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200 Ways to Win At Pokemon Go Using Ideas In Movies and Literature

Dear Pokemon Go Players Who Want to Win The Game:

Before I write the 200 life-changing (at least to me) tips on how to win in every Pokemon Go Battle you join and also on how to win every battle at life, here's a Public Service Announcement first, although this is me just "teaching birds how to fly". 

Before we allow our inner child/children to play ‪#‎PokemonGo‬ , I wish we're all reminded of the Iatrogenics of it all, where we're blinded by the present pleasure benefits and forget the unseen, lethal cost that shows up way too late. So click HERE to read on how Pokemon Go killed a man in San Francisco.

You might consider some tips here seemingly quite unrelated with Pokemon Go, but we have evidence that connecting unrelated things is how winners like Steve Jobs win.

If you're asking Why and How these tips can help you win battles and you're asking what these ideas on movies have to do with Pokemon, send me an email thru The Contact Me at the left side of the website. Let's talk.

Anyway, why 200? I chose this number because I was inspired by the fact that Visayas where my town of Cebu City is located has already more than 200 branches of 7 Eleven today, and that means Cebu City is richer and the richer it is, the more Pokemon Go Battles and life-changing movies will come out in Cebu. 

But more garbage and more traffic in our beloved Cebu, too, and so that's why we should always try to help to contribute to the solution, even if we don't know why. How can you help? 

Anyway, here's the 200 tips and tricks in winning at Pokemon Go. 

1. Go to any 7 Eleven in Cebu City, and bring your friends. Discuss with your Pokemon Go players inside a 7 Eleven Store, and share all the tricks and tips that you gathered when you were in Pokemon Gyms in Mactan Newtown and SM Malls. Harness the power of your friends. 

Then drink Yakult in 7-Eleven because it's cheap and it's filled with Good Bacteria that can protect you when you go around in the streets playing Pokemon Go. Speaking of Yakult, here's  a Fun Silly Video of Yakult Mascot Dancing at 7 Eleven: 

2. Click HERE for strengthening your Mental Health first before playing Pokemon Go and win. A weak mental health will make you lose during a Pokemon Battle, especially if you're playing a battle in SM Seaside City or Robinsons Galleria Cebu because these malls are mired with competition.

3. Play first the video games of David Foster Wallace that are made in the form of books to learn strategies in detaching from boredom. Click HERE. Boredom can make losers of people, and boredom makes you lose a Pokemon Go battle.

The secrets to detaching from the idea of losing may be found in his modules on detaching from the idea of suffering, and detaching from the idea of boredom. 

4. Understand that in winning anything, one's spirits should be healty. Click HERE to learn how to boost spiritual fuel to withstand Pokemon Go battles.

5. Communicating your complicated thoughts in a simple way will help you learn how to be quick enough to catch your favorite Pokemon. Learn how to speak well by clicking HERE.

6. Watch David Fincher's Fight Club.

7. Watch Pamilya Ordinaryo, the movie in the 12th Cinemalaya Festival because I saw it and from it I learned that making allies with the street children and street people will make you win at Pokemon Battles or any Battle at all. Helping the street children can help you win at Pokemon Battles. Why? Email me and I'll tell you myself: bisayawriter(at)gmail(dot)com.

8. Listen to the soundtrack of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight in your phone while playing Pokemon Go because it will power you up.

9. Read this article on How A Pokemon Go Player Was Killed, click HERE . Knowing how he got killed will make you not get killed.

10. Read Nicholson Taleb, click HERE.

Part 2 of Tips and Tricks on Winning At Pokemon Go: Read, Read, Read

11. Wash the dishes. It will train you to center yourself.

12. Read Christopher Hitchens's words.

13. Read J.D. Salinger's words. Just google it.

14. Read Elmore Leonard.

15. Read anything from Jonathan Lethem.

16. Read anything from Michel Foucault because his ideas on postmodernism can teach how to reframe the idea of winning.

17. Read anything from Bo Sanchez because he's a winner to many, and one follows the winners.

18. Google all the losers of battles in World War 2 and learn from their mistakes. But don't give too much meaning in what you read. Giving meaning to things can make you a loser.

19. Eat 2 cups of fruits and veggies everyday, unless you have health issues.

20. Exercise.

Part 3 of Tips and Tricks in Winning At Pokemon Go: Harness The Power of Music

21. Learn how to breathe well the way meditators do it. Google it how.
22. Be grateful that you have ears to use to play Pokemon Go.
23. Watch all movies of Cinemalaya because movies can teach you something about winning.
24. Get a girlfriend to have moral support. Click HERE on how .
25. Listen to Sara Bareilles' When He Sees Me because it's a complex song and learning complexity makes you win.
26. Read motivational quotes, click HERE.
27. Be nice to your friends. Being nice makes you win.
28. Learn how to question authority and teachers. Most evil comes from people you are supposed to trust.
29. Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet are winners. Read their Quotations by clicking HERE to know their tricks.
30. Learn words that your competition are not using, so you're ahead of them. Click HERE.

