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How To Enjoy The Art Fair Philippines 2014 with An Electrician and AChar Siu Ramen in Santouka


Problem: So you've resigned yourself to dissing any type of ramen tasting because a. it never fills you and b. all ramen costs a third of your minimum income in a day and all this quest you've been hearing about the best-tasting ramen in town is not for you. 

You've tried Kenji Tai, and it's the worst; the spicy soup just ruins your night. The Tokyo Tokyo Ramen is decent, as well as La Paz Batchoy near Jolibbee Molino, but then they're not enough reason to continue the search. You have bought NYRB Classics like the Autobiography of A Corpse and Siege of Krishnapur and you need good places to read them in. What are you going to do?

Solution: Go eat the Chai Siu Miso Ramen in Santouka Hokkaido Ramen that Jessica Zafra declared to be the best. In every scoop, there's probably at least 5 diverging flavors that just all blend all well into a masterful mouth-filling experience  until the last scoop. The big chunks of Char Siu will also spoil you. Then, do not drink soda, and meditate for a minute until you can figure out the next date you will come back for the Miso Soup. Meditate for another three minutes until you can forget the hard regret you had from ordering the KFC Jr. Double Down, which is fair to say to have sprung from the innards of the makers of Justin Bieber songs.

After that, reminisce the hours you spent ingesting the art at the Contemporary Art Fair in Ayala Ave. Take spectacle at your brilliance for understanding the "deep really dark darkness blacky black not light angst" of the artist and at the  photos you took, such as that of an electrician rewiring the lights, which is obviously an artwork or performance art displaying a symbol of the electric humanity of being alive:

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