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PAMILYA ORDINARYO screening at SM Cinemas this JULY via CINE LOKAL

Dear Cebu: remember Pamilya Ordinaryo at the 1st Cinemalaya in Cebu City? 

I saw it and found it to be a wonderful thesis of what philosopher Albert Camus said of life: 

1. That it is absurd

2. That fighting poverty and embracing it is to live, and

3. To not be taken to suicide amid millenial sorrow and despair is a form of protest and

4. To be alive, to Camus, is to always protest against the indifference of the universe.

The award-winning film of 2016 is going to have another run at eight (8) SM Cinemas this JULY 7-13 via CINE LOKAL. 

CineLokal is programmed by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and aims to help excellent Filipino Filmmakers showcase their independent films.

Eduardo Roy Jr.’s third film stars Hasmine Killip (as Jane) and Ronwaldo Martin (as Aries), who play a couple of street-dwelling petty thieves. These two teenagers are parents to Baby Arjan, who is kidnapped by a gay-scheming-moneylender named Eartha. This is where the couple’s already complicated life turns for the worst.

Award-winning director and writer Eduardo Roy Jr. specifically targeted the millennial audience and wants them to gaze more closely at how some of their peers are living extra-challenging lives. 

Yes, the movie features foul-language and even quickie sex but it was approved without cuts by MTRCB with an R16 Rating. 

The film’s entertainment value can be found in its tongue-in-cheek comedic moments which is consistent with its satiric intent. 
The use of CCTV camera as a plot device gives the viewers a chance to be “voyeurs” a la Big Brother.

Some of Philippine Cinema’s most notable filmmakers has only glowing praise for Roy’s latest film:

"One of my favorites from 2016!" – DAN VILLEGAS (Director of Luck at First Sight, Ilawod and How to be Yours)

"Nothing ordinary, nothing is sugar-coated. It’s just as real as it gets and that the more you think about it, the better it gets." – LEM LORCA (Director of Ned’s Project, Water Lemon and Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino) 

"INTENSE! GRIPPING! Director Eduardo Roy Jr. at his best! Ramdam mong tumatakbo ka rin kasama sina Jane at Aries." – RAHYAN CARLOS (Film/TV Director, Head of Star Magic Artist Training, Director of Indie Film Ringgo: The Dogshooter)

The film has since garnered awards from some of the most prestigious film festivals abroad including Audience Choice at 13th Venice Days; Best Director and Best Actress at the 47th Hanoi International Film festival in Vietnam; Student Jury Prize at the 17th TOKYO FILMeX in Japan, and the latest one -- 

Best Actress and Best Actor at the 12th Harlem International Film Festival held last May 4-7 at New York, USA. 

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