A Food Review of Chicken Deli You Never Read Before

Dear Chicken Deli Fans:

Good news! Your favorite Chicken restaurant is finally here in Cebu, and it's located near Colon, right across Colonnade Mall! 

Colon is now an area where you can eat some Chicken Deli Grilled Chicken and delicious home-style Fried Bangus and enjoy some hot, sour tasty Bangus soup. 

And you know what's a better news? 
You can immediately cross the street from Chicken Deli Colon to watch some movie in The Cinema Beside Colonnade Mall. Hurray!

How convenient is it that you can eat a tasty, filling, hearty grilled chicken meal in Chicken Deli and then cross the street to watch, say, Bourne Identity? Neat, right? Here are other things you can do in Colon after eating some delicious Chicken Deli dishes.

1. After eating the sumptuous P99 Grilled Chicken Dish in Chicken Deli, you can go to Gaisano Metro Colon and check out their Books Section, and dig through the books and maybe you're lucky enough to find a James Salter novel in the Bargain Bin. 

James Salter novels may teach you how to find joy that no money can buy. Imagine how much money you can save when you don't have to spend a lot just to feel alive. 

People use marijuana to feel alive. I never used marijuana, but I did read a James Salter novel and it gave me a high that's better than any illegal drug out there. 

Plus, reading James Salter novels won't get you shot by Duterte police. Marijuana will. With Chicken Deli and James Salter novels, you don't have to waste Earth's energy too much now just to feel alive.

Reading books can help you feel that, especially if it's a James Salter novel. Eating Chicken Deli at a healthy amount can also give you that joy. But only when you eat chicken at a certain dosage. 

According to Hormesis, any toxin, such as cholesterol-heavy chicken and softdrinks, can be good for your body's immunity and defense if taken in small dosage. So make sure you find what constitutes a small dosage.

2. After eating Chicken Deli Grilled Chicken, which is healthier than fried chicken by the way, you can go to University of San Jose and ask the priests there how you can volunteer your skills. 

There's happiness in eating good food from Chicken Deli, but there's more happiness in volunteering your skills and talents to those who might need your help. The priests and nuns in University of San Jose Recoletes can definitely help you with that.

3. After eating at Chicken Deli, you can go listen to Sara Bareilles' When He Sees Me. It goes well with Chicken Deli's Merienda Meals and Deserts, which I tried and recommend to you, but not too much, okay? Don't forget your 2 cups of fruits and veggies every day.


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