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A Letter To Mother Earth From People Who Attempt To Care

Dear Mother Earth:
The Earth Day Celebration in U.P. last April 2016 called Sagana: Kilos Para Kay Inang Kalikasan was our humble attempt to figure out ways we could amend the damage the entire Filipino civilization caused upon you.

We understand the absurdity of this effort because some of us still couldn't reconcile the fact that those who harm you don't consider what they're doing as harm, but just a way to assert their right to enjoy your blessings and to enjoy their God-given right to own two houses, own cars, own properties and extract from the environment the goods they deserve.

The great challenge of any Earth Day event is to let people know that a need is different from a want. People rationalize their wants, and when they harm the environment, they feel not one bit of remorse because they consider their harm as a consequence of asserting the satisfaction of their needs. How can we make people realize that cutting trees to be used to make their beautiful furniture is not a need? 

And how can our new President-Elect Duterte help us forward this cause when he's being labelled as a Person Who Wants To Rape A Woman, and women and nature are one? How can we be not hypocritical in our efforts to help you? How can we not be harming your environment and still enjoy your blessing? How can we not be cruel to animals and plants when we are dependent on their vitamins and minerals and we have to kill some animals for our nutrition? These are the questions that UP Cebu and Gender Development talked about in the event, and they dedicate it all to you.

Anyway, the UP Cebu Gender and Development (GAD) Office last Earth Day 2016 Celebration used the theme "SAGANA: Kilos Para Kay Inang Kalikasan!" for their event at the University of the Philippines Cebu Lobby Conference Hall and Oblation Square respectively. UP Cebu GAD's advocacy was for you, Mother Earth. Everyone can learn more about their advocacy in their Facebook Page.

UP Cebu GAD joins the whole global community in giving reverence to our green and blue planet, Mother Earth in celebrating Earth Day 2016. The UP Cebu GAD theme for the Earth Day 2016 is "SAGANA: Kilos Para Kay Inang Kalikasan!" This celebration is affiliated with Earth Day Network, Ananda Marga PROUT Initiatives for Asia and the Pacific, Planet Vegis Cebu and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals and Plants.

That said, here's a video curated by Bisaya Short Films that can remind people how not to cause environment its ruin. Hit Play Button to view:

People Who Attempt To Care

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