Hinagunoy Sa Goryon, Chirps of The Tree Sparrow

Part 1: Nahinumduman

After watching Karl Derick Sia's Hinagunoy sa Goryon, the most existentialist cinema I've seen in the entire Binisaya Film Festival 2019 Selection, nibalik kog pamalandong aning mga butanga:

Part II: Reaction Paper/Movie Review

1. Hinagunoy sa Goryon is a product of pure beauty, just beautiful world-class export quality animated cinema that I feel should be all over the world, picked up by Netflix or Mubi, generate taxes to a reformed Philippines in such a way that the taxes go to the Municipality Mayor directly, localist decentralized state where corruption is traceable, not a centralist state that is what is now - so that the taxes can benefit the lives of the artists themselves that create this tax-generating movie, that will have to be run in all festival circuits in the world. 

2. Ang Hinagunoy sa Goryon's grasp sa subtlety kay maka electrify jud sa nerves, like I can still vividly remember blood or probably semen running all over my arms while looking at the animated scene of foliage against the ray of light ug gossamer just moving around, it was so zen. Just stunning. My wish is for Director Karl to work with Lav Diaz and perfect a Chiarascuro style of cinema, 8 hours of that I'm still going to watch. I watched Hinagunoy sa Goryon twice. 

3. That scene sa katong ni fly kalit ang bird above the clouds with the strike of a light's ray is a memory I will think about for years.

4. The Existentialist Dilemma that reminds of the movie is the one from Socrates/Plato's Cave(?), where: would you rather stay in the cave safe but with the knowledge that you're trapped or would you go out of the cave and increase your life's net pleasure but with the risk of ruin? 

This reminds me of the question of Jean Paul Sartre's Suicide. And the way the movie approached this question ba in a kind of kanang inato yet so Studio Ghibli level nga animation - adds even more surprising weight to the film nga I don't remember to have ever expected nga mabutang sa usa ka binisaya nga salida, nga dialect gigamit is bisaya, grabe ang feels jud, if millenials want so much feels nga dili dumbed-down pero di sad pretentious and pa "socially relevant" ang approach, you gotta watch Hinagunoy. 

Like Leos Carax' Holy Motors, I think I'll be watching this piece of important magnificent collective of pixels and light and darkness compiled into an art form that is animation for many years to come.

5. The Bird Who Braved Being Killed Kay Maka Remind Ani Nga Nitsi Kowt:

6. Dear Binisaya Film Festival Organizers for 2020: Please repeat Hinagunoy sa Goryon next year and for the next following years, and I'm saying this not because I'm a friend of the animator, I don't know him, im writing this organically, not paid to do it, media are paid sometimes to like something without meaning so. I want this next year and I will pay again and you should listen to my small little unimportant voice because I am minutely, albeit atomically, a stakeholder in the Binisaya Film Festival, if I'm not mistaken, because isn't Binisaya partly supported by Film Development Council which is fuelled by my taxes and I'm a taxpayer, if im not mistaken? 

And by the way ahhhhh: Did Karl also write ang binisaya nga text sa movie? Grabe ka feels ako na feel pag paminaw sa binisaya nga pag litok. Dili kayo lawm pero naay wapak na feel nako jud, enough ra iya algorithm or timpla sa lawm nga bisaya ug sa pedestrian level. Wasak! Again, Lav Diaz and Karl collab please.

Anyway, yes, please make this movie required screening for college kids. Although careful in sharing this animation to kids, though, since I feel it needs parental guidance kay medyo dark ang ending, which will trigger a question of something like: so damned if you do, damned if you don't? Yolo nalang, mangamatay rata? Dapat e palayo ang mga bata sa in-ana kay daghan nang suicide. 

7. Solutions: okay so murag at the end of the animation naa koy murag down tones na feel sa salida, nga murag ni suggest nga, cyclical ang suffering sa taw because of a father's death, and probably because of ambition and discontent sa now, so mulupad jud sa langit para ma sunog sa sun like Icarus. The answer I got over the years of study on how to cope with depression and sadness and the absurdity and hopelessness that the movie I feel has is randomness. Just randomness! If you're stuck in a gridlock of full uncertainty, just take a random step because part of the game that nature gives in solving everything is to sometimes jump on things randomly. 

It's all damned if you do damned if you don't out there, and if you're stuck the only way out would have to just be: use some little time to think about it, but then after a long time of being stuck, just make a random jump and nature will run its course. Or IDK.

Randomness is a function of nature that you can take advantage of to make decisions, like the decisions made by The Father Who Wants Out of the Cage in the animation, so use it wisely. Suma, imo man gani e shake randomly ang imong dice para mudaog sa sugal. Imo e shake imong bike kung mag hands free ka para mu stabilize. Imo hapakon ang imong remote control sa tv nga dili muandar nya mahibung ka muandar balik. That's randomness! Randomness can help you stabilize things if ma hulog ka sa loop of depression or anything.

