Why You and Superstar Brad Pitt Should Eat At Ahooy Makan

Dear Reader Who Is Not Brad Pitt: You should try the food at Ahooy Makan, if:

1. You approve of tasty but affordable Larsian-style Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Macau, and Singapore food done inside a nipa hut. Click HERE for directions to Ahooy Makan.

2. You agree with J.R. Tolkien that "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. "

3. You want to try the Lasagna, Ginabot, Pochero Bacolod, Fried Oreo ala Mode,  and The Most Wonderfully Priced 69-peso Shrimp In A Buko Bowl that I consider to be the best ever, or at least for as long as I can remember. Click HERE for Hi-res photos of the food.

Tip: When you visit Ahooy Makan, ask the staff if they already fixed the "flies attacking your food" issue.

If you're Brad Pitt, then here's my personal letter to you on why you would like Ahooy Makan:

Dear Brad Pitt: How are you? I'm Richard, a Filipino. 

How's Angelina? Are you by any chance making any film with The Greatest/Most Despicable Filipino Filmmaker Today, Lav Diaz?

Anyway, the chief of Ahooy Makan is Chef Marc, and he gives out Php5 for every meal you purchase to his Chef Marc Group of Charities, an organization that feeds unfortunate children and has partnership with the Big Guns in the Non-Profit Industry, such as Tom's Shoes and World Vision. 

Like you in your movie Big Short and Angelina Jolie in her movie The Big Heart, Chef Marc's passionate about helping the weak.

It's dangerously tricky to use the "Support Our Products Because We Donate To Charity" Business Strategy, Brad, because The Napoles Scam taught us that we should not trust charities. 

But I still choose to trust Chef Marc's intentions because I trust that if anyone cheats the Cebuano people,  there'll be a Cebu Blogging Community Blogger who will blow the whistle and expose the truth. Or at least die trying.

But Richard, what if all the Cebuano Bloggers are paid by the Deceiver to not report the deception?, you ask. Then, my dear friend Brad Pitt, reading the Absurdist Philosophy of Albert Camus is probably your answer. 

I use the word "probably" because there might be no answer. Also, if you want to learn more about How Charities Cheat, here's a video from The School of Life. 

Regards ko's imong mga anak, okay?

And now here's The Talented Aileen Singing Inside Ahooy Makaan, Giving You Goosebumps Because Her Voice Is Divine:

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