How President Duterte Can Help Hungry Cebu

Cebuano Problem : 

There may be two kinds of hungry Cebuanos: the "I Can Buy Ten Burgers Just For Fun" Hungry, and the "I Come From Abusive Parents In A Corrupt Government, So I Just Dig For Food at I.T. Park Trash Cans" Hungry. I figured I'm of the first kind. The street children I can ultimately do nothing about because the universe has its reasons why suffering exists, is of the second kind.  

I learned more about how the universe doesn't seem to care about our suffering by watching John Lloyd Cruz' Honor Thy Father, and reading Albert Camus. Google it.

Anyway today I found out that FatCow Burgers and Malts is now at Robinsons Galleria; they opened here a year ago.

I read somewhere that FatCow milkshakes are wonderful. So with the facts above, I asked myself: If I had P100,000, what would I do?

Answers for Cebuano Problem:

1. I would go to Any Burger Station and buy 100 of the most delicious Angus and Sirloin burgers they have, such as The Bbq Hawaiian and Notorious B.I.G., which I both sampled and liked . I would eat one, and go to Vicente Sotto Hospital and give away the rest and feed random patients, overworked nurses and underslept doctors there, unless they refuse to, for diet restrictions.

I would also buy them Vanilla milkshakes, the malted kind, not the regular one, because it's so good, I caught myself saying I wanna marry it. In Japan, you can marry a comics. Maybe in Cebu, we can marry a Vanilla Milkshake?

2. I would put up a Duterte's Kitchen near Capitol where homeless people can just eat Fatcow burgers for free, provided Cebu City CCTV can prove they've been homeless for at least 3 days. 

I would stock the Duterte's Kitchen with all the Fat Cow milkshakes and burgers everyday because Fat cow says they use premium beef and the homeless deserve the best. (Insert your laugh here).

But a nutritionist should maintain the place to make sure the homeless don't forget to eat their fruits and vegetables first. Hehe.

3. I would not recommend Cebuanos to follow this suggestion because of hidden risks in building a Duterte's Kitchen. This idea is for me alone. Or you can follow it at your own risk. 


Duterte to grace Cebu #Call4Change Thanksgiving Party on June 25

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will grace the thanksgiving celebration organized by the #Call4Change group, which campaigned for him in the last elections, on June 25 at the Sugbo South Coastal Properties (SRP).

Dubbed “One Love, One Nation”, the thanksgiving celebration will kick off at 4PM in the evening with various song, dance, and other performances by local and Manila-based artists. The event is expected to end at around 10PM in the evening.

“Minus any unforeseen circumstances that may hamper his planned visit, incoming president Duterte has already confirmed that he will come to personally express his gratitude to all Cebuanos who delivered a big win for Duterte last May,” said #Call4Change Organizing Team member Atty. Chris Ruiz.

Duterte won an overwhelming victory in Cebu during the May 9 polls with exactly 1,022,805 votes in Cebu — 296,246 in Cebu City alone and 726,559 votes in the province.

#CAll4Change is an alliance of parallel groups that campaigned for the victory of President-elect Duterte in Cebu. It was initiated by the Duterte Campaign Team under National Campaign Manager Jun Evasco.

Doris Mongaya, Duterte Campaign Team Visayas media coordinator and member of the “One Love, One Nation” Cebu organizing team, said the party is anticipated to draw thousands of supporters and is open to everyone who in one way or another helped the Duterte campaign.

The event will be hosted by Arnel Ignacio, Bryan Cabase, Kat de Castro, Keanna Reeves and will include the performances of Dulce, Max Surban, Tres Marias, Saicy A. and Wowee Dancers,Fifth Solomon, Sam Costanilla, Power Trio, Mariano Dandie Dimataga, Bae Alert, LGBT Advocates,Selena Sevilla, RJ Curaza Dagapioso, Angelica Ninniel Marabe Bejic, Da Beatz, Game Over, G4M, Jon Vistal, Cebu Lawyers Band, Lumen is Burning Corpses, AC/W, Upgrade, Troi Jet, Synergy, The Voice Kids Paul Abellana, Dark April, Chifracr & Mischief, Cals Sisters, and the Mandaue Youth 4 Change.

