Solutions From VisMin Artists for Game of Thrones Viewers Worried By Death


You're a Cebuano who saw Game of Thrones' Spoils of War Episode and you're depressed at the simple fact that, like the characters in the show, we're all going to die.

Daenerys will die, Jon Snow died/will die, the Maesters will die. Cersei will die. The dead will die. Game of Thrones is just your epic reminder that your daily grind, your status updates, Facebook rants, can amount to nothing. I'm not saying it will. I'm saying it can.

So you struggle to find meaning, even if Albert Camus reminds us not to find one in a meaningless universe, and one just has to submit to the complete present and YOLO the fudge out of this life. You want to submit to The Now. What can you do?


1. You can submit to the music of Bacolod's 11th Hour. Their song Pusang Ina is to remind you that even if the Fates of this world are unkind to you, at least in the next life we can be cats. Cebuano readers of Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore (in which scenes of cat beheadings will bring you straight to the psychiatrist at Perpetual Succor) will find this music video a relief in that this will console them to the thought that we in the next life may join the cats that Murakami slaughtered.

2. You can submit to the 2nd song of the 11th Hour, entitled Maryjaned and feel better even if you're reminded of the thousands of people dead under the Duterte Administration because of drugs. Let the dead be a reminder of how much you haven't lived, and how less of the supposedly ecstatic highs of being in love you still have experienced. And how your next few hours will be spent on finding that love.

If you're about to go for the snap knee-jerk reaction of bashing Maryjaned for being (insert volatile insult here), be reminded of how David Michod pulled off a stunning genius move of using a Katy Perry song to creep you out in that memorable zoom-in scene in his The Rover with Twilight's Robert Pattison. When you mix pop music with profound grief the sound lands a direct flight to your soul. Maryjaned is an attempt to that.

3. You can submit to Juanita Romualdez' Inday and feel better, which I did and by which I'm melted no less than because of how much of Love I had not yet known until I came across everything of Juanita's. I am enamored of her as a bee is of a flower. She has the stare that can shut down systems and the voice that I swear to the gods of old and new can remind me of why I'm still waiting for a kiss. Hers, I wish.

4. You can submit to the song of Cagayan de Oro's Winset Jacot entitled, Kung Pwede Na, Kung Pwede Pa, because I did, and it's a song for her, my last, my one and my only. Which obviously she isn't. No one's your last and your only. Everything is fleeting. And what better way to celebrate your being no longer in this world than listening to a song about waiting? 

5. You can submit to the poetry of David Foster Wallace, who doesn't write poetry, because his words are these:

“True heroism is minutes, hours, weeks, year upon year of the quiet, precise, judicious exercise of probity and care—with no one there to see or cheer. This is the world.” 

“An ad that pretends to be art is -- at absolute best -- like somebody who smiles warmly at you only because he wants something from you. This is dishonest, but what's sinister is the cumulative effect that such dishonesty has on us: since it offers a perfect facsimile or simulacrum of goodwill without goodwill's real spirit, it messes with our heads and eventually starts upping our defenses even in cases of genuine smiles and real art and true goodwill. It makes us feel confused and lonely and impotent and angry and scared. It causes despair.” 

― David Foster Wallace


Solutions from Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and Globe's myBusiness Solutions


X is a Filipino filmmaker and wants to start a movie streaming business for their films, like what Mubi, Netflix and iFlix did. X needs a trustworthy company to work with that is rooted in the Philippines. What can X do?

Solutions That May or May Not Work:

1. X can consider Globe myBusiness Solutions

I support Globe because their Free Facebook Messenger is reliable even at 2G connection, making it one of my most important business tools; without it, I can't hit my goals.

I went to their Automate Business Conference at Waterfront last July 26 as part of their Globe myBusinessAcademy and I learned that they now have Business Solutions to help advertise movie makers like X on Google and Facebook Ads for maximum reach.

