

The search invites all students aged 9 to 14, grades 4 to 8, to submit an innovative science-related project that they produced, either alone or as a group of 2 to 5 members, in compliance with an academic requirement or as a personal initiative.
Participating student/s shall submit (1) a written brief and (2) a simple video presentation on the project, with the endorsement of the Science Department Head of the school. The project must have been undertaken within the period of three years preceding the submission of entry.
Submission shall be made via email to on or before April 1, 2016  May 30, 2016. Only one entry per participant or group is allowed. 



Bisaya Short Films Message for Lav Diaz of Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis

Dear Lav Diaz:

Remember how it feels when you're eating three pieces of Siomai sa Tisa and 3 Puso and you still want another puso, but to your dismay, there's no more Puso to sell? That's how I feel after sitting for eight hours to finish your Hele Sa Hiwagang Hagpis. But how will you remember this when you probably haven't tried our Siomai Sa Tisa here in Cebu because you're probably vegetarian or haven't been in Tisa? 

Which means you should be here to try Siomai sa Tisa and do a film about how Tisa has a Siomai Festival and examine the celebration of Cebuanos on the fact that we eat pork, which is a byproduct of a mass slaughter of pigs, a nationwide act of murder on the weaker species, which I believe has also been a subject in your other movies that I also unwaveringly respect/love/am awed by: "Norte, The End of History", From Kung Saan Ang Noon, and "Butterflies Have No Memories".

Anyway, I have a list of thoughts that came to being before/during/after watching your 8-hour-long Berlin International Film Festival Awards winner Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis (A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery) that you sure could help me answer for the sake of The Nationhood that you implied in the Star Cinema Bloggers' Press Conference to be something that cultural workers like you, me, Bonifacio and Rizal should be responsible for:

1. Do you think that the existence of dark matter and black holes is the source of all the things that we label "evil/man's cruelty "? And what is the point of fighting when Death is always here anyway?

2. There's this book called Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and it transformed me in a way that since the last time I read it (3 months ago), it's hard to say if I still have a suffering. I got through every potential threat of suffering by exerting the "Watch The Thinker" mindfulness approach, and also by exercising leveled-up effort of unlabelling the triggers that otherwise would've meant tears, heartache, emotional ache, attachment to suffering that would go compel me to grab the next Fast Food or Lechon Kawali or Fleeting Pleasure-Giver to augment the situation.

Which means: the module in the book, which involves ego- and time-detachment astoundingly works for me. Do you think Oryang and the rest of the sufferers who want to kill for pleasure would be free from their suffering if they knew how to employ The Power of Now? 

And what if the Filipinos that you consider are suffering, are actually not, and we are actually insulting those who are in pain by making up an entire epic of their suffering, and they might be actually happy because they unknowingly already employ The Power of Now approach that sustains them with unlimited happiness from "within"? 

And if all the characters do find a way out of the misery through Power of Now and there will be no more cheating partners, no murderers and no rapists, do you agree with me when I say that all our Cinema will then have just to be about events that celebrate Life Minus Suffering, in which there will still be calm suffering-free death perfectly presented in the intro scene in Kristin Wiig's Hateship Loveship but there will be less crying, less drama and more stoic acting perfected by the normal behaviour of cats?

And do you think the entire humanity's obsession with cats through Cat Youtube Videos is because we highly look up to cats because they seem to have figured out the Google Keyword to type to know how to get to the highest consciousness that frees one from (the appearance of) suffering?

3. I interpret the use of 8 hours of Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis as an entrepreneurial risk-taking that ended up working to its favor because it (accidentally) worked and the World Society's reception of it personified by Meryll Streep's appreciation is proof of success, and the Cinematic Gene Pool benefits for it. There's more of this analysis in Nicholson Taleb's Antifragility. Have you read it? There's a concept in the book about Convexity of Benefits, and your Hele fit in the context.