There will be a Halad Pasalamat at the Plaza Independencia before the party from 9AM to 2PM which includes free medical and dental check up, legal consultation and notarization, pampering services such as haircut and foot massage, and motorcycle tune-up.

These services will be conducted in partnership with the Philippine Statistics Authority, Department of Agriculture, Land Transportation Office, Philippine Postal Corporation, GSIS, Department of Foreign Affairs, City Government's Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries,
Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor, Philhealth, Philippine Information Agency, Socialized Security System, and Pilipinas Guardians International Inc. and Health Inc. Outpatient Services.


A Letter for President Duterte About The Child Labor Situation In The Philippines From Bisaya Short Films

“Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bitch,” - President Duterte
Dear President Duterte:

How are you doing? How's the first day of your office? Why did you not join the Inauguration Ceremony for you? Have you killed new criminals? In an interview with Rappler you admitted that you killed 3 People. Or were you being sarcastic and you wanted to troll and joke around with Rappler because it's a place for journalists and you thought journalists are worthy to make fun of because I heard that you said that journalists are not exempted from assassinations? 

Anysway, did you know that The Great Modern Philosopher Nicholas Taleb also said that journalists are a plague? I read all of his 3 books and his discussion on Federalism is why I voted for you. I voted for you because I don't really think you killed anyone. You were just trolling the lazy journalists who might quote you on what you said when what you meant by killed was the same meaning when people say, " I KILLED in that Dance Contest I joined."

Anyway, I'm writing this letter to you as a concerned citizen of our Philippine Republic, a republic that more and more resembles Westeros of Game of Thrones. We kill. We use blunt force to police the nation's peace and order. And we have the support of the nation in killing people. Your presidency is honest enough to recognize this necessity, and I respect that. That said, what do you think of this ABK3 Leap Good Practices in Reducing Child Labor in Sugarcane Farms? It's sponsored by World Vision, and in partnership with ChildFind, ERDA and other non-government organizations. 

It's an admirable cause, but I only say this because I have found no information yet on whether the program is too costly for its goal. Because here's my worry: what if we have spent hard-earned tax-payers' money (say, P1,000,000) to generate results that is only worth (P3,000). Every time we use money, we are killing nature because all money comes from Mother Earth, so we have to be careful on what we're spending. Do you know of any reliable source to confirm whether the money goes to the right beneficiaries?

Now I'm not saying that Project ABK3 is unnecessary and I'm not saying that the money used for this project may have only gone to the Middle Men Subcontractors assigned for this project (Napoles NGO?), but the more unnecessary projects we make, the more we damage the Earth. The more we damage the Earth, the more chances of experiencing another natural calamity with such magnitude as the cutting of trees that caused the Yolanda Typhoon, killing countless lives. 

This Video Shows An Excerpt of THE ABK3 Project

There's this idea from Nicholson Taleb about silent evidence. Silent evidence is the cost and consequence of an actual project that is hidden from the obvious. For example, during Typhoon Yolanda, we probably see the media establishments such as ABS-CBN to be the heroes of the tragedy. The silent evidence of this is the hidden damage that the high media exposure to the relief efforts to Yolanda causes. 

Because of the high exposure given to the rare event that is the Yolanda, we have taken the attention away from the people, the level of support and attention that could have been given to the support of causes that deserve more immediate help (such as the high rise of cancer patients). There's no high sensational value in reporting cases of Cancer patients, so there's less likely to have exposure on this area. so we put an amount of attention to a national issue so much that we end up harming the people we're supposed to protect.

So my question is: by helping this ABK3, are we taking away money and attention and energy that could've gone to the right place? Just because we have a good heart and we have good intentions doesn't mean our actions are quote unquote ethical/right/livable. But according to Albert Camus, there's no right and wrong, so who should we follow then? I think that the answer is: we should follow you because you're our President. Or not.

Anyway, please click here , Mr. President, to go to the ABK3 Leap Facebook Page. so you and your cabinet can keep track of the project and see if there's any unfavorable practice going on and to make sure that every tax-payer's money goes to the right direction. Also, can you make every Filipino savings' account public so everyone can check on everyone else on whether we might be stealing the public's money? Kthxbye.


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