Stephanie Concert with Alden Richards and Daniel Matsunaga


Click PLAY on Video Above to Read Stephanie's 10-second Invitation For You

1. Do we have to go to Manila for Alden Richards if he's going to be here for a concert with Von Saw, Medyo Maldito and Daniel Matsunaga?

2. Is it possible to listen to Cebuano artists such as Stephanie and not feel like we're stealing the audience of Manila artists? 

It can be: mix both talents in a concert here in Cebu and create beauty the same way that Sutukil Sauce mixed Civil Society issues with Pop Culture through films and create a good, collaborative work.

But Teddy Boy Locsin said something about Imperial Manila made great contribution to Cebu and the other islands. Let's support artists everywhere in the world and Philippines, but Cebuanos should support local artists first, right?

3. Duterte wants Federalism. This concert is about how we should support varied local music culture instead of embracing one form. and this idea of variety is Federalism. 

Manila Entertainment seems to get too big and ate the entire Filipino audience with its TV channels. It seems to be better to keep it varied and make things small, according to Nicholson Taleb. And that's why going to Waterfront Hotel in Cebu for this Stephanie Concert with Daniel Matsunaga and Medyo Maldito can be a good move towards equal distribution of Facebook Likes and Youtube Subscribers among artists who need our help to survive.

Anyway, we should support the concert not only because it's fun to watch, but because it's arguably making our country better by encouraging variety and diversity, instead of a single "Manila" Entertainment that chokes the system. Not that Manila Entertainment is anything bad. Philippines needs more Vice Ganda work.

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