You took risks, and so you may have lost some energy and if you fit in the graph it will be a downward slope, and you took more risks and those little risks cost you and put you even in downward slope, but then later on, the risk worked to your favor because you received the funding/attention/supplies you need for your goal, and therefore the benefits went up, and if you graph this, it would be in the "Upside Down Mountain" Convex Shape. In the book, sustainable with high chances of survival entities/structures have to employ Convex-Shaped risks. Do you agree?

4. I've been reading Albert Camus. All your movies (that I saw) resonate everything that I think he's been all about, which was to embrace our own truths, to contradict ourselves all the time because that's the only way one can live in a life run by an indifferent universe and that means killing is both permissable and forbidden.

5. Other than the "You Can't Please Everyone" Cop-out Answer, what else can you say to those who say that you want your audience to suffer with your long self-indulgent egoistic amateur movies, knowing that I disagree with them because almost every frame in your Hele Sa Hiwagang Hagpis (A Lullaby To The Sorrowful Mystery) is so beautiful, I catch myself aroused, whispering "Oh my god", as if I'm looking at the immaculate 26-year-old body of my ex-girlfriend naked before me in bed?

How To Improve The Brillante Mendoza Film Festival To Stop Wasting Electricity of Cebu City

1. Two of us from the Media you invited couldn't attend the Brillante Film Festival, so our invitation was wasted, and a wasted invitation means we wasted energy in printing the invitation, and wasting the environment is not a very Brillante Mendoza thing to do. So maybe don't make the screening of the movies at 8a.m. in the morning where even director Remton Zuosela of the movie Swap is still asleep? 

And yes, saying that it's the students that we're targeting at 8a.m. means we're preying on the weak, because students may have no choice but to attend the unholy schedule because their teachers force them to do so or else they fail their Humanities class. Everything by force is ugly. U.P. students, can you relate?

2. If we advertise the Sinag Film Festival here in Cebu, can we at least get the films screened here in our Cebu City? It's awkward to advertise here in SM City Seaside a film festival that will only be held in Manila. If we can't get the film festival screened here, do we need to promote it in Cebu?

3. Let Brillante Mendoza and Remton Zuosela watch a Bisaya Short Film entitled "Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag ng Ayala" because Brillante said in the SM Seaside press conference attended by Bisaya Short Films that Lino Brocka's Maynila Sa Kuko Ng Liwanag is his inspiration and because Remton is Cebuano and Bisaya Short Films is a Cebuano art renaissance-postmodern project. And because me, Richard Abad, is the creator of this Bisaya Short Film.

4. Just merge The Brillante Mendoza Film Festival with whatever is happening with The My City My SM My Art Project to save time and energy, and to gather more following for the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival because the My City audience can also join with Brillante. Also, separating the Film medium from My City My Art separates film from art, which is just plain silly. Watch this coverage of My City My SM My Art coverage to see it for yourself:


Bisaya Short Films and Globe Media Excellence Awards And Everything Else About Hypocrisy

Dear Internet Writers of The Philippines: 

The Globe Media Excellence Awards Jury is now looking for entries from which they will declare their 2016 Batch of Winners, and you should submit an entry because the Internet needs you and the more entries you send, the more powerful our Facebook accounts become.

More power for our Facebook and social media might mean a more transparent and decentralized and anti-fragile Philippines, which could then mean less traffic in Mandaue, less cases of mentally disturbed girlfriends/boyfriends that ruin Filipinos' lives, and less number of children in the streets who are being fed by random strangers with leftover junk food and Carcinogen-1-laden Fastfood Burgers that all the more add to these children's problems, instead of alleviating them. Also, speaking of meanings, Albert Camus said Life Is Better Without Meaning, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Also, remember the Millenium Development Goals set by the United Nations to improve the well-being of every single poor person on Earth? Judges of the entries for the Global Media Excellence Awards 2016 requires submissions to fit such goals.

Here is my only tip for Online Writers on how to write your GMEA entries to increase your "chances of winning": don't be dead. Dead people don't get to win, unless you're Heath Ledger or something. Just kidding. Here are some tips:

1. Don't skip reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. The book fixes the common Egoistic Problem in Advocacy Work: using Charity Work to feed one's ego, to feed one's need to be noticed by their friends as A Person Who Saves The World And Who Is Better Than/Like Mother Teresa.

