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Taong Grasa sa Dan's Message To TV Patrol's Pinky Webb and "Honor The National Anthem"'s Sam Costanilla

To Sam:

1. I agree. People should always know that there's only one way of showing respect to the National Anthem sung after movie screenings. Only one, and this should be final, like The Ampatuans' decision to kill people they don't dig (Oh The Pun!) And we don't care if you had diarrhea in the movie after all the Bibingka and Ginabot you ate because you read an article from Sun.Star that Ginabot is a must-try. No. Even if you're exploding with Diarrhea, you should always stand up to hum to the song. You have to sing and shit, even after all the diarrhea the movie seat absorbs.

2. People should know that it's important to be pretentious and to let other people see and know how you respect the country by singing a song that means nothing to you. It doesn't matter if you have a different definition of respect: there's only one definition of everything. BOTO is vagina, and it is impossible to say that BOTO is just an acronym for Buy One Take One. This is democracy, and by democracy, I mean you do what I say and you can't believe in anything I don't.

3. If you do not have feet or you are a paraplegic or if you are too depressed to stand up and too tired to explain everything, you are a disrespectful person and you should be condemned because you show no pride to your country. The government doesn't care about your being paraplegic; you need to stand up to sing the National anthem. Although it must be said, too, that the government doesn't care either way ha ha.

To Pinky Webb:
1. You did an extremely good job reporting about The Filipinas word usage issue in TV Patrol. That was like three minutes, right? That was clearly not a waste of time because obviously people of our generation care for proper use of words. I mean, just scan through comments on Facebook like: "wer u" "lolz" and "There should be biter use for this.". IKR?

But I'm sorry, you're wrong; there's no such thing as correct grammar. By the way, you could've spent your 3 minutes reading that beautiful piece in the hyperlink than reporting on Filipinas, a topic which only the positively intelligent Atinio (pronounced Ateneo, but different from the School) and LUSOlle (same same) pedophile priests (No I don't mean them. I mean the other them.)who cash in on people's ignorance.

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