Solutions for Cebu Through Mrs Universe


Cebu needs more jobs, more investors, but we also need to attract the right investors that won’t abuse the locals of Cebu, that won’t turn them into abused women, slaves, violated beings. We need foreign contacts and supporters that won’t use our cheap labor ug mga investors nga murespeto sa ato talents. HOW do we do that? 

And how do we stop the potential scammers that ruin the healthy business environment of Cebu? Such as the public school teachers who give out answers to students para makapasar ang studyante and ma retain sa position ang maestro bisag way nakat onan ang students? Such as the doctors who cheat the Healthcare System, nga tuyokon ang balaod para madato?


1. Consider the Business Model of Mrs Universe and Philippine Honorable Queens

Ok so the Bisaya Films went to the Presscon at Chateau de Busay together with QueenCebu and other bloggers and it was there nga nagkasturya mi sa Founder of Philippine Honorable Queens and nag Franchise sa Mrs Universe. She is Mrs. Marilou Tolico Villanueva. She was also Mrs Universe 2017.

She mentioned about the fact nga she wasnt paid for this event, the Miss Universe, nga ang Grand Coronation would be this December 10 2018 sa Waterfront Hotel. Adto sa ila Facebook Group for more info.

During the Presscon, she also said that it was all for her service to the cause of helping underprivileged people in India and other beneficiaries of the event. She also said that this would aso be in line with her career and her Events Management Business. Which is a brave thing for her.

She is brave because she is risking herself of being called names because of her Beauty Pageant project. She is brave because she is putting herself as the face of the event, an event that helps generate business and tourism in Lapulapu, in our country. Makeup artists, waiters and hairdressers get projects because of this. 

People need jobs. Yes, arts, beauty and entertainment are all good, but jobs first, and Mrs Villanueva and her projects are putting their neck on the line, risking, but whether her project fails or not, the people still benefit kay naka kuha ug trabaho gikan sa iyang risk venture. Matud pang Nassim Taleb, if you want to save the world, dont start an NGO. Just start a business and take risks. 

Disclaimer: I am not asked to write about Mrs Villanueva, and if you accuse someone of wrongdoing, remember the concept of calumny and Hammurabi Code: those who falsely accuse should also be punished as if they committed the crime. 

2. Consider reading the ideas of Nassim Taleb:

“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.” 
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets


Solutions for Cebuano Overthinkers


Christmas napud. Mag reunion nasad mo sa imong mga friends, family, fake friends, enemies and people you secretly envy. Unsay angay nimo buhaton para di madaot imong adlaw?


1. Don't overthink

nag overthink ka kay tungod nagtuo ka nga by exerting effort sa pag gain ug knowledge, masulbad imong problema, mawa imong mga kasakit, kahimout ug kusi sa dughan gikan sa kapalaran. Pero unsay gamit sa knowledge kung:

...for its sake, we lose the calm and repose which we would enjoy without it and if it makes our condition worse than that of Pyrrho’s pig? Intelligence was given us for our greater good: shall we use it to bring about our downfall by fighting against the design of Nature and the order of the Universe, which require each creature to use its faculties and resources for its advantage? - Michel de Montaigne 

2. TAN AWA NI PARA YOU WILL BE REMINDED NOT to take things seriously kay mangasunog ra tanan:


Solutions for Cebuano Problems


Ang mga taw nag ingon nga evil ka, nga selfish, nga sige lang ug palami. You need an idea to justify that you are just looking after your wellbeing. Anong pede mong gawin?


1. Namedrop this Nietzsche Quote:

. - If one is to allow that self-defence is morally justified, then
one must also allow that almost all expressions of so-called immoral
egoism are morally justified: one causes suffering, robs or kills, in order
to preserve or protect oneself, to ward off personal harm; one lies when
cunning and dissimulation is the proper means of self-preservation. To
harm intentionally when it is a question of our existence or security (preser-
vation of our wellbeing) is conceded as being morally justified; the state
itself does harm from this point of view when it imposes punishments.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

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