The book tackles how you can free your ego, detach from the mind's double-binds, remove your obsession with suffering, and confront the absurd and yet necessary mindset of living the most healthy life even if we're all condemned to die. Hurray for Existentialism!

By the way, do you notice how people love their suffering, and how this kind of insanity is what gets us quicker to the End of The World? Not that The End of The World is something we despise. It is what it is. No labels, no judgment. But by saying No Judgment, we are still judging it. If you're still confused by such absurdity and you can't live with such contradiction and you're the kind of fragile person who goes crazy at the sudden change of a friend's dinner plan, then do not submit an entry for the Globe Media Excellence Awards 2016 unless you consult with a mental therapist first because anything you do that you consider is A Help For Humanity will end up toxic.

Helping others (by volunteering, by organizing events with the goal of raising money for poor people, by starting a family, by loving someone) without fixing yourself first is just you feeding your ego, and thereby is a path to more self-destruction.

Self-destruction may have sprung from The Dark Matter like Black Holes, and thereby must have a reason to exist. But we already have Death as The Dark Matter, so must we also let The Dark engulf The Light of Life? Whatever happened to Yin and Yang? Anyway, get healthy first by making sure:

-you're eating a healthy diet (but how do we know what is healthy when the Media lie to us all the time?)
-you're not hurting your love partners with your Parental Abandonment Issues (but if I'm free of my suffering, who am I now if I Am My Suffering? Btw, Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now has the answers that DO NOT INVOLVE THEOLOGY AND "GO Back To God" Solutions that your Bullsh*t Radar considers worthless)

-you get therapy via Church Priests (but be careful, though, some priests are unenlightened enough to hurt you or "molest children", if we based it on the Oscar Best Picture, Spotlight; via Psychologists; or via what Nicholson Taleb calls The Via Negativa Approach, where you subtract things from your life in order to be better. Subtractive living means cutting off from white sugar, from Carcinogen1-laced ham, by removing off marijuana unless it's medically subscribed or if you live where the Dangerous Drugs Act board is not enforced, cut down on Treadmilling, where you work so hard just because you fortify your social status of owning properties, which seems to be good for now but the iatrogenics of that is that later you might be so attached with your wealth, that there's more harm in the feeling that you might lose them all compared to not having wealth to worry about in the first place.

Also, don't be a wiseass by saying, "but everything has carcinogens! Let's just do YOLO and die!" In response to that: "Go back to the gene pool if all you do is to smartass your way out of life. You have no place for my Earth.", said Not Me.

2. After reading the book, the assumption is that you can anchor your drive to Help Others not from the ego, but from an inner peace that is reminiscent of the Zen Teachings of D.T. Suzuki, an enlightenment teacher mentioned in J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, which is a book you will read when you want to be reminded of this truth:

If you have no interest to Google Search who J.D. Salinger is, please move to another blog. Bisaya Short Films is not for you.

3. Don't miss watching David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men to learn that People Who Repeat What They Say Do That Because It Is Only Through Redundancy That Evolution Works, if we based this on That Brainpickings Article; and to fix the ironic issues inherent in helping others, the double bind being this:

"If I don't help others, I am selfish. If I don't, I am selfish, too, because I derive my happiness from other people's malaise."

4. Quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stop having sex for non-Love pleasure even with condom because Condoms offers no complete protection, stop drinking soda, don't buy a car unless it's a matter of life and death or unless you're planning to use the car for Carpool, leave your drug-using partner unless it's prescription drugs. Or not. Natural Selection will do these for you, anyway.


An Open Invitation for Justin Bieber To Visit Gibbs' Hot Wings In Cebu And Help Emotionally Hungry People To Cope With Pain

Dear Justin Bieber:

Chapter 1: Gibbs' Hot Wings

Hey, how are you? You should come by here in the Cebu, Philippines and have the Film and Media Arts produce you another version of your music video for your surprisingly wonderful and wise song, Love Yourself. 

