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A Letter For Regine Velasquez Fans About How PLDT Helps You Become A Better Filipino

Dear Fans of Regine Velasquez:

Before we present to you our arguments on how PLDT Home helps you become a better Filipino citizen of our Philippine republic, 3 things:

1. PLDT Home is claimed to be country's leading digital and multimedia service provider, and I agree with this.

2. PLDT Home is generous enough to reward their loyal subscribers by giving away a FREE Regine Velasquez Concert this week held at SM City Cebu, and I hope you were there with me. If not, here's a video of that episode: 

3. PLDT supports the LGBT Community and I say this because I'm thrilled by their viral Father Accepting A Son Advertisement, and I say this matter-of-factly, not in a "I'm paid to say this" kind of way. 

And it means that if we sense that PLDT is biased against LGBT, we can take it against them and hold them responsible.

So lets go back to the list of reasons how PLDT Home makes you a better Filipino, especially in this Duterte Presidency:

1. While stuck in traffic and complaining at something you have no control over, you can use the BIG DATA you have from your Smart Bro by watching Youtube videos from the School of Life Channel.

It's a channel to learn how to help end depression, marijuana use and emotional suffering by reading novels by Leo Tolstoy, Marcel Proust and Karl Marx. If those videos don't help, contact me and I'll help you get medical help.

I believe depression breeds marijuana users and if we address this, we create less depressed citizens. 

The less number of depressed people we have, the more enlightened Filipino citizens we breed. PLDT is not a guaranteed cure for this, but at least it helps. Are we helping?

Here's more info on how to get Smart Bro with iPad Mini 2 for less than the price of that Php700-dress you don't really need this month , click HERE.

2. If you're a person unfairly labelled by society to belong in the "Poverty/Indigent" category, redeem yourself by connecting to your Brgy. Hall's PLDT Wifi and read as many articles you can to make you so educated, you'll make money rain. 

If your Brgy. officers refuse you to connect to their Wifi, call the Corruption Hotline set by Duterte and report your Brgy. Officers anonymously. Or text me and I'll personally meet you and help you get a Wifi.

3. With your PLDT Home connection, listen to more Regine Velasques songs in commute and be more present. 

In Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, being present can help you not overeat and ruin your diet, not overdrink and cause road accidents and not overdo things and cause your health to break down. Don't forget to save Offline all those Regine Velasquez songs to conserve your battery.

4. With your most budget-friendly PLDT Home plan, watch as many iFlix TV series from Louis C.K.'s TV series Louie because he can teach you how to detach from your ego, which is a cause of all sorts of suffering, according to Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now.

Watch also all the comedy shows you can from iFlix because comedy helps you see things in a perspective that makes you happy even in a tragedy.

And always remember: it's not that your internet provider is slow. It's just that you're too stressed by work/lazy/mentally unhealthy to see the infinite creative ways to make most out of it.

Richard Abad


A Scandalous Letter For Rodrigo Duterte About Enlightenment From Bisaya Short Films

Dear Rodrigo Duterte:

Hi. Remember me? I'm the guy who made you The Duterte Experience documentary. I did that in the rawest, non-DSLR video quality because although DSLR shots are good, there should be a more eco-friendly way to produce good work that delivers the essence of the video's message without wasting Internet Bandwidth. 

High-resolution videos could be the reason why the Internet Situation here in the Philippines is bad. Maybe it's our unimportant videos from Christmas Parties that are draining our limited internet data? Unless you're just bragging, do we need to see all your large file size photos of your Hongkong trip when everyone who has one peso can go to Hongkong now? Do you agree, Duterte?

Chapter 1: Transport Fuel
Speaking of saving energy's resources in our path to Subtractive Progress, where we deduct things in our life to become better, what do you think about the attempt of this fuel company called Total promoting Safe Motorcycle Driving? Is that pretentious, which I learned is your favorite word? Is that just a marketing trick out to people the way you sometimes market yourself as Honest, Unpretentious and Ready-To-Kill? What is your stand on Traditional Dirty Oil versus More Costly But More Sustainable Clean Energy, by the way?

