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Globe Business and Small Business Problems in Cebu

Dear Businessmen in Cebu:

Welcome to Bisaya Short Films, the blog to read about business solutions inspired by movies.

After reading, you will learn three things:

1. How using Globe Business Apps can help your business in Cebu fly.

2. How to empower your business with FREE tools available online.

3. How not to be scammed by girlfriends, friends and big companies.

Let's start.

How Globe Business Can Help Your Business in Cebu Fly

Right now you can call Globe Business hotline above to ask how their products like Canvas and Google Drive help your business handle paperwork. 

Globe is up there with the best and they are as good as they are, so you can trust them.

Also, I use Google Drive myself, so if this product fails, I'm harmed, too, and so I fail when you fail.

They also have products that can help you monitor your delivery trucks and simplify your payroll system. Don't trust the internet too much to avoid scammers, so go to Globe directly, or speak with the accredited agent. 

Ask for ID. Or email me (use contact form in the left) so I can help.

After acquiring the help of Globe Business, you can now then watch the movie The Big Short because it's about how greed in business gets you a lot of money but makes you prone to harming yourself.

How to Empower Yourself with Free Tools

1. Click HERE to read 200 Ways to make money on the side while your business is still starting. Passive income gets you to earn the money needed to fuel your business, and the more ways, the more chances of winning! Also, you already know this, and this is me just "teaching birds how to fly".

Don't forget the 20-80 approach on things, though, where you spend 80% of your time and money to safe projects, and the 20% to risky ones. For example, spend 80 of your time with family, 20 with friends.

Next: go to iFlix and watch more Powerful Movies that make you consume less, live more and detach from your ego. Pay for your entertainment. Stealing is path to depression.

How Not To Be Scammed

Answer: Diversify. Spread out your time and money. Don't give everything to one thing. Don't listen to advice, including mine. Embrace contradiction because we are human. Read Nicholson Taleb because he is The Non-Phony "Dili Peke" Trader Cebuanos need.

Nagmahal nasaktan nag blog,
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