You can feed your production cast some Gibbs Hot Wings and let them try their Insanely Hot Chicken Wings; they're the Hot Wings that any decent Food Lover you'll meet in Cebu would tell you to try. The wings don't suck, they're affordable and paired best with home-grown Cebu beer. I'll just presume you love to drink stuff made locally, because Beliebers are all about conflict-free, progressive, high-up-there kind of living. 

And these Gibbs' Hot Wings are annually building a premium reputation, and you know the story of Aldub's McDonalds store, right? Where it all started with this just little store and now it's conquering the whole world? Cebu City's Gibbs' Hot Wings might be about that any time soon, I'll bet on that, and I wrote a comprehensive paper on why (email me at bisayawriter(at) . You can help boost Gibbs' Hot Wings and the Entire Filipino Empire's economy faster if you visit the place yourself. Call me.

Chapter 2: Love Yourself
Anyway, I'm also writing you this letter because the first time I heard your Love Yourself song, it was two days before my girlfriend walked out on me after I proposed to her a break-up, and I just have to tell you this because your song just moved me so well, that I might be listening to it in a loop the way I looped The Walkmen's Everything Who Pretended To Like You Is Gone, which my ex thought was Everyone Who Pretended To Like You Is God. Have you heard of the album? The band already broke up, but it's the most important album you will have heard in a while, and I strongly suggest you listen to it, write a song about it. Or not. I'm all about not telling what people should do.

Until you can bring yourself to start being honest with yourself you will continue to be an emotional vampire in your interpersonal relationships.  Once you acknowledge your truth you must began to do the inner work needed to heal the hunger and to raise your self-esteem and self-worth.  For that part of your work a licensed and truly understanding psychologist goes a long way. - Nikki Nicole

So anyway, I'm just thrilled to my cheeks hearing a song about a reverse idea of the "Love Yourself" cliche, and if people just won't have a knee-jerk reaction about your song and if they could think beyond the stereotype built on the assumption that Any Justin Bieber Song Is Trash the way David Foster Wallace taught people how to reframe boredom and anguish, they wouldn't be depriving themselves of the insightful joy that I got from reading up on the lines of the humbling song you wrote that I could feel to my cartilage to be written straight out of a guy who did every decent thing a boyfriend can do to treat a girl nice, and then he's still mistreated. 

It's as if, the girlfriend is threatened by how good of a boyfriend you are that she is scared and angry that she couldn't do the same, and this incapacity to not give back makes her feel, I don't know, dysfunctionally small. And that's bad for her ego, and survival, so to bring her back in equal footing of the boyfriend, which is you in this scenario, Justin, she attacks you, and lashes out on your competence, so the power, she feels, is now hers.

From everything I’ve read about this “spark” we feel is actually based upon old negative emotional programming that we developed as children in our family of origin.  Say for example you grew up in a home where your father was emotionally unavailable or distant and you had to fight for your father’s attention and affection, you are likely to go on and find someone who you “spark” with that is essential the emotional carbon copy of your father.  This is the horror I woke up to when I realized that Mr. Narcissist was the emotional equivalent of my mother. - Nikki Nicole 
I am also grateful to realize that your song understands the problem almost in medical and clinical terms. I can't shake off the interpretation in the line "then you should go love yourself" that your song is implying that those who are so mentally ruptured or emotionally damaged or psychologically incapacited to care for others should just simply:

A. go Love Themselves the way they want to, which sometimes means "They Will Hurt Other People Just So These Emotionally Unhealthy People Can Feel Happiness Because They Don't Know Any Better", and you as the partner should just run to the hills because these Hurters will drain you of your color or drink your blood or sacrifice you for their own survival.

B. go check themselves in a Therapy Institution/Intervention/Emotional Rehab Center with Parents/Family/Doctors as Support Group, where they can sort out all the emotional trauma that usually springs from a broken family or faulty ubringing and that usually leads a boyfriend...