31. Read The Old Testament. God is the supreme winner, as most religions say. Learn from GOD.
32. Watch Jason Bourne movies. He's a winner.
33. Watch Zoolander 2.
34. Watch Brief Interviews with Hideous Men because the movie can teach how to redefine the definitions of Winners and Losers.
35. Learn how to be an outsider because you're literally an outsider when playing Pokemon Go. Click HERE.
36. Listen to Louis CK's comedy on Youtube because he can make you laugh and winners laught out hard.
37. Listen to Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now HERE.
38. Read about the Stoics to learn how not to suicide when losing. Click HERE
39. Read this to learn more about Ely Buendia because he won battles and you're about to win a battle at Pokemon Go: click HERE.
40. Read about Bo Burnham because he talks about guilt and guilt has something to do with winning, click HERE

Part 4 of Tips and Tricks in Winning at Pokemon Go: Everything Online

41. Learn about simulating Pokemon Go so you know how it feels to win before you actually do. Click HERE.

42. Read about The Power of Now.

43. Be nice to your friends. Winners are nice.

44. Be nice to your grandmother who is 92 years old. Old people have wisdom young ones like you should learn more about.

45. Stop uploading high-resolution photos online because you're wasting electricity. Winners don't waste.

46. Meditate.

47. Click HERE to read about How Banko Sentral Made Mistakes and learn from their mistakes. 

48. Click HERE and read about friendship because winners study friendship.

49. Click HERE and read about how to be creative because winners have to be creative.

50. Click HERE and read how to learn a language in a few minutes because winning at Pokemon Go.can be about language games, too.

Part 5 of How To Win At Pokemon Go: Learn From Movies

51. Watch Will Ferrell's Taladegga Nights because it's a movie about winning.
52. Watch Adam McKay's The Big Short because it teaches about not being blinded by victory.
53. Watch movies from Paul Thomas Anderson because they show you beauty and winning is beauty.
54. Watch movies from George Clooney because he won.
55. Watch movies from Anna Kendrick because she won.
56. Watch Jackie Chan's Skiptrace.
57. Watch movies from Lav Diaz.
58. Watch a documentary about President Duterte because he's a winner. Click HERE.
59. Watch the movie Independence Day. Here's its review.
60. Watch Kristin Wiig's Welcome to Me.

61. Watch Holy Motors.
62. Watch movies from Cinemalaya 2016 because their ideas are fresh and to win you need fresh ideas.
63. Watch movies by Whit Stillman because his movies tell you more about pretension and there's a lot of pretension in winners.
64. Watch any movie by Adam McKay because his comedy has genius.
65. Watch Melissa McCarthy's The Boss because the movie tells you something about how the authority is cheating poor young girl scouts for money.
66. Watch movies by Eric Rohmer because many movie reviewers say his movies are the best and you want to be the best.
67. Watch Jerrold Tarog's Sana Dati.
68. Watch Jake Gyllenhall's Nightcrawler.
69. Watch Wes Anderson's movies to learn more about the aesthetics of winning.
70. Watch movies of Kristin Wiig because her comedy helps in coping with losing.

71. Watch Christopher Nolan movies at 7 Eleven Stores that are not overcrowded so you learn how to win at Pokemon Go using fight scenes in a Batman movie and you're giving space for other customers to use the store.

72. Watch Anna Kendrick's Rocket Science

73. Watch Birdman because it's about a loser who wins a lot.

74. Watch Woody Allen movies because they remind you that it's all about the luck.

75. Watch movies in Cebu International Documentary Film Festival because the movies there have secrets on winning other people overlook.

76. Watch movies reviewed by Jessica Zafra because she sees the cracks into which you can win.

77. Watch movies produced by Funny Or Die because comedy helps you win.

78. Watch films made in The School of Life Youtube Channel.

79. Watch movies while you're charging your phone in a 7 Eleven because the store has 7-eleven Mobile Chargers for your Pokemon Go units.

80. Watch Captain America: Civil War (Click HERE to read review)

81. Watch Kristin Wiig's Hateship Loveship because it's about how to win at life by detaching from drama.

82. Watch Mistress America because it's about winning in business and apply that at Pokemon Go and you're sure winner.

83. Watch Marina Abramovic's Documentary on how she won at the fight with time and apply that on the game.

84. Watch Clouds of Sils Maria or read about what the movie is about because it can teach you that losing at something can make you want to kill yourself and how to avoid that.