I can't vouch for how superior Globe's solutions are since I haven't used them yet, but I personally asked Tina Lo, a top furniture exporter who uses Globe's solutions, and she said "so far, so good pa naman ang Globe. They're quick to answer our calls during glitches. "

Tina Lo is now the Ambasadress of Globe, so do more research and ask more people who used Globe's business solutions.

2. X can read Nicholas Nassim Taleb's Ideas

Para di ka ma scam diri sa Cebu, hinumdumi ang mga gitudlo sa usa ka writer nga si Nassim Taleb. An important lesson gikan niya is:

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. Meaning, I should never ask a doctor or a lawyer or a filmmaker or a blogger or anyone selling me a product if I need their products. Their incentive to lie is high because they want my money.

More of Taleb, click HERE

3. X can get Ideas from Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk reminds me of how a lot of what happens to us is mostly a work of fate. It's a thrilling, layered story of how soldiers cleverly survived the World War. One tactic I learned from the movie that can be applied to the business problems of X is this:

Never stay inside a locked cabin boat when you're in war territory because if a torpedo hits the boat, you're trapped to death.

In business, it can mean that X should never put themselves in a business decision that traps them to death. To survive, X should make multiple exits and never put all in one basket, so that if 1 basket fails, the other baskets still make him survive.

A Bad Richard


PAMILYA ORDINARYO screening at SM Cinemas this JULY via CINE LOKAL

Dear Cebu: remember Pamilya Ordinaryo at the 1st Cinemalaya in Cebu City? 

I saw it and found it to be a wonderful thesis of what philosopher Albert Camus said of life: 

1. That it is absurd

2. That fighting poverty and embracing it is to live, and

3. To not be taken to suicide amid millenial sorrow and despair is a form of protest and

4. To be alive, to Camus, is to always protest against the indifference of the universe.

The award-winning film of 2016 is going to have another run at eight (8) SM Cinemas this JULY 7-13 via CINE LOKAL. 

CineLokal is programmed by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and aims to help excellent Filipino Filmmakers showcase their independent films.

Eduardo Roy Jr.’s third film stars Hasmine Killip (as Jane) and Ronwaldo Martin (as Aries), who play a couple of street-dwelling petty thieves. These two teenagers are parents to Baby Arjan, who is kidnapped by a gay-scheming-moneylender named Eartha. This is where the couple’s already complicated life turns for the worst.

Award-winning director and writer Eduardo Roy Jr. specifically targeted the millennial audience and wants them to gaze more closely at how some of their peers are living extra-challenging lives. 

Yes, the movie features foul-language and even quickie sex but it was approved without cuts by MTRCB with an R16 Rating. 

The film’s entertainment value can be found in its tongue-in-cheek comedic moments which is consistent with its satiric intent. 
The use of CCTV camera as a plot device gives the viewers a chance to be “voyeurs” a la Big Brother.

Some of Philippine Cinema’s most notable filmmakers has only glowing praise for Roy’s latest film:

"One of my favorites from 2016!" – DAN VILLEGAS (Director of Luck at First Sight, Ilawod and How to be Yours)

"Nothing ordinary, nothing is sugar-coated. It’s just as real as it gets and that the more you think about it, the better it gets." – LEM LORCA (Director of Ned’s Project, Water Lemon and Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino) 

"INTENSE! GRIPPING! Director Eduardo Roy Jr. at his best! Ramdam mong tumatakbo ka rin kasama sina Jane at Aries." – RAHYAN CARLOS (Film/TV Director, Head of Star Magic Artist Training, Director of Indie Film Ringgo: The Dogshooter)

The film has since garnered awards from some of the most prestigious film festivals abroad including Audience Choice at 13th Venice Days; Best Director and Best Actress at the 47th Hanoi International Film festival in Vietnam; Student Jury Prize at the 17th TOKYO FILMeX in Japan, and the latest one -- 

Best Actress and Best Actor at the 12th Harlem International Film Festival held last May 4-7 at New York, USA. 

The Janitor

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