Bisaya Short Films presents Piolo Pascual Lookalike From Total
Anyway, the Bisaya Short Films Force interviewed the Executives (including the one who looks like Piolo Pascual; see photo in left) behind Total's new products and they were all excited about how they're expanding here in Cebu.

It's their first time to join the annual Motorbike Convention held in Plaza Independencia this weekend, and they gave away Powerbanks, and were generous enough to give away freebies that are literally useful for Filipinos in the Tropical Climate, e.g. folding fans, UV-rays-protection Arm Warmers.

For more info of Total Oil's complete product, so you can be part of the Vigilant Team to monitor how the France-based company is behaving in our motherland, click HERE. Thanks, Duterte.

In the bigger perspective, I don't know if the multinational oil companies'presence is good for your general vision of the Philippines because diba, Duterte, you said in the Bisaya Short Film above that we're so kawawa as Filipinos because we were enslaved by Spain for 300 years? Total is from France, so what will you do to prevent this history to repeat?

Perhaps we can help prevent history to repeat by watching a Piolo Pascual movie? You know, the one where he plays Simoun, a character in Jose Rizal's El Filibusterismo. Not the one where he sings with Sarah.

Oh by the way, the next time you're here in Mactan to do a campaign, you can just get food delivered to your Headquarters and save Earth's energy and gasoline by getting one FoodPanda motorbike to deliver you some good food, instead of using two cars to transport your people to a resto. Foodpanda is now in Mactan, with 30 stores in.

But don't forget, Duterte, to pick the food that's not filled with transfats, hydrogenated vegetable oil and aspartame because those will poison the supposedly enlightened Duterte Workforce that will bring eternal change.

Chapter 2: Food Ethics

How can you, Digong, expect the rest of us to change when you don't try to change your bad food diet first? I'll wager the next messiah that the reason we're all sick and corrupt is because we eat and drink too much junk. 

But thats just me, a person who was saved by ego-detachment modules from Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, novels of J.D. Salinger and James Salter, and non-fiction work of Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Tim Kreider, Jenna Lawson and David Foster Wallace.

After the Foodpanda meal, you can go to SM Seaside and eat desserts at Room For Desserts; their Cotton Candy-wrapped Ice Cream is said to be half the price of that in Milk Cow. Will you go taste it for us The Rest of The Filipinos, Digong, and tell me if it's worth spending my money that I worked hard for and the money that I shouldn't be just spending on food that doesn't nourish me to become a person worthy of your leadership? 

Speaking of money worth spent, how many times have you seen Lav Diaz' 8-hour movie Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis, a movie no one who doesn't like German Expressionism should watch? You should watch it because you like torture.

Richard Abad


Bisaya Short Films and Globe Media Excellence Awards And Everything Else About Hypocrisy

Dear Internet Writers of The Philippines: 

The Globe Media Excellence Awards Jury is now looking for entries from which they will declare their 2016 Batch of Winners, and you should submit an entry because the Internet needs you and the more entries you send, the more powerful our Facebook accounts become.

More power for our Facebook and social media might mean a more transparent and decentralized and anti-fragile Philippines, which could then mean less traffic in Mandaue, less cases of mentally disturbed girlfriends/boyfriends that ruin Filipinos' lives, and less number of children in the streets who are being fed by random strangers with leftover junk food and Carcinogen-1-laden Fastfood Burgers that all the more add to these children's problems, instead of alleviating them. Also, speaking of meanings, Albert Camus said Life Is Better Without Meaning, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Also, remember the Millenium Development Goals set by the United Nations to improve the well-being of every single poor person on Earth? Judges of the entries for the Global Media Excellence Awards 2016 requires submissions to fit such goals.