  • -to be emotionally hungry and mistake it for being in love (Click here for more about Emotional Hunger )
  • -to not know how to love even in the most Webster Dictionary terms
  • -to hurt his parents
  • -to backstab his friends,
  • -to steal 
  • -to betray his employer, 
  • -to pathologically lie, 
  • -to shout at his girlfriend for no reason, 
  • -to wish ill of others, 
  • -to wish to punch people in the face just because it makes him happy, 
  • -to do drugs, 
  • -to leave his girfriend for the sole reason that he wants more and he feels like he's stagnating
  • -to not let anyone in inside his world,
  • - to use sex as a form of putting his girlfriend under his beck and call, 
  • -to use sex not for love, 
  • -to use sex to manipulate his boyfriend, 
  • -to use sex just for nothing,
  • -to want to kill himself
  • -to shut people and ideas down
  • -to be a perfectionist 
  • -to eat junk that he knows will hurt him but he needs it for pleasure
  • -to want pleasure too much that he feels sick, 
  • -to drink, to want to kill, to smoke, to want to destroy lives just to achieve set goals the way Tywin Lannister wants, and, most horribly, in my own personal experience: 
  • -to have an emotional affair with other girls (emotional affair is when you're in a relationship with someone but you're still flirting out with other people because you need other people's attention to survive your miserable, emotionally deprived days, even if the emotional affair hurts your partner).

Chapter 3: The Conclusion

Replace boyfriend above with girlfriend, and the same mathematical formula works. I know this because I was this, Justin, and I've done so much therapy, that I become this annoying entity that shoves the idea of therapy and good healthy food to anyone I meet, even to the risk of their judgment and their "How Self-Righteous And Hypocritical Are You To Tell Me What To Change About Me!" defenses. 

I shove my idea of therapy for selfish reasons because I benefit from this. The desperate man in me thinks that if women I potentially want to be in long term relationship with would hurt me less, then I can get the partner-in-life I fantasized to get. Which could mean: I'm being a perfectionist, and that means I still have a lot to work on with my personality.

You know what I’m talking about: the person whose self-esteem is so low that no matter how much love and affection you show them it’s never enough.  It’s like it goes to some black hole. - Nikki Nicole 

But wouldn't it be nice Justin if you started this sort of Emotional Calamity Prevention Program and get funding for an organization that offers therapy for those girlfriends/boyfriends who will be judged by a jury of psychologists and social scientists to be so emotionally turbulent that they have to get therapy? If they don't get therapy, the Government will not issue them NBI Clearance or something.

For that part of your work a licensed and truly understanding psychologist goes a long way.
Those are those feelings that we’ve been tapping down and covering up with the use of relationships, food, sex, drugs, etc.  They all serve as a distraction from the real issue which is this pain at the heart of love hunger. 

Like, a boyfriend has the right to complain to the government that his girl is being damaging and then an institution can intervene to sort things out? This is pure Utopia talk, but at least we can start somewhere, and at least we have a blueprint of what might work, even if I'm a firm believer of Albert Camus's Existentialist Meme that nothing means anything anyway, and we're all just in this absurd existence. 

Either way, I'm listening to Love Yourself right now because I'm still in love. And I think I'm going to win her back. Or at least love her from afar. That said, have you heard of Lav Diaz, Justin? He's a phenomenal director that I think you'd like to follow if you're feeling experimental and you like to watch a 5-hour-long film. Here's a trailer of his movie, Norte, The End of History:

Not Mine

Senyor Kimchi: Where To Feed Your Film Crew When Making Bisaya Short Films In Cebu

Problem: You're a filmmaker and doing a production of a Lav Diaz movie in Cebu...

 and you have a production staff of around 15 people and you're looking for a place where you can choose an array of complete meat and veggies combo for the healthy conscious people, and also some good choices for those who just want some good old hearty power meals of deep fried food that is needed to fuel a person's day of creative mental and physical work. Where do you go?

Solution: Go eat at Senyor Kimchi. 

You can fit your entire crew in their fun, chic resto. I read from an article in the respected The Guardian Website that the test of good food is being able to mix different cuisine influences. Well, Senor Kimchi is a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine.

