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A Movie Review of Independence Day: Resurgence That Helps People Avoid Suffering

Part 1: Objective Movie Review of Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence is a stupendous action movie spectacle you might enjoy on beautiful Large Screen Format Theatre 3D (the first in Asia, powered by Christie) at SM Seaside City if:
  • You find beauty in buildings blowing up famously portrayed in the destruction scenes of David Fincher's Fight Club
  • You don't want to overthink movies because movies are supposed to be for escape
  • You despise the neurotic intellectualism of movies of Woody Allen
  •  You disagree with David Foster Wallace when he said that action movies are there to make you forget that you're alone in the world.
  • You enjoy seeing the level-headed drama-free treatment of crisis popularized in Ridley Scott's The Martian, a movie that makes no enemy of people but targets the common villain, which are climate change, inevitable death and/or aliens trying to make us their breakfast.
  • You enjoy Albert Camus' Absurdist philosophy when he said that humanity should not be killing each other because the better common enemy is a beast from outer space trying to mortally porcupine us to oblivion the way Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun was porcupined in Game of Thrones (Did he die? I won't answer so to not spoil you).

Part 2: Analysis of Independence Day: Resurgence That You Can Skip Reading Because This Is Only For People Who Appreciate The Connection of Things, such as People Characterized As ENFP by the myers briggs personality test

The screening of Independence Day: Resurgence at the gorgeous SM Seaside City Cinema in Cebu happened a few hours after we heard of the news that the star of Star Trek movie, Anton Yelchin, died of a car crash.

The model of the Chrysler car used by Anton was reported to be recalled because of product malfunction. The Chrysler Cars have a new technology not tested by time, so according to Nicholson Taleb, it might be still premature and has side effects unseen yet. 

This tech seems to be one of those things Taleb said can be avoided if we want to lengthen our lives or to avoid the tragedies that are highly unlikely to happen but when they happen, have the most terrifying damage.

Taleb also mentioned about supporting only the technology whose use has been tested for at least about 100 years, such as the pen, chair, notebook and shoes. If we avoid using new technology that's just released, say, last week, we can avoid iatrogenics or the exposure to things whose damage are hidden now and can only be seen later, such as the tragedy of the Thalidomide (click HERE for Thalidomide story) and Yelchin's death. 

And so it's safe to claim that the destruction of new cars and buildings and all the modern technology humans built in the movie Independence Day: Resurgence is a metaphor that there's a lot of technology today that we're better off without.

We arguably benefit more if we eject all this wasteful tech from the memory of the Earth the way Sansa wanted to wipe out the memory of the widely loathsome Game of Thrones villain, Ramsay Bolton, off the face of the Earth because he needs a level of psychotherapy and Eckhart Tolle's suffering-detachment training currently unavailable in Westeros.

Part 3: How To Avoid Suffering With Ideas From Independence Day: Resurgence

  1. Like buildings blowing up in the movie, get rid of new technology/products that media says are supposed to be good/pleasurable for you but whose deadly iatrogenic side effects only come later, such as eating carcinogenic burgers out of pure fun, cigarettes, multivitamins that harm you, and newest model of cars.
  2. Like the citizens in Independence Day: Resurgence who did not have a human enemy, make no enemy of humanity and you can do this by reading Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now because it's a book recommended by Oprah that I can attest will make you no longer attach to your ego, and ego might be the reason you can't stick to your diet, to your exercise, and why people keep cheating on their partners.
  3. Like the drama-free logical leaders in the movie, be more objective by boosting your emotional intelligence and it can be done by watching The School of Life videos that teach people psychoanalysis, literary wisdom from literary giants like Sigmund Freud and Marcel Proust, and practical non-nerd tricks to going through life without being an exquisitely cruel Ramsay Bolton. Hit Play Button on the image to view.


