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Solutions for Cebu Through Mrs Universe


Cebu needs more jobs, more investors, but we also need to attract the right investors that won’t abuse the locals of Cebu, that won’t turn them into abused women, slaves, violated beings. We need foreign contacts and supporters that won’t use our cheap labor ug mga investors nga murespeto sa ato talents. HOW do we do that? 

And how do we stop the potential scammers that ruin the healthy business environment of Cebu? Such as the public school teachers who give out answers to students para makapasar ang studyante and ma retain sa position ang maestro bisag way nakat onan ang students? Such as the doctors who cheat the Healthcare System, nga tuyokon ang balaod para madato?


1. Consider the Business Model of Mrs Universe and Philippine Honorable Queens

Ok so the Bisaya Films went to the Presscon at Chateau de Busay together with QueenCebu and other bloggers and it was there nga nagkasturya mi sa Founder of Philippine Honorable Queens and nag Franchise sa Mrs Universe. She is Mrs. Marilou Tolico Villanueva. She was also Mrs Universe 2017.

She mentioned about the fact nga she wasnt paid for this event, the Miss Universe, nga ang Grand Coronation would be this December 10 2018 sa Waterfront Hotel. Adto sa ila Facebook Group for more info.

During the Presscon, she also said that it was all for her service to the cause of helping underprivileged people in India and other beneficiaries of the event. She also said that this would aso be in line with her career and her Events Management Business. Which is a brave thing for her.

She is brave because she is risking herself of being called names because of her Beauty Pageant project. She is brave because she is putting herself as the face of the event, an event that helps generate business and tourism in Lapulapu, in our country. Makeup artists, waiters and hairdressers get projects because of this. 

People need jobs. Yes, arts, beauty and entertainment are all good, but jobs first, and Mrs Villanueva and her projects are putting their neck on the line, risking, but whether her project fails or not, the people still benefit kay naka kuha ug trabaho gikan sa iyang risk venture. Matud pang Nassim Taleb, if you want to save the world, dont start an NGO. Just start a business and take risks. 

Disclaimer: I am not asked to write about Mrs Villanueva, and if you accuse someone of wrongdoing, remember the concept of calumny and Hammurabi Code: those who falsely accuse should also be punished as if they committed the crime. 

2. Consider reading the ideas of Nassim Taleb:

“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.” 
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets


Solutions for Cebuano Overthinkers


Christmas napud. Mag reunion nasad mo sa imong mga friends, family, fake friends, enemies and people you secretly envy. Unsay angay nimo buhaton para di madaot imong adlaw?


1. Don't overthink

nag overthink ka kay tungod nagtuo ka nga by exerting effort sa pag gain ug knowledge, masulbad imong problema, mawa imong mga kasakit, kahimout ug kusi sa dughan gikan sa kapalaran. Pero unsay gamit sa knowledge kung:

...for its sake, we lose the calm and repose which we would enjoy without it and if it makes our condition worse than that of Pyrrho’s pig? Intelligence was given us for our greater good: shall we use it to bring about our downfall by fighting against the design of Nature and the order of the Universe, which require each creature to use its faculties and resources for its advantage? - Michel de Montaigne 

2. TAN AWA NI PARA YOU WILL BE REMINDED NOT to take things seriously kay mangasunog ra tanan:


Solutions for Cebuano Problems


Ang mga taw nag ingon nga evil ka, nga selfish, nga sige lang ug palami. You need an idea to justify that you are just looking after your wellbeing. Anong pede mong gawin?


1. Namedrop this Nietzsche Quote:

. - If one is to allow that self-defence is morally justified, then
one must also allow that almost all expressions of so-called immoral
egoism are morally justified: one causes suffering, robs or kills, in order
to preserve or protect oneself, to ward off personal harm; one lies when
cunning and dissimulation is the proper means of self-preservation. To
harm intentionally when it is a question of our existence or security (preser-
vation of our wellbeing) is conceded as being morally justified; the state
itself does harm from this point of view when it imposes punishments.
- Friedrich Nietzsche


Solutions For Cebu City Traffic from Bisaya Films


Nagkagrabe ang Traffic sa Cebu City. Price of progress gyud ni and maong before nato kuwentahon ang balur sa usa ka butang, dapat apilon ug kwenta ang presyo nga atong gibayran. Yes, lingaw ang naay malls, naay mga nindot nga baligya sa Miniso,

sa Starbucks, sa 7 Eleven, but for every +1 pleasure ma enjoy nato, -1 pud nga displeasure kay it comes with a price. So unsaon nalang man na nato? And dili ba hypocrite ang muingon nga I Hate Progress and mu enjoy gihapon ug mga products from Progress? and so what if Hypocrite ka?

