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An Invitation for Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick to Eat At Rico's Lechon

Dear Anna Kendrick:

Did you know your movie Pitch Perfect was a fantastic hit here in the Philippines? How amazing would it be if you visited us and thanked us Cebuanos personally for our support!

I could tour you around Cebu, and we can eat Tempura and Pungko2x near Fuente, or drink the Fruit Shake at UCMA in I.T. Park, and you and I can just talk about films, philosophy, romance, and red pandas, which you said in an interview with Conan O' Brien are things you're obsessed with. 

I don't think we have red pandas here in Cebu, because we don't seem to have a legit zoo here that every kid can enjoy because all our taxpayers' money goes to paying politicians to destroy our roads every election season. 

Politicans destroy roads so they can request for more funding from the government and increase their political family's success. You might know how Filipino politics works from making your movie Rocket Science.

Speaking of red, red is also the color of the logo of this wonderful restaurant I'd like to bring you, my dear Anna Kendrick, woman of my dreams, potential keeper of my formless ego-free heart. The resto is called Rico's Lechon and it's a wonderful, cozy, family resto with a home-style ambience. Here's one good reason for you to go there with me:

1. The Rico's Lechon is a Cebuano brand, and not a brand imported from the U.S. or Europe that takes away money from our country. 

Imagine you or Scarlett Johanssen or Jennifer Lawrence or Brad Pitt eating Rico's Lechon dipped in Sukalami?  How wonderful would that be?

How helpful can that be to the entire Cebu economy! Of course, there might be hidden costs of celebrities all around the world flooding to Cebu to try Rico's lechon.

There might be rise of misbehaving foreigners, rise of abuse in our night life scene, rise of noise pollution in beach areas because of the inflow of such foreigners, but the bloggers of Cebu are guardians against abuse, so we shouldn't worry about that. 

Anyway, the Rico's Lechon serves delicious, arguably most delicious, roasted suckling pig. One of the best, if not The Only Best, lechon can be eaten at Rico's. 

And if you bring your vegetarian friends such as Ellen de Generes and Woody Allen, they can still enjoy here the tasty Trio of Seaweed Salad and Mung Bean Soup. 

Dip the Seaweed Salad into the famed Rico's Lechon vinegar called Sukalami, and you not only get the functional health properties of vinegar that can help you lessen your physical and emotional suffering, but you also enjoy a tasty exquisite dip with a lingering wasabi effect.

And Rico's Lechon is also a perfect place for your most avid Cebuano fans to gather because the Rico's Lechon branch at Mactan Promenade can house families, including families of the Houses of Lannisters and Starks! 

Think about it: we can all go to Rico's Lechon at Mactan Promenade (just Google Maps the direction), enjoy their wonderful selections, and you and I can talk about our interests in Lav Diaz' cinema, Marcel Proust's literary influence to your career, and what working with George Clooney is like! 

With this meeting at Rico's Lechon, we can talk around and find a way to ask all your influential Hollywood celebrity friends to help our problems here in Cebu, such as:

  • the Lack of Drinking Water in Moalboal 
  • the heavy A.S. Fortuna Traffic that for now will only be solved by an alien attack such as in the movie Independence Day because this apocalypse will wipe out the traffic roads to extinction.
  • the rising number of Cebuano girls who only say yes to being some guy's girlfriend if the guy has a car.
All these problems can be solved by eating at Rico's Lechon, Anna Kendrick. So what do you say? Give me your number and come over here.

Yours truly,


Bisaya Short Films and Wyeth Invite Schools To Help Generate Kid Innovators

Dear Every Cebuano Teacher:

Did you know that corruption and heavy traffic in our Cebu might have been prevented if we had innovation and technology to capture via photo every digital transaction done in our government offices? If we had the same technology used in Anna Kendrick's Get A Job, we would be able to monitor every transaction of traffic officers in the field who are tempted to corrupt the traffic system to create more traffic. Innovation is the solution. And we can start the innovation with our kids. Here's an idea:

The nationwide search for the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators aims to spark curiosity in children and nurture their love for science and passion for innovation, empowering them to make a difference in their own way toward nation building.

It supports the efforts of the government, the academia, the science and technology sector, parents and stakeholders in harnessing children’s full potential as the nation’s human resource pillar in the goal of sustaining inclusive economic growth.

The search not only seeks to recognize outstanding kid innovators and their achievements, but also aspires to celebrate their exciting journey to innovation, to encourage and inspire more children to unleash the power of their curiosity.
The program is one of the highlights of the global 100th year anniversary celebration of Wyeth Nutrition, which marks its unwavering passion for innovation toward nurturing healthier generations.

The search invites all students aged 9 to 14, grades 4 to 8, to submit an innovative science-related project that they produced, either alone or as a group of 2 to 5 members, in compliance with an academic requirement or as a personal initiative.
Participating student/s shall submit (1) a written brief and (2) a simple video presentation on the project, with the endorsement of the Science Department Head of the school. The project must have been undertaken within the period of three years preceding the submission of entry.
Submission shall be made via email to on or before April 1, 2016  May 30, 2016. Only one entry per participant or group is allowed. 



A Heartbreak Problem That A Bisaya Short Film With Anna Kendrick Will Solve

Problem: You're bored and heartbroken because your husband of ten years left you for another girl, and then it later turned out that he's officially diagnosed with ADHD by a Filipino psychiatrist. 

You feel lost, tired and all dreams you feel are nothing but dust. You want to recover, or feel like there is something to extract from the terrible experience of heartbreak.

What should you do?

Click here for The Solution:

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