85. Watch old Lino Brocka movies from Youtube because a winner remembers the past and contributes to the culture of the society that a Pokemon Go players lives in. Haha I said a Pokemon Go players haha I am wrong grammar.

86. Watch movies by Robin Williams because you will extract unconsciously the ideas in the movies to make sure you throw in a Pokeball the right way during fights.

87. Watch David Fincher's The Social Network to know how to win without hurting.

88. Watch Manglehorn and subconsciously get the ideas on winning at life there to know how to throw a Pokeball so swift, you get a Mewtwo.

89. Watch The Stanford Prison Experiment movie to know how not to lose at being addicted to Pokemon Go.

90. Watch The Act of Killing because a true Pokemon Go champion should learn more important things first before winning at a Pokemon Battle.

91. Watch the movie Beasts of No Nation because the movie can teach how to not be killed in the streets and playing Pokemon Go puts you in the streets.

92. Watch the movie I'll See You In My Dreams to know how to redefine winning.

93. Watch the movie Vacation so you'll be prepared on what happens to you when you fail at Pokemon Go.

94. Watch the movie Ex Machina because you can learn there the true cost of winning.

95. Watch the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

96. Watch Miss Granny.

97. Watch Enemy.

98. Watch Frances Ha because it reminds you how winners don't take it all seriously.

99. Watch Enter The Void because the film reminds you of how you can transcend victory.

100. Watch the movie Enough Said because it reminds how lying at something can make you lose.

Part 6: How To Win At Pokemon Go: Don't Do Things

101. Don't do drugs.
102. Don't drink Coke more than your body can stomach. Drinking Coke helps you protect against the toxins of Coke so a little amount of toxin can help your body build immunity.
103. Don't buy too many clothes.
104. Don't run after things that don't matter. Ask your mother what matters.
105. Don't smoke unmedical marijuana.
106. Don't play Pokemon Go in the streets without a company.
107. Don't forget those who can't play Pokemon Go. If you want to win fast, go alone. If you want to win more, help others. Write to your politicians on how you can help the other people enjoy Pokemon Go, too. Click HERE to read someone's letter to Senator Kiko Pangilinan.
108. Don't eat too much Frappucino in Fast Food Chains because that's going to slow you down. Maybe 1 Frappucino a year?
109. Don't skip breakfast.
110. Don't forget to wear the right gear for your hunting.
111. Don't be a "Sucker".
112. Don't be scammed.
113. Don't try to impress anyone with your winnings.
114. Don't posts too much of your Battle Winnings because that will be taken against you.
115. Don't try to be someone else. There's no such thing as fixed self.
116, Don't attach to drama. Losers of Pokemon Go battle live with their past failures too much that they fail the next game.
117. Don't go play the game alone.
118. Don't forget to eat the right amount of healthy food related to your Body Mass Index.
119. Don't buy too much Powerbanks.
120. Don't play Pokemon Go without reading good books first.
121. Don't forget to study your enemy, and your enemy is yourself.
122. Don't cross the street while playing Pokemon Go.
123. Don't forget to turn off your bluetooth on your phone so you don't drain battery during battle.
124. Don't forget to bring powerbank.
125. Don't forget to bring Food Baon while you walk around.
126. Don't brag.
127. Don't go to areas popularly played by your competition.
128. Don't use the same tricks your players use.
129. Don't assume that the tricks you read online are going to make you win, including the tips I have laid here. Read them, know their worth, but don't trust them too much that you give way for your instinct.
130. Don't turn on your bluetooth when you're in Battle.
131. Don't forget about redundancy, where you put duplicates in everything, meaning you have to have to duplicate of your powerbank, load credits, etc.
132. Don't expose yourself too much online.
133. Don't assume that you're not going to be held responsible about your Pokemon activities.
134. Don't assume that you're a guaranteed winner every single battle.
135. Don't drink too much soda when you play. You lose your concentration.
136. Don't skip on all the vitamins and minerals that your brain cells to function well in battle. And that's why you have to consider eating fruits and veggies sold in Healthy U stores and vegetable areas.
137. Don't post too much screencasts of your Pokemon online. Winnders don't brag.
138. Don't underestimate the power of a Charizard.
139. Don't belittle the little Pokemons.
140. Don't be blinded by the fact that a Mewtwo is stronger than a Snorlax.
141. Don't trust too much your friends who tell you tricks on how to win at Pokemon Go battles. Sometimes they're just fattening you up because they think you're a turkey to be roasted.
142. Don't trust your battery notes too much.
143. Don't believe in what the experts say too much. Most of them are phonies.
144. Don't be lured into buying more products to Pokemon Go because some of them are out to just separate you from your money.
145. Don't lie to your parents. They're your back-up source of Pokemon Go power.
146. Don't invest too much time into playing Pokemon Go. To win at it, you must detach from it. Learn from something totally unrelated to Pokemon, to give you a fresh perspective on the game.
147. Don't forget the basic rules of decency in sportsmanship. Ask Google how to do this.
