How To Enjoy Avengers Endgame as A Millenial Cebuano

Problem: You have all seen the Bisaya Films and Cebuano Films available online, from Cinema Rehiyon, the Binisiya Film Festival, and UP Cinema, which your taxes are paying for, and which you should be taking advantage of. 

You should also demand that UP Cinema screen those Free Screenings in Manila here in Cebu and Mindanao because Manila is not the Philippines. 

You also want to watch the Avengers Endgame to learn survival tricks, learn how to use art of cinema as means to destroy toxic media, and/or use the concept of Thanos' Population Control to end the traffic here in Cebu City. You want to issue VISA to non-Cebu City residents, but that's too much of a Thanos thing to do.

What can you do?


1. You can support Globe and start a Business with them, like I did, and start a business so your business can provide all jobs to Senior Citizens and PWDs in Cebu City. Because NGOs are for the lazy and end up harming, promoting dependency and destroys the system.

Ideas: be a reseller of Globe merchadise, get a mark-up cut, then save your earnings to pay for Admission Fee of your Bisaya Film to Cannes Film Festival. Then compete with Lav Diaz.

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2. AVAIL of Free Tickets from a Postpaid Plan that can get you to watch all movies of Lav Diaz in Mubi. And Watch Kenneth Dagatan's Sanctissima because it is A Master Piece. I wish I can call it a Bisaya Film.

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3. Then Win More Tickets so you can perhaps treat all your friends to watch Avengers Endgame after you've all devoured the master Skwaa Videos of Alem Garcia. I wish I can call his bisaya videos as experimental Bisaya Films.

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