How ToFarm Film Festival Helps Us Not Feel Alone

Dear Cebuano Moviegoers Who Need To Move On But Can't:

Welcome to Bisaya Short Films, the website about solutions for depression, Cebu City traffic and power shortages using ideas from Cinema. After this article, you will learn:

1. How ToFarmFilm Festival will help you feel not so isolated from reality.

2. How watching the movie Paglipay from the first-ever ToFarmFilmFestival will make you understand that the reason you're suffering from broken heart is your attachment to your ego.

Let's start.

ToFarm Film Festival As An Avenue to Not Feel Lonely About Life

Everyone I know who's under 29 years old feels like they only know about Filipino farmers' life from Television.

Gathering information from TV is dangerous because according to David Foster Wallace, all we really are seeing from TV are the electrones and phospenes emitted out of that screen, so it's like our outrage from the news comes from just staring at a furniture, and that doesn't seem to be an accurate avenue to judge The Truth.

Imagine being angry at politicians after staring at moving dots from a wall. That wall is the TV. How can our emotions be based on a wall?

TV also seems to make us feel that Killings and Murders are all real, but how much of that is actually real when you know that what is shown on TV depends on how much money a TV station wants to make out of that news?

In Postmodernism, you are told that there's no such thing as absolute truth except the fact that there is no absolute truth.

You don't need Postmodernism to know that. Everything you read is just like "teaching birds how to fly".

But why do we bother to know more?

The first ever ToFarmFilm Festival seems to be created to address problems like this, and about The Truth of Farmers' lives.

Filipino farmers, I assume, and I can only assume because I'm no farmer, are known to be experiencers of suffering, of poverty, and of abuse, but have often been portrayed to be a group of content people who just chose to live humbly. So which is which?

What version of reality do we need to attach our decision-making skills unto in order to support the real farmers who need help?

What reality do you need to believe so you won't feel isolated from the rest of the world who needs your help?

How can you find the Truth about the lives of Filipino Farmers when TV and Radio and even this blog are ultimately biased on our agenda? The Answer? Do both. Trust and not trust. Here's how to do both:

You can watch the movies from To Farm Film Festival to learn about a Filipino farmer's life, but be reminded that another layer of truth about it might be found only in being one.

And know that knowing about a Filipino farmer's life is one thing, but knowing that your attempt at helping them can end up hurting them suggests a far more powerful wisdom.

And always remember about Skin In The Game, where for every time you want to ask people to help farmers, make sure you contribute, too, so in case it fails, you're also hurt by the solution you suggested.

ToFarm Film Festival's Paglipay And The Power of Now

And for the 2nd question on how the movie Paglipay can help you free your ego, which might be the reason why you can't quit smoking or why you won't exercise?

The answer is: By the Power of Now.

The movie made me remember  of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, the book that I finished 7 months ago and that overturned and practically saved my life.

After the book, no longer do I seem to feel like I can't forgive those who wronged me.

No longer do I seem to have self-harming hatred towards those who treat me with such merciless surrealist unloving.

And most definitely no longer do I seem to have this addiction to suffering and drama and other kinds of tear-jerking experience that the movie Paglipay presented.

It's drama that seems to make one go for marijuana and overeat at a hardcore eat-all-you-can buffet.

It's this life-threatening drama that seems to make one say things like, "You're a hypocrite! Phony! ", words one might say can trigger people's suicide.

It's drama and attachment to the past and time that's fuelling the economy of alcohol, soap opera, brothels, cigarettes and other junk food that I'd enjoyed but have now less of after reading Tolle's module.

All this makes me brave enough to claim that reading Eckhart Tolle's Power or Now will spare you The Girl's Cries in ToFarmFilm Festival's Paglipay.

So find the book. Use it. And good luck.

For more information about To Farm Film Festival, click HERE.

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