148. Don't play Pokemon Go while driving.
149. Don't go play in a battle without having a good night of sleep.
150. Don't forget that you earn points by defending gyms. Instead of eating too much junk food, go to a Pokemon Gym and defend it.
151. Don't forget that if you play too much of Pokemon Go, you might get cancer.
152. Don't think that Pokemon Go is your entire life.
153. Don't assume that Pokemon Go is better than just having a good night sleep.
154. Do not think that Pokemon Go is better than just spending time alone, reading a book by James Salter. Losers assume the wrong things.
155. Don't think that you have to win at Pokemon Go battles to be a winner at Pokemon Go. It's all in perspective,
156. Don't think that Pokemon Go will not get you addicted so much that it might damage your life. Winners prepare for the consequences.
157. Don't attach to the drama. Read Power of Now to know how to detach.
158. Don't encourage the unconscious in you and let the whole thing get into your head. Winners don't take life too seriously.
159. Don't play Pokemon Go without reading at least 1 novel/non-ficiton book at least a month or its equivalent.
160. Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Time outside means you'll be burned by ultraviolet rays.
161. Don't forget that you live in the Philippines, so make sure when you play Pokemon Go, no one's snatching your phone off.
162. Don't forget that somebody already died by playing Pokemon Go. The game is not the reason for the death, but just bear it in mind to be extra cautious.
163. Don't forget your allocated required number of vigorous exercises every week before you play the game.
164. Don't forget that people can be blindsided by the fact that there's danger in any type of game.
165. Don't forget that this may be a fad, and remember what happened to Tamagotchi?
166. Don't read too many blogs about Pokemon Go because this will distract you from the essence of winning. Too much noise makes one lose.
167. Don't trust too much.
168. Don't use up too much of Earth's resource just to win at something.
169. Don't forget that your move will be tracked anywhere you go when you play Pokemon Go, Hackers can use that against you so you lose in your next battles.
170. Don't forget to bring water when you fight the battles.
171. Don't forget to back up your files when you play Pokemon Go. The glitches in the game might cause your phone to crash.
172. Don't forget that for every pleasure you take, you're allocating time and money to something probably less important than what matters. Decide what matters.
173. Don't forget that the real loser is those who attach too much of ego.
174. Don't forget Leo Tolstoy when he said: If you want to be happy, be.
175. Don't forget James Salter when he said: “One should not believe too strongly in a life which can easily vanish.”
176. Don't forget Somerset Maugham when he said: “When you choose your friends, don't be short-changed by choosing personality over character.”
177. Don't think too much.
178. Don't win too much.
179. Don't give 100% to something unless you're ready to lose everything.
180. Don't forget that there might be a hidden cost in playing Pokemon Go that we don't see yet.
181. Don't forget that you can lose all your files just by playing Pokemon Go.
182. Don't forget Nicholson Taleb when he said that: “Love without sacrifice is like theft”
183. Don't forget that later, you'll be so addicted by the game that you'll regret it.
184. Don't forget to eat your needed calories for the day while playing the game. Don't overdo it or your health suffers so much, you can't play the game anymore.
185. Don't forget to sleep well enough before battle.
186. Don't engage in unprotected sex. Even protected sex can get you AIDs.
187. Don't forget a spare tire when you go around finding Pokemon gyms.
188. Don't forget Nicholson Taleb when he said: “Charm is the ability to insult people without offending them; nerdiness the reverse”
189. Or when he said: “Missing a train is only painful if you run after it! Likewise, not matching the idea of success others expect from you is only painful if that’s what you are seeking.”
190. Or when he said: “A Stoic is someone who transforms fear into prudence, pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking.”
191. Or when he said: "“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.”
192. Or when he said:

“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free”

193. Don't forget to appreciate the beauty and art of Pokemon Go, where you can just go around the park, exercise and play with friends.

194. Don't forget David Foster Wallace when he said that: "“Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else.”

195. Or when he said that “The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”

196. Or when he said that: "“You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.”

197. Or this: “We're all lonely for something we don't know we're lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we've never even met?”
― David Foster Wallace

198. Or this: “Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.”

199. Or this: “Whatever you get paid attention for is never what you think is most important about yourself.”

120. Don't forget to read/watch/listen to/follow/attack/bash/criticize Bisaya Short Films.

So that's it. My 200 ways to increase chances of winning at Pokemon Go battles. Do you have anything to add? Shout it in comments below.

Yours truly,
The 7 Year Old Version of A Bad Richard

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