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Letter For The Friend of Film Writer Jessica Zafra About Game of Thrones

Dear Friend of Jessica Zafra Who Needs Explanation of Game of Thrones:

Bisaya Short Films presents The Iron Throne
Made of Toys
Hi, how are you doing? What are you like? I mean, what books, TV, movies, films or Youtube Channels do you consume? I don't like using the word consume, but I can't think of a better word without googling a synonym, which I refuse to do because I want to make this explanation as much straight from out of my head as I can, not overthinking it, just trying to make you feel the entire Feels I have for the Game of Thrones experience. 

Anyway, back to business: the explanation comes in three parts, Before Game of Thrones, During Game of Thrones and After Game of Thrones. Before is the context, so you can see how a non-fantasy-story fan like me finds creative and entertainment value and satisfaction from the show knowing that there seems to be this heuristics where if a TV series is about dragons and battles and swords, I put it at the bottom of my Hierarchy of Shows To Watch because only The Higher Order of Nerddom can access its value.  This context is also helpful in that if you liked the shows I listed here, enjoying GoT and finding worth in my explanation is more probable.  

During is my attempt at making you feel The Feels about how I've been feeling and thinking about the show during Staring At The Ceiling Moments, and trying to tell you how less of life's pleasure have you been missing. After is the anticlimactic ending the way Sopranos' ended. But before we start,  here are photo art I made arguaably influenced by my Game of Thrones experience.

Title: Daenarys of House Targaryen
Title: Children of The Starks

Title: Feeding The Dragons 

Before Game of Thrones:

1. Dear Self: David Foster Wallace warns against T.V. because it makes us lonely and spreads more self-loathing that leads one to take to suicide and makes one so stingy of an ironist that s/he couldn't tell just what truth is anymore, so watch less of it.

2. Some Stuff That Made Life Worth Taking My Anti-Depressants For: The Wire. Breaking Bad. James Salter's prose in Last Night. Salinger's novels. All of Paul Thomas and Wes Anderson, Whit Stillman, Coen Brothers, Arrested Development, Noah Baumbach, Anna Kendrick, Carey Mulligan, Monica Belluci, Tina Fey, Louis C.K., Vice Ganda, Wenn Deramas' humor, The Oatmeal, Ellen Adarna, Will Ferrell, Cat Videos, Holy Motors, and Jerrold Tarrog's power in Sana Dati.

3. Detested: Suits, both the TV show and the corporate attire. Also, House of Cards  because Zoey Barnes The Blogger Who Writes Articles On Her Cellphone Like Me was killed by the show. 

During Game of Thrones:

1. Game of Thrones is a story of raped, loved, cold, beheaded, abandoned, cursed, sold, saved, pillaged, rescued, burnt, sick, stabbed, eaten, resurrected, flung, fornicated, religious, anonymous, incestuous, found, worshiped, lost, castrated, and bludgeoned people fighting for what they think is right and/or due them. 

It also presents everything I deem important in what I think is my real world, and shot in stupendous "Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings" battle geography and choreography whose frisson of thrills mimics Amazing Race's and whose relevance is too powerful to not make me want to write a PoliSci thesis, if only because the kingdoms are to Game of Thrones what nation-states are to Earth. To wit,

  • High Sparrow's rise is communism's (Albert Camus' The Rebel said communist revolt is religious).
  • GoT's Targaryen's claim is the Palestine's Promised Land conflict. 

  • Dragons and Melisendre's dark arts are Nicholson Taleb's "Black Swan" uncertainties and Stephen Hawking's Black Holes that makes everything I can think of probable/possible.

  • White Walkers is Climate Change that will wipe us all if we the humanity doesn't stop fighting against ourselves instead of the common enemy which in Game of Thrones is The Winter and The White Walkers and which in Independence Day are aliens.

  • Wildlings' power is Filipino squatters' voting power this Monday. 
  • Arya's abnegation as assassin is Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now arming the enlightened citizens with the weapon of ego-detachment that's used to fight the oppression of consumerism. 
  • Most importantly: futility of the throne is Albert Camus' absurdism that makes one want to not die even if one is doomed to.

2. Comment of Aldub-loving Non-Reader Friend Whom Woody Allen Might Call A Philistine But Holden Caulfield Would Never Have Labelled as Phony:

" ano ba yan, nakakainip, ang hanging, gusto ko panoorin lahat ang season 6 in one sitting! Nakakaadik!" ( I want to watch everything in one sitting! )

I am to this friend what Left Cat is to Right Cat above and what Abby is to Ilyana in Broad City.

3. Put in Resumè: I'm a student of the Academy of Television Education, Major in Game of Thrones, Minor in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Broad City.

After Game of Thrones:

1. Ahhhhhhhhhh even ang angle ng camera, which is bird's eye view at pa zoom out at sudden "dilat mata" effect, then cut to black and then credits: na predict ko!

2. Watching GOT made me see futures/pasts!

3. I have become Bran.

Title: A Cat Acting Out GoT's
"I'm Not Drowning. I'm Home" Scene

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