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Solutions For Cebu From Land Asia Realty And Blade Runner 2049

After watching Blade Runner 2049 and attending the 25th Anniversary of Land Asia, I learned or relearned three things:

1. You can't enjoy anything unless you survive first. The solution to know how to survive? Follow Land Asia's survival strategies.

2. ‎Using Technology comes with hidden risk. The solution? Diversify.

3. ‎Having a college degree is overrated and will sometimes harm you. Keyword is SOMETIMES. The solution? Learn Real Life skills.

Land Asia's 25 Years Of Being In The Business

Where is Friendster now? It's gone. Why? Because businesses come and go. Luck and Lady Fortuna has a lot to say about the survival of a business. Don't believe me? Ask yourself this: if Jollibee really knew how to do business and to be the greatest success, why are they not richer? I mean, if they knew how to really get wealthy, then Jollibee would've been in Africa, Belarus and other countries where there's no Jollibee yet. 

The point is: there is limit to what businessmen know, and luck will play a big part. 

In the case of Land Asia, I suspect that their 25 years of existence has something to do with the fact that they are a family-owned business. Taxi Driver turned Philosopher Nassim Taleb observed that companies that come from a family business last longer, compared to companies run by corporations and people not related by blood. Why? 

Because in family, there is better trust. There's better Skin in The Game. That said, to learn about business survival, my solution is I will definitely follow Land Asia's growth because the fact that they're still in business for 25 years means that they know something that my overpriced low-value Political Science University of San Carlos education doesn't. Although I approve of USC for secondary and sexual reasons.

Hidden Risks of Technology

When I interviewed  Realtor Ricardo ‘Ric’ N. Inting, CIPS of Land Asia Realty and Development Corp., he said that the next step of Land Asia is to use digital technology, such as webinars and lecture. I don't like to suggest anything to Land Asia because I don't want to pay for the price if my suggestion fails and suggesting anything to people is like teaching birds how to fly. 

That said, I would like to state here that the movie Blade Runner 2049 will show that there are hidden risks in these technologies that may cause the survival of a business. Privacy issues. Centralized networks that may wipe out complete data. I hope Land Asia is made aware of these. I hope the Chair and CEO will not cross the street blindfolded.

I think the best solution that I also apply to myself about this is: never trust technology too much. And don't put all in one technology. Diversify.

Overrated Education

Random ideas: Land Asia is a successful business. You too can start a business that may succeed to avoid becoming an employee, which is like being a slave. Anyone is encouraged to do business and discouraged to pay for an overpriced college degree that won't guarantee you a job, even if UP Grad paka. Schools are there to train you to a 9-5 job, to be a robot, to agree on anything because otherwise, you starve. 

Artisans like taxi drivers and janitors won't starve. Everything you need to survive, you will learn by doing trial and error, reading FREE stuff online and learning first-hand information by being in the field, in the streets. Street first, before books. Be street smarts. Scams ang uban schools. Diploma Mills. Don't be a sucker. Be a lion, a wolf, not a sheep. Read Ali Smith's How to be Both. Read Nassim Taleb. Connect these ideas yourself.


Solutions for Teachers from Globe Prism

Problem: Cebuano students are smarter than their teachers in terms of computing. How can teachers keep up?

Solutions That May or May Not Apply To You :

1. The Prism Project by Globe. It's a partnership project of Globe Telecom and University of Cebu to make teachers more skillful in digital technology. The idea is promising but at what cost?

1.a. It's brave of Globe to propose the Prism project and accept to pay for the cost of this idea, knowing that digital education may have hidden risk we can't predict yet and knowing that in the movie Get A Job starring Anna Kendrick, we learn that an employee who made use of new tech to optimize his work got laid off because he was now replaced by the tech. Too much technology made him lose his job!

1.b. It's good to know that Globe seems to be aware that whatever the damage of their tech, they will be there to face it, like how in Hammurabi Times when the architect is put to death when the building she builds collapses.

1.c. It's about time in Duterte's time that even people from Globe learn to have Skin In The Game.

2. The Ideas of Nassim Taleb.
Writer Nassim Taleb's ideas remind us that those who offer products should pay the price in case they fail us or they harm us; that we should be careful of digital technology because of hidden risks; that executives and salespeople (not from Globe, wink) who tell you their products are good for you sometimes only say so because they're selling you a product.

2.a. You never ask a barber if you need a haircut, remember?
Don't be a naive sucker. Be critical of people who tell you what's good for you. They just maybe want your business.

Click play to hear Taleb discuss Skin In The Game.

2.b. Taleb's ideas are important for Cebu because he reminds us that rich civilized countries have the lowest literacy rate, so academic education is not a necessity and sometimes harms you because schools can make us dumb for overfeeding useless noise disguised as knowledge.

2.c. Taleb reminds us that Cebuanos probably don't need expensive college degrees to stay rich because maybe Cebu's wealth is not a product of UP and USC, et al. UP and USC may just be a product of Cebu's wealth. Wealth that must've come from underpaid labor and feudal slaves a.k.a. employees, but that's just me.

So thank you Globe and UC.

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