Some Ideas or Answers That May Help or May Not:

1. ekatag

Si Nassim taleb man guro to niingon nga dapat e spread out nato ato mga investment sa time and money para mu lower pud ang harm ato makuha. Maybe mao nay tubag, ang pagkatag sa ato assets sa lain lain nga area so kung ma damage ang usa, naa patay extra. kung gibutang nato tanan in one area eh di if mu blow up siya,

wa natay reserba. so maybe just maybe, dapat dili ebutang ang ato oras tanan sa usa ka butang. pede ta mag mall today, then next week pede ta mag Ragnarok sa mobile game, then next week basa libro ni David Foster Wallace. then sunod mag reddit. ana gani. ikaw nalang google sa terms.

2. decentralize

nindot ang federalism uyon jud ko ana kay gi decentralize man gud siya so kung ma damage ang usa ka area sa ato nasod or sa ato self eh di na isolate ang other areas dili ma damage. pero lisod pa kay ni daghan pa atubangon and ang mu suggest sa federalism should pay the price kung palpak ang suggestion. sauna gani putlan ug ulo kung masayup ang gi suggest. so patay nata tanan ron kay masayup tanan ato suggestion? lols. pero bitaw you get my point. spirit of the words ang e focus, not the words.

3. low pay for public school teachers and government officials

grabe ang trafik kay wala naadto sa saktong lugar sa gobyerno ang atong taxes para tagaan ta ug nindot nga roads or public transport system. why? kay korupsyon. and di najud na mawala ang korupsyon ug greed uy kay since caveman times pana, and diba if something has existed for thousands of years nature and God must have a reason to put it there. natural selection ang show. so whats a better way? lets build system nga mu benefit from greed. one way of doing that is lowering pay sa government employees.

kung gamay ra kayu makawat sa mga employees ug public school teachers sa ato taxes, eh di bahalag mangawat pa sila pirmi, manikas pa sila pirmi, wa jud silay makawat. which means ang  mu work rajud sa government is katong gusto mu serbisyo kay imposible sila makabalay as government employee. also di nasad dapat pede mag negosyo or mu earn from business contracts ang ni work na sa government kay basin mu sud ras government para manguha ug contacts and mag start na dayun ug negosyo after sa serbisyo. dapat waa juy way makakwarta ang government employees, dapat minimum wage ra jud para pakaon nila.
and i....thank you.


Solutions For Cebu From HMR Trading Haus and Cinema

Problem: You're a Unionbank Cardholder and you want to buy supplies that can help you produce your Bisaya Short Film or video assignment for your corporate work, and you want your Unionbank card to help you score rewards.

You also want a store that sells pre-loved items because you don't want anything to waste. Where do you go?

Solution: Go to HMR Cebu, where Unionbank Cardholders can get Annual Fees Waived and Other Rebate Incentives, and where you can buy the crossbow probably used in The Walking Dead, the Kayak probably used in Meryl Streep's movies and other consumer items that may or may not change your life.

Visit HMR Trading Haus, Mandaue for more details or their FB page for more offers and discounts and ideas on what materials to buy to shoot your own film.

Watch also the movie Brief Interviews with Hideous Men to have ideas to solve your Cebuano issues, such as Traffic in Mandaue and Money.

Here are some of the stuff to buy at HMR


Solutions for Cebu's Hungry from Rise Against Hunger and Cinema

Dear Cebu:

Have you seen the 2016 movie I, Daniel Blake, a movie that shows a food bank that gave away food for the poorest of Europe? Pede nato na himoon diri sa Cebu City! We can build a food bank in Cebu City where all the hungry can just go and find relief.

I am with Nassim Taleb that we should not promote dependency, but that doesn't mean we should be calloused against the poor.

Rise Against Hunger is the organization that can help us build the dream of having a food bank in Cebu City using ideas in Cinema. Here are basic facts about Rise Against Hunger.

1. Rise Against Hunger is the non-profit group that has for its vision the eradication of hunger across the world by 2030. It was formerly named Stop Hunger Now in 1998, but even with the new name, the international hunger relief organization still continues to push the mission of ending hunger in our lifetime and mobilizing the resources in doing so.

2. More than 310 million meals have already been distributed all over 74 countries because of Rise Against Hunger.

3. If you plan to work with Rise Against Hunger and commit to their programs and attempt to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development goal, then contact Bisaya Short Films through the message box in the top left of this page.

Also, be reminded that virtue signaling is when you announce in public that you help people by your donations.

Real virtue is when you help unannounced, anonymously, in private. Some people donate and start charities for branding. That is not virtue. It's a cost-cutting scheme.

It is your duty as a cinema watcher to weed out the Napoles Groups from the legit ones.

