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Solutions To How To Get Paid Online in Cebu with Payoneer

Dear Cebuanos Looking for Online Payments:

I can recommend Payoneer to you because I'm not paid to recommend them and I was already its happy user back in 2009. Without Payoneer, I wouldn't have been able to withdraw a 5-digit income from client overseas through oDesk, now Upwork.  That said, don't listen to people who sell you products they themselves don't use. #SkinInTheGame 

But what is Payoneer ? To know more, contact me via the Message Box to your left after reading this article.

Anyway, last Saturday, May 27, 2017, Bisaya Short Films learned the following at the Payoneer Forum in Cebu:

Payoneer Gives Cebuanos More Than Paypal

1. As of May 29 and compared with Paypal, Payoneer charges less fees (you get P1,000 more from your $4,000 ) . You have to monitor this, because they might change it once Payoneer increases its users. Principle of Supply and Demand.

No More Waiting For 1 Month Before Payoneer Card Arrives

2. Payoneer Card is now optional! So after approval, you can now immediately use Payoneer to shop at Lazada, pay for your Netflix and Spotify, and buy art from local artists such as yours truly. Click HERE to buy art from Local Cebuanos.

3. Iatrogenics means the benefits of a product comes first, the hidden risk comes later. You benefit from Facebook today, but wait till the damage (depression, low attention span) kicks in. I learned this from Nassim Taleb, who also reminds us Cebuanos that you should never ask a barber if you need a haircut, and that you should be careful with teachers and consultants who teach birds how to fly.

4. The more money you have, the more kidnap-prone you are, so stay small. The bigger you are, the more fragile you become. So let's make everything small. Small friendship groups. Small business reach. Be global, but be careful of its hidden risks, such as identity theft, and know the risks. 

Still confused? Email me.

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