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Solution to Why Google Developers Group Are Heroes

The Google Developers Group' (GDG) "Cebu Code Camp" at IEC Convention Center on Saturday February 25, 2017 is Google's biggest event yet in Cebu. Click HERE for Program Schedule:

It's a non-profit FREE event where one can learn the latest tech from Google employees in Japan, Korea and Singapore that I hope may help our Cebuanos learn not only how to develop apps, but also learn to have "skin in the game", in which Cebuano programmers pay the price in case the gadgets they invent cause harm to Cebu's cultural, moral and environmental well-being.

Remember in Hammurabi Code where architects are beheaded when the houses they build colllapse? No? Well, Cebuano developers better remember.

By the way, the registration is now closed after 1,000+ participants signed up.

So instead of inviting more Cebuanos to go there and learn the tech that can help us, say, solve Cebu traffic and promote mental health for depressed suicidal Cebuano students, let's instead talk about why Bisaya Short Films thinks Shad, Maurice, Romeo, Frances and other volunteers/professionals for Google are heroes:

1. They are willing to be bashed. 

The online community can be toxic with mentally disturbed people who can't get psychiatric help and who happily hurt you just because they can without real cost.

And yet by organizing events that the world can talk about through social media, the volunteers are brave enough to still put their heads at the top for everyone to throw tomatoes at, so to speak.

In a society where artist Anna Kendrick thinks The Internet is like a burning a car (where we should just move away from it because it's burning), the volunteers still brave to touch the fire.

I also think the "volunteers" understand how some people think that the web can be destructive and harmful because we get way too much information from it.

Too much information means too much noise, which leads to more fallacies that shape government policies and/or destroy lives.

And yet they're still passionate about Google's technologies because they seem to also understand that the web allows small local Cebuano players to get access to a bigger market. Or maybe they just LOVE Google.
So it is Bisaya Short Films' wish that their experts this Saturday can also teach our Cebuanos how not to forget the Skin In The Game concept argued by Limousine Driver Flaneur Nicholson Nassim Taleb.

2. They made public their complete names , photos and Google Info for everyone to use against them. 

Anyone who is dissatisfied for whatever reason by the events they organize can just attack them, like what happened to celebrities Leslie Jones, President Donald Trump, etc and yet they still brave the fire.

Now that's skin in the game. Hands down to them.

That said, watch this video or postmodern short film about Skin In The Game to learn less because less is more. :


An Open Letter For Ely Buendia From Bisaya Short Films and SM Seaside City

Dear Ely Buendia: 

Remember me? I'm that guy who wrote a music album review of you and Francis Magalona's In Love And War, which you shared in your social media. You can read and share it again HERE. Also, you were resplendent and spicy in Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis, which I reviewed HERE:

I'm also the guy who made your Youtube Music Video below and I tell you this because I need attention. Just kidding. We all do. You especially. You need my attention. 

I also write here to tell you more about the Cebu Guitar and Arts Festival that you're attending this July 30, 2016. Anyway, three things:

1. Bisaya Short Films Squad went to the pre-event press conference and we learned that Sponge Cola is also coming here at SM Seaside City with you. 

It would be great if you and Pupil and Spongecola would together play a cover of the theme song of Game of Thrones live at SM Seaside City with Bisaya Short Films to promote movies of Lav Diaz because his movies might be national cure for addiction to cigarette, marijuana, Eckhart Tolle's drama and suffering, which are reasons why we harm and relationships break up.

2. SM Seaside City shoppers can join the "Color Your Ukelele" workshop, which they can avail after purchasing P500 worth of any item from SM Seaside City tenants. They have to buy the separate ukelele though, which is worth P2500, because it's made of fiber glass. 

I wonder what it would be like if we invite Jimmy Fallon here in the Philippines with you and Jessica Zafra's influence and we let him play fiber glass ukulele at SM Seaside City and all the proceeds of that show goes to funding Sutukil Sauce to think of creative ways to control Cebu flooding?

3. The Cebu Guitar and Arts Festival is in partnership with UV New School of Art and Design. which now teaches DOTA 2, an innovative move with hidden risks.

Risks are good. Without risk-taking, Viagra wouldn't have been made by the guy who discovered it only by accident after looking for blood pressure remedy. 

The great "modern philosoper" Nicholson Taleb, author of Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder, implies that the world needs more ideas like the DOTA 2 Curriculum taught by UV New School of Art and Design because it's only from "crazy" ideas like this can the society experience the kind of progress that makes society's lives better. 

He also said that the secret to increasing one's value is to try everything, but in small portions, not 100%, just 10% of everything. Take risks, but only the smaller ones; allow the body to recover from the risks. Fail always, but spread it out in the whole year, not in one sitting.

But here are my concerns, Ely Buendia. what if the video game DOTA 2 makes students dumb, as reported in this Chinese Health Study

Also, DOTA 2 champions win millions but those video players, according to Taleb, may just be lucky and have nothing to do with education. 

In fact, Taleb suggests that schools choke the creativity and intelligence out of students. And what if we're making our potential DOTA champions dumber by enrolling them in school because not one of the current DOTA champions today went to school?

Remember Innaritu's movie Birdman? What made his performance magical and powerful and innovative was precisely because he didn't go to Theater School. If he did, he might be producing mediocre engineered work lacking vigor and enchantment. 

I also have the instinct that statistics might show that majority of the respected artists today didn't go to art school, but then again, great artists also need to know the rules first before we/they break them.

Maybe the challenge for UV New School of Art and Design is how to make a school without the disadvantages of being in a school?

And what if these DOTA champions become suicidal after getting their millions, like sort of what happened to Kurt Cobain? Should the government hold the school responsible for teaching the curriculum?

Can we make the government force the schools teaching DOTA 2 sign a Legally Binding Document that in the event that students become psychologically disturbed after studying this experimental DOTA 2 curriculum, whose health risks are still hidden from us, the school will help pay for the students' therapy?

Also, DOTA 2 is entertainment and The Genius/Great/Dumb/Pretentious Writer David Foster Wallace said that competitive entertainment can be a reason why people are suicidal.

Suicidal people can be a problem to Cebuano society because they might use illegal drugs. When people use illegal marijuana, they might harm the Cebuano society, and to cure that harm, the government uses taxpayers money.

Therefore, will DOTA 2 contribute to the problem of producing addicts that harm our nation? But who cares when Albert Camus' said we're all gonna die anyway? We are all allowed to do anything we want even if it harms the society, so who cares, right? It's all about me me me me me. #SelfieSociety

Anyway, why not help us, Mr. Ely Buendia, by writing a song about the effects of DOTA 2 and let Sutukil Sauce make its music video that has a Wes Anderson and Jacques Audiard kind of editing rooted in the postmodern meta humor of Tina Fey? #namedrop #bigwords

That's all. See you on 31.

A Bad Richard

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