The Janitor


Solutions for Teachers from Globe Prism

Problem: Cebuano students are smarter than their teachers in terms of computing. How can teachers keep up?

Solutions That May or May Not Apply To You :

1. The Prism Project by Globe. It's a partnership project of Globe Telecom and University of Cebu to make teachers more skillful in digital technology. The idea is promising but at what cost?

1.a. It's brave of Globe to propose the Prism project and accept to pay for the cost of this idea, knowing that digital education may have hidden risk we can't predict yet and knowing that in the movie Get A Job starring Anna Kendrick, we learn that an employee who made use of new tech to optimize his work got laid off because he was now replaced by the tech. Too much technology made him lose his job!

1.b. It's good to know that Globe seems to be aware that whatever the damage of their tech, they will be there to face it, like how in Hammurabi Times when the architect is put to death when the building she builds collapses.

1.c. It's about time in Duterte's time that even people from Globe learn to have Skin In The Game.

2. The Ideas of Nassim Taleb.
Writer Nassim Taleb's ideas remind us that those who offer products should pay the price in case they fail us or they harm us; that we should be careful of digital technology because of hidden risks; that executives and salespeople (not from Globe, wink) who tell you their products are good for you sometimes only say so because they're selling you a product.

2.a. You never ask a barber if you need a haircut, remember?
Don't be a naive sucker. Be critical of people who tell you what's good for you. They just maybe want your business.

Click play to hear Taleb discuss Skin In The Game.

2.b. Taleb's ideas are important for Cebu because he reminds us that rich civilized countries have the lowest literacy rate, so academic education is not a necessity and sometimes harms you because schools can make us dumb for overfeeding useless noise disguised as knowledge.

2.c. Taleb reminds us that Cebuanos probably don't need expensive college degrees to stay rich because maybe Cebu's wealth is not a product of UP and USC, et al. UP and USC may just be a product of Cebu's wealth. Wealth that must've come from underpaid labor and feudal slaves a.k.a. employees, but that's just me.

So thank you Globe and UC.


5 Ways To Fight Boredom When You've Almost Tried Everything Cebu Can Offer

Problem: You're a bored Cebuano.

You're bored even after watching all of the episodes of Season 5 of Game of Thrones in one sitting. You're bored because you're a medical student at Southwestern University and you've studied so hard, you feel like Tyrion Lannister studying the geography of Westeros. You're also bored because you think you've tried everything that Cebu has to offer. You're bored because you don't know how to think. What will you do?


1. Go to Lapu Lapu and find out where the gorgeously developed Mactan Newtown by Megaworld is located and look for their Al Fresco Food Court. Bring your friends. 

Bring your friends to the Al Fresco's Manang Sayong Food Booth and relive the home-cooked meals of your mom who is living in Mindanao right now and who's working hard to pay off for your medical school tuition while you enjoy being bored here in Mactan Newtown. 

Google Search the address of Al Fresco in Mactan Newtown, so you won't get lost. Take photos, make selfies, and go back to eating all of the Chicken Inasal Manang Sayong can offer.

2. Join Free Parties. There are raves everywhere, just check out the Facebook Events page in your Facebook Timeline. There's the Hyper Cebu Reboot that you can join and build social network with, and just go to the Facebook Page of Hyper Cebu to know how to get tickets. 

You can also even bring your friends to Hyper Cebu and promote the start-up businesses here by buying products from the kiosks installed in the party. 

Your elders tell you that you have nothing to hope for in this country because everyone is corrupt, but never believe them. Believe in the power of fun and partying instead, and find out how your partying in Hyper Cebu can change everything you deem wrong in Cebu City.

"We're having fun and we dress with a weird style because we want to feel different! Hurray for Our Effort To Make A Difference"

3. Support Gibbs Hot Wings. Because we did, yesterday, during their First Year Anniversary blow-out, where we're treated with the most decent generosity of Free Drinks and Infinity of Rice.

I believe the Gibbs' Hot Wings got lucky to have figured out the next Jollibee Chickenjoy Secret, and it's only just a matter of time before Their Wings become the next Mang Inasal Chicken and the resto becomes the next big company to threaten Jollibee and the next company that Jollibee Owner Tony Tan Caktiong will acquire in the fear that Gibbs's would kill Jollibee and take over a large section of the fast food chicken industry market.

Gibbs' Hot Wings are like Walter White's Blue Meth in Breaking Bad. They're so good, they don't even need advertising. The product sells itself.

"We're smiling but we're hungry! Hurray for hunger!"
Happy People That Left Getting Smoked By Gibbs' Insanely Hot Wings

People Made Happy By Gibbs' Hot Wings, Banilad Town Center, Shila May's Birthday and Gretel's Birthday


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