Here is my only tip for Online Writers on how to write your GMEA entries to increase your "chances of winning": don't be dead. Dead people don't get to win, unless you're Heath Ledger or something. Just kidding. Here are some tips:

1. Don't skip reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. The book fixes the common Egoistic Problem in Advocacy Work: using Charity Work to feed one's ego, to feed one's need to be noticed by their friends as A Person Who Saves The World And Who Is Better Than/Like Mother Teresa.

The book tackles how you can free your ego, detach from the mind's double-binds, remove your obsession with suffering, and confront the absurd and yet necessary mindset of living the most healthy life even if we're all condemned to die. Hurray for Existentialism!

By the way, do you notice how people love their suffering, and how this kind of insanity is what gets us quicker to the End of The World? Not that The End of The World is something we despise. It is what it is. No labels, no judgment. But by saying No Judgment, we are still judging it. If you're still confused by such absurdity and you can't live with such contradiction and you're the kind of fragile person who goes crazy at the sudden change of a friend's dinner plan, then do not submit an entry for the Globe Media Excellence Awards 2016 unless you consult with a mental therapist first because anything you do that you consider is A Help For Humanity will end up toxic.

Helping others (by volunteering, by organizing events with the goal of raising money for poor people, by starting a family, by loving someone) without fixing yourself first is just you feeding your ego, and thereby is a path to more self-destruction.

Self-destruction may have sprung from The Dark Matter like Black Holes, and thereby must have a reason to exist. But we already have Death as The Dark Matter, so must we also let The Dark engulf The Light of Life? Whatever happened to Yin and Yang? Anyway, get healthy first by making sure:

-you're eating a healthy diet (but how do we know what is healthy when the Media lie to us all the time?)
-you're not hurting your love partners with your Parental Abandonment Issues (but if I'm free of my suffering, who am I now if I Am My Suffering? Btw, Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now has the answers that DO NOT INVOLVE THEOLOGY AND "GO Back To God" Solutions that your Bullsh*t Radar considers worthless)

-you get therapy via Church Priests (but be careful, though, some priests are unenlightened enough to hurt you or "molest children", if we based it on the Oscar Best Picture, Spotlight; via Psychologists; or via what Nicholson Taleb calls The Via Negativa Approach, where you subtract things from your life in order to be better. Subtractive living means cutting off from white sugar, from Carcinogen1-laced ham, by removing off marijuana unless it's medically subscribed or if you live where the Dangerous Drugs Act board is not enforced, cut down on Treadmilling, where you work so hard just because you fortify your social status of owning properties, which seems to be good for now but the iatrogenics of that is that later you might be so attached with your wealth, that there's more harm in the feeling that you might lose them all compared to not having wealth to worry about in the first place.

Also, don't be a wiseass by saying, "but everything has carcinogens! Let's just do YOLO and die!" In response to that: "Go back to the gene pool if all you do is to smartass your way out of life. You have no place for my Earth.", said Not Me.

2. After reading the book, the assumption is that you can anchor your drive to Help Others not from the ego, but from an inner peace that is reminiscent of the Zen Teachings of D.T. Suzuki, an enlightenment teacher mentioned in J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, which is a book you will read when you want to be reminded of this truth:

If you have no interest to Google Search who J.D. Salinger is, please move to another blog. Bisaya Short Films is not for you.

3. Don't miss watching David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men to learn that People Who Repeat What They Say Do That Because It Is Only Through Redundancy That Evolution Works, if we based this on That Brainpickings Article; and to fix the ironic issues inherent in helping others, the double bind being this:

"If I don't help others, I am selfish. If I don't, I am selfish, too, because I derive my happiness from other people's malaise."

4. Quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stop having sex for non-Love pleasure even with condom because Condoms offers no complete protection, stop drinking soda, don't buy a car unless it's a matter of life and death or unless you're planning to use the car for Carpool, leave your drug-using partner unless it's prescription drugs. Or not. Natural Selection will do these for you, anyway.

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