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6 Important Critical Observations of Cebu Business Month for Ayala Zobel and Manny Pangilinan and People of Bisaya Short Films

1. To Sun.Star: Thank you for the Facebook news you have for us, the followers, about Davide and Garcia walking to their offices and touring around. Clearly, you know your priorities and what counts as important.

2. To Vipinoy: Thank you for the extremely assertive Jennys and Johnnys you have for us (JENNYtor and JOHNNYtor, that's what it means). They know their grounds and they keep the area livable and a.hole-free. Please give us back the Singaporean/Indonesian coffee you had for us. If we're VIP, where's our good coffee?

3. To Alejandros: Thank you for the Cebu Trivia Night, especially Politics venue. You had P100 as a gift prize for the Intellectual Winners. Clearly, you get the idea that only the intelligent people would consier P100 as a form of generous gift. In fact, while you're at it, can you give us Used Tissue as Prize for 1st Place? Because you clearly get what good marketing means and you clearly understand good business sense. Advice: Go read Bisaya Short Films' LIKEness to Sarah Silverman's bit about Jews buying German cars. Jews. Buying. German Cars. Help, gay people! Tell us if there's gayer than this.

4. To Flame It Buy 1 Take 1 Promo Organizers: Thank you. You deserve to survive until the end of days. Keep doing what you're doing.

5. To Bench: Thank you for the Free Wax tester years ago. Where is it now, Bench Ayala and SM Branch? You think we'd buy wax if you don't give us a whole can of free gel because we Cebuanos are cheapskates and we do not know what good brand to support? Ugh.

6. To SM Shoes and Bags Sale: You forced us to LIKE your products at the exit, but where's our free Folding Fan? Lexmark did it, and with ballpens. How can you expect to attract writers of James Salter's caliber if you can't even give us writers of James Salter's caliber free pen to NOT use?

7. To Kenny Rogers Buy 1 Take 1: Thank you for this New Buy 1 Take 1 Promo You Have For Us. Wala nay mupalit sa inyong mahal kayo nga baligya, 'Te? Maong gi promo?


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