Ten Good Movies I've Seen This Year That Just Make You Hate Me For Not Seeing

1. Marty - It portended the future of online dating. It's a short story of how you're actually meant to live alone. Funny, right?

2. Inception - You are not reading this. You're dreaming it.

3. The Robber - No, I didn't cry at the last scene. No man does that. Shut up.

4. The Other Guys - It's a pretty serious film about corporate crime and also the evolution of fish. Like, really serious.

5. Shutter Island - You're basically two so watch this.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - It's especially for those who suffer from ADHD and epilepsy.

7. The Social Network - A ratiocination of a minor asshole.

8. The Town - Un Prophete-like, Masks are So Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, lacks personality. But that's ok because no movie is human.

9. Easy A - Emma Stone should just be living in my tent. She could clean my pokemon Cubone, who I just recently learned uses the skull of its mother for Headgear. That's so Cubone.

10. Un Prophete - Try not to hire whores. Or at least check their mouths for swallowed blades ready to cut your "Unit" free.

It's a flying Son Goku. And that's Mao Zedong behind him/it.

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