So why not bring your film crew there, or if you're a film lover, just come chilli with your friends there, bring a laptop and a Headphones splitter that allows two seperate earphones for one laptop, and you can enjoy watching, say, your favorite Criterion Classic movies while eating Senor Kimchi's bestsellers, Chimichanga and Mushroom Popppers. Here's a guide on what Criterion Movie classics to watch today with the help of phenomenal director, Quentin Tarantino:


A Bisaya Short Film Style Movie Review of Will Smith's Focus

by Guest Contributor Juanita Abad, retired writer/translator, like Lydia Davis

The movie proves that Will Smith is truly an actor for all seasons and all kind of films. In this movie, he plays a con man mentoring a very pretty white lady who happens to make conning her livelihood. They become lovers and partners in conning rich men who frequent rich parties and places. 

They are very skilled in what they are doing, very organized and very disciplined. The key to a successful con activity is focus, which means if you focus on stealing an expensive watch, focus on something else, like his bag. He gets distracted, and that is the perfect timing to grab his watch without his knowing it. 

The character Will Smith is playing comes from a family of con artists, starting from his grandfather to his father. He tells his pretty student that his father killed his grandfather to get out of a life-and-death situation. "Never hesitate to kill your partner if necessary," is his guiding mantra.

One successful and impressive con activity was with a Chinese gambler who bets on anything that comes his way. The hotel where the betting will take place has numbers hanging on every corner as some sort of decoration. The idea was to instill in this gambler these three numbers. Being superstitious, he thinks these three numbers will bring good luck. Smith lets him win along the way. When the betting reaches the final round, he bets on the three numbers he sees all over the hotel. This time he loses, and Smith has calculated that these three numbers will bring downfall and enormous loss to this Chinese.

Years later their paths crossed again. The pretty girl is being used by his father for another con activity. Will Smith is also targetting the same victim. How to extricate themselves from this dilemma? It is something Smith did not prepare himself for, that is when he falls in love with another con artist. 

Well, to end the story, Will Smith gets the girl but not the money. His father wins but the lovers as well as partners get to live happily ever after, not to mention they can still plan another con activity.

- this movie review is written by Guest Contributor Juanita Abad, retired writer/translator, like Lydia Davis


A Letter To Carey Mulligan Requesting Her To Visit Robinsons Galleria Cebu to Make Bisaya Short Films

Dear Carey Mulligan:

Have you been here at Robinsons Galleria? Because there's an organic locally produced store that's not a multicorporation and it sells Malunggay Ice Cream. Malunggay is a power food, like Kale, but the Cebuanos made them into an ice cream that just tastes so good, it makes me want to watch your movie An Education again.

I wish I could bring you to Robinsons Galleria eat some healthy salad with you at the Robinsons Selections because the salad bar there is the only one in Cebu City that seems to offer Vinaigrette and other healthier sauces that people who are not you and who are not as tasteful and detail-oriented as you, couldn't appreciate.

I look forward to a future when I can watch a movie with you at the Robinsons MovieWorld, especially if it's your movie. Did you know Robinsons is a strong supporter of the more refined film culture in the Philippines? Some Cinemas here don't offer a selection of fine art Filipino movies that are highly guaranteed to become Criterion Selection movies, like your movie An Education, but Robinsons has a record of supporting films of Cinemalaya Festival, which is the Cannes Film Fest of the Philippines.

I look forward to receiving your response on this open letter, so we can schedule a date and I can let you taste Sans Rival, the greatest sweet you might never have tasted if you ignored this invitation to come here in Cebu, Philippines.

After that, I can get you to eat some healthy Pita bread burger at Wasted Chefs, which is the only place in town that gets their herbs for their pizza straight out of their store's garden. Pizza and Shawarma there are Italian and tastes so good, you might reconsider your decision to be vegan. 

Or are you not already vegan? Anyway, my email is bisayawriter(@)gmail(.)com, if you want to hang.

Richard Abad
Creator of Bisaya Short Films

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