A Letter for President Duterte About The Child Labor Situation In The Philippines From Bisaya Short Films

“Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bitch,” - President Duterte
Dear President Duterte:

How are you doing? How's the first day of your office? Why did you not join the Inauguration Ceremony for you? Have you killed new criminals? In an interview with Rappler you admitted that you killed 3 People. Or were you being sarcastic and you wanted to troll and joke around with Rappler because it's a place for journalists and you thought journalists are worthy to make fun of because I heard that you said that journalists are not exempted from assassinations? 

Anysway, did you know that The Great Modern Philosopher Nicholas Taleb also said that journalists are a plague? I read all of his 3 books and his discussion on Federalism is why I voted for you. I voted for you because I don't really think you killed anyone. You were just trolling the lazy journalists who might quote you on what you said when what you meant by killed was the same meaning when people say, " I KILLED in that Dance Contest I joined."

Anyway, I'm writing this letter to you as a concerned citizen of our Philippine Republic, a republic that more and more resembles Westeros of Game of Thrones. We kill. We use blunt force to police the nation's peace and order. And we have the support of the nation in killing people. Your presidency is honest enough to recognize this necessity, and I respect that. That said, what do you think of this ABK3 Leap Good Practices in Reducing Child Labor in Sugarcane Farms? It's sponsored by World Vision, and in partnership with ChildFind, ERDA and other non-government organizations. 

It's an admirable cause, but I only say this because I have found no information yet on whether the program is too costly for its goal. Because here's my worry: what if we have spent hard-earned tax-payers' money (say, P1,000,000) to generate results that is only worth (P3,000). Every time we use money, we are killing nature because all money comes from Mother Earth, so we have to be careful on what we're spending. Do you know of any reliable source to confirm whether the money goes to the right beneficiaries?

Now I'm not saying that Project ABK3 is unnecessary and I'm not saying that the money used for this project may have only gone to the Middle Men Subcontractors assigned for this project (Napoles NGO?), but the more unnecessary projects we make, the more we damage the Earth. The more we damage the Earth, the more chances of experiencing another natural calamity with such magnitude as the cutting of trees that caused the Yolanda Typhoon, killing countless lives. 

This Video Shows An Excerpt of THE ABK3 Project

There's this idea from Nicholson Taleb about silent evidence. Silent evidence is the cost and consequence of an actual project that is hidden from the obvious. For example, during Typhoon Yolanda, we probably see the media establishments such as ABS-CBN to be the heroes of the tragedy. The silent evidence of this is the hidden damage that the high media exposure to the relief efforts to Yolanda causes. 

Because of the high exposure given to the rare event that is the Yolanda, we have taken the attention away from the people, the level of support and attention that could have been given to the support of causes that deserve more immediate help (such as the high rise of cancer patients). There's no high sensational value in reporting cases of Cancer patients, so there's less likely to have exposure on this area. so we put an amount of attention to a national issue so much that we end up harming the people we're supposed to protect.

So my question is: by helping this ABK3, are we taking away money and attention and energy that could've gone to the right place? Just because we have a good heart and we have good intentions doesn't mean our actions are quote unquote ethical/right/livable. But according to Albert Camus, there's no right and wrong, so who should we follow then? I think that the answer is: we should follow you because you're our President. Or not.

Anyway, please click here , Mr. President, to go to the ABK3 Leap Facebook Page. so you and your cabinet can keep track of the project and see if there's any unfavorable practice going on and to make sure that every tax-payer's money goes to the right direction. Also, can you make every Filipino savings' account public so everyone can check on everyone else on whether we might be stealing the public's money? Kthxbye.



A Thank You Letter for Senator Kiko and Megastar Sharon from Richard of Bisaya Short Films

"I'm not starstruck. I'm MEGASTARstruck." - Richard Abad

Dear Kiko and Sharon:

Thank you Kiko Pangilinan that you said in the Press Conference we had at Parklane that you will support Federalism if it's for empowering the Fisherfolks and the Farmers and the rest of the people who are in the forefront of things, such as the janitors, soldiers, artists, entrepreneurs and everyone else who is NOT a bureaucrat and who is NOT a University Professor overpaid to teach gullible students wrong information, which ruins the economic system, according to Nicholson Taleb, a New York Times Bestselling Author whom I respect the way I respect Daenerys Targaryen.

