(Updated) Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta's Love Team

1. Dawn Zulueta should be in a Bisaya Short Film. She is sexy, in the most wholesome, unforced way. She's sexy in ways that Cristine Reyes arguing with her sister Ara Mina is not.

2. Richard Gomez is still in love with Dawn Zulueta but he can't admit it. And you really care about this because you're smart and you want to know more about Pinoy celebrities. What will your intelligent friends say if you're not updated with Kathryn Bernardo and Dennis Padilla love teams? Yes, Dennis, not Gino, Dennis.

3. Dawn Zulueta is sexiest doing the Whip My Hair Back and Forth dance. She should do the dance that Wowowillie dancers do, so she gets more followers. She's in showbiz anyway and might as well do everything she needs to sell her body. FHM? Or even more pornographic, GOOD Housekeeping?

4. Vice Ganda is excellent in getting viral the verb Dawn Zulueta. So from now on, we can start saying to our partners: Can you Dawn Zuluetaize me? Thanks!

5. Richard Gomez should be a deaf-mute farmer in his next movie where he is also half-naked and Dawn Zulueta should be the curious subtly spoiled slut Haciendero daughter who falls in love with Richard in the most disturbing ways, like Lino Brocka's Insiang disturbing. Michael Haneke should write it. Richard Abad should be a consultant. Monica Bellucci should be in it, with Vice Ganda as the maid.

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