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A Letter For The Makers of Suicide Squad

Dear Creators of Suicide Squad:

10 Questions for you.

1. Why is Harley Quin even part of the group when she's barely even got herself together and she's just there to provide some erotica to the group? Is her skillset even better than just the average Extra in the movie?

2. Why did Jared Leto accept the role knowing how hard of an act he has to follow?

3. Why is this movie seem inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and yet feels lacking?

4. Why did Lav Diaz not direct this movie?

5. Why am I always thinking of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight during watching it?

6. Why am I writing this while watching the movie?

7./ Why is this movie good, and I mean good in the "I'm Just Going To Think Deeper About This Film To Appreciate It"?

8. Why am I not reading Albert Camus' books instead of watching this?

9. Why does Harley Quinn remind me of Cosmetic Form of Rebellion, the Nicholson Taleb term?

10. Why do I not like the movie and yet like it, too?

Anyone answer?

A Bad Richard

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