8. Take heed of the wisdom sa things that have existed for thousands of years, like the Bible, ideas from the ancients nga time-tested na over the years and robust na ang ilang stability. If you're like the bird sa Hinagunoy sa Goryon nga naglibog unsay sunod buhaton, mas maayo maminaw kas imong Lola or sa mga ideas nga tested na by thousand of years kay although not a guarantee nga makatabang sila nimo, natural selection has made those ideas survive, which means you have more probability of success when you follow them. Ang modern ideas are so prone pa to iatrogenics or future harm. Hidden pa ilang damage. Awa ang dengvaxia and thalidomide, kita kayong benefit pag sugod, until later. Go back to the ancients. Seneca. Old Testament. Montaigne. The Stoics. Unless wa kay pa ki mu survive or mupalayo sa mga kasakit. But also remember: ayaw paminaw sa akong suggestion nimo kay I will not pay the price if the advice fails. I don't have skin in the game.

Never listen to anyone's advice who won't pay the price if it fails.




John Cena Should Make A Bisaya Film About Taiwan and Coco Fresh Tea and Juice


John Cena already tried the Coco Fresh Tea and Juice in the Philippines, nga makita nimo sa video. Which means he probably knows about the fact that Coco Tea has already a branch in SM Seaside City, which is the flagship store of Coco Tea in the Visayas.


1. John Cena can shoot a Cebuano Film directed by Keith Deligero of Binisaya Film Festival and it could be sponsored by Taiwan-born CoCo Tea and the topic would be about how we were at one point in time better than Taiwan and now Taiwan is better than Philippines with their weapon of mass inspiration: Milk Tea
“In 1960 Taiwan had a much lower literacy rate than the Philippines and half the income per person; today Taiwan has ten times the income.” 
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder

Then in the film, somebody can ask these questions:

1. Is Taiwan better than us because they are currently less literate with Book Knowledge and they probably even have lower university education than the Philippines but they are so rich in Street Practical Business Knowledge that generates wealth? Apprentice knowledge learned in practice, not Overfeeding of Some, Not All, Book Knowledge that confuses the student. 

And some, not all, book knowledge that generates more books that don't really spread wealth? We have so many University Graduates here, so many books written, taking taxpayers money from Public University Education, and this literacy doesn't seem to translate to real wealth? 

2. We were better than Taiwan during the time of our grandparents who were not overloaded with sterile information and who were doers, tinkerers, risktakers that learned from actual small bounded mistakes, not books? Or is it because the Philippines chose Happiness over Wealth?

Only God Knows

That said, did you get the chance to visit Coco Tea at SM Seaside? You can buy a CocoTea drink and then watch all the Alem Garcia, Keith Deligero, Snake Princess, and postmodern Binisaya Short Films and Bisaya Short Films online.

CoCo Tea Conquers Cebu City
Responding to the clamor of its Cebuano clients, cult favorite milk tea brand CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has launched two branches in Cebu City in a matter of six months and plans are underway for a third branch soon.

“We are overwhelmed with the response of Cebuanos for CoCo. In fact, Cebu City was one of the most requested area the we have received for CoCo to be present in, and when SM Seaside opened in Cebu, we knew that this is the perfect location to build our flagship store in Cebu,” Larry Evans Tan, General Manager of CoCo , shared in a huddle with Cebu media at the CoCo SM Seaside branch.

Its branch at SM Seaside was CoCo’s flagship store in Cebu which is one of their most picturesque branches and was completed March of this year.  It has since become a favorite hangout place of many Cebuano squads and families. The second branch which opened only last September was at Ayala Center Cebu to keep up with the demand for CoCo blends from the people of Cebu.

A third CoCo branch in Cebu is underway and might open second quarter of next year.
Tan added that the Cebu branches are the first CoCo branches in the Visayas.

“We felt that the CoCo brand and the Cebuano lifestyle are a perfect match. Cebuanos are known for their love for good food and having a fun, relaxed vibe. They also love to hang out with their friends and families and these are exactly what CoCo stands for,” Tan shared.

Tan brought CoCo to the Philippines five years ago from the milk tea capital of the world, Taiwan. It has rapidly become a top player in the Filipino milk tea craze and is one of the strongest markets of the CoCo brand worldwide.

Just recently, CoCo was awarded the Favorite Milk Tea brand in the Philippines, a testament of its leadership in the milk tea market segment.

CoCo leads in the global tea market with a formidable 4,000 branches spread out across the world and posting an incredible sale of 100 cups per second globally. 

In Metro Manila, where it has become go-to-milk tea brand, a cup of CoCo is ordered every 4 minutes via Grab Food alone. 

Tan shared with the Cebu media that they are also partnered with Grab Food delivery in Cebu so that those who crave for CoCo may just order via the app to get their favorite CoCo fix. 
Tan added that both CoCo Cebu branches will carry all CoCo blends that are available in Metro Manila, including the latest Chocolate Caramel Cream Slush which he described as “Waves of caramel blended with chocolate slush over velvety salty cream making it a drink that is decadent for the local palate.” Chocolate Caramel Cream Slush is a blend that’s exclusive and created for the Philippines. 

The other CoCo bestsellers which have now become favorites as well of the Cebuano customers are the Panda Milk Tea, 3 Buddies, White Pearl Milk Tea and Passion Fruit Tea Burst. 

Picture 2

Picture 5

Tan is very optimistic with the future of CoCo among Filipino milk tea lovers and continues to respond to clamor for more branches nationwide. “We continue to explore expansion to other areas and bring CoCo closer to our customers. At the same time, we also try to come up with new flavors that we know our customers would love,” Tan said.


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