By the way, can we do something about these Church-run universities, Kiko, to enforce them to pay taxes because University of San Carlos alone seems to be a really big money-draining business that extracts the money saved by our farmers just so these farmers can get their children a university degree that will never guarantee them a job at a tremendous cost?

Nicholson Taleb invented the Theory of Anti-fragility, whose one idea says that universities can actually make students dumb because of the lack of practical real-world experience-based lessons in the university's curriculum to the point that he argued this: university professors should be sued because of spreading misinformation to BS Economics students, and ruining the global economy because these academics just keep on churning out useless "knowledge" at the cost of draining our people's money in the form of tuition. If Duterte wins, will this change happen? If Mar does, will it not?

About your reservations on Federalism because of Political Dynasties: Political dynasties seem to be not all ugly, and Nicholson Taleb's book will prove that "France, Japan and New Zealand" are progressive because they started from a really super small and barangay style nation, where government officials sort of know their citizens directly face to face, and people treat each other with more sympathy because they see each other as people and not just merely as SSS and NBI Numbers.

Put it this way, Senator Kiko: to whom would you be kinder if you're a government official? : a person you see everyday because you're childhood friends and he lives next to you in the same region? or a person whose face you didn't know because he's from Manila and you're in Cebu and you only know him in the computer profile of the NBI, and you don't know his favorite color, his favorite movies because you're not friends?

People are kinder to people they actually know.

And the fact that there's this more personal connection with the people can be good for lowering crime rate of the Philippines because people are less likely to steal and cause hurt to someone they know in a nuanced, face-to-face kind of way. Put it this way: if you're a thief who only steals because you need money for your kids and you're not on drugs, who would you rather steal from: your mother or someone you don't know? 

Also, politcal dynasties seem to be only okay if we have more of them! If we have more but different political dynasties, then we can learn more from each other's diversity, and the more varied our government styles are, the smaller the national impact of the failure of one style is.

Right now, we only have one system spread across the whole nation, and if one mistake happens to that system, such as the Pork Barrel mishap that cuts fund transfer to the whole Philippines , the whole nation gets horrible damage.

When we put that one system in one small region and disconnect that from the rest of the nation, only that region is affected when a failure happens, sparing the rest of the nation. Federalism lowers the damage, like wearing a helmet, so let's put a helmet on our country's head!

And let's find a way to change to a small-government style faster than amending the constitution because that's going to take so muuuuch time; our time is important because we have so many movies and Game of Thrones episodes to watch yet. The appeal of Duterte's promise of Federalism comes from the fact that he seems to be open to start  a civil war and let the whole nation fight itself. Violence is gross, and it's boring. Let's solve this by dancing instead! Like in Will Ferrell's movie, Daddy's Home! 

So here's my solution as a graduate of AB Political Science at University of San Carlos: do another EDSA revolution but this time, let's threaten the Constitutional Convention to change to Federalism with dancing!

Invite everyone to rally around EDSA and Fuente Osmena and all central areas in all our cities and let's demand that if they don't amend the constitution within a week, we will dance for the whole week and annoy the entire nation with Justin Bieber's Love Yourself and Hailee Steinfeld's Love Myself blasted out in Olympic-size speakers! We will dance all day and night until we change to Federalism and we can also do a referendum through dancing. Let's take the entire country hostage through dancing!

And thank you Sharon for planning to watch Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis, the 8-hour-long movie of Lav Diaz that was so stupendous, I watched it twice. Yes, 16 hours in total of watching Philippine betrayals in history replayed to me in stunning black and white while Ely Buendia lullabies me to tears.

And the movie arguably helped me with my Traffic situation while living in Cebu City: the movie's scenes kept me so still and taught me how to detach from the illusion of time so I can deviate from suffering and ego-attachment, and so every time I ride through Cebu City traffic, I just remember scenes in Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis to remind myself that there is beauty in being patient.


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