Solutions for The Heartbroken from Pooh, Pokwang, Chokoleit and K Brosas

Dear Cebuano Fans of K Brosas, Chokoleit, Pokwang and Pooh: 

Before you read your favorite Valentine novel from James Salter, naay concert entitled "A Funny Valentine" starring Pooh, Chokoleit, K Brosas and Pokwang karong Feb. 11, 2017!

Magsugod around 7:30pm at Hoopsdome Lapu-Lapu City Cebu and tag P350+ ang admission, depende kung General Admission or Gold Ticket imo gi purchase!

Go to any Rico's Lechon branch for Tickets or sa LapuLapu City Hall. Or contact me via comments below or at the contact box sa kilid.

Anyway, ingon sa Great Taxi Driver nga si Nicholas Taleb nga if you need more than 1 reason to do anything, don't do it kay you're just trying to convince yourself to go.

If you're not Taleb and you disagree with him, here are four reasons nga maangay ka mutan-aw sa "A Funny Valentine Concert " this February 11. :

1. Comedy is good for you. Reminder lang ni kay you already know that comedy is good for you and people who tell you things you already know are like people who teach birds how to fly.

2. Naay libro called The Power of Now ni Eckhart Tolle that teaches Cebuanos how to detach from anger and from drama kay kini maoy pedeng rason nganong naay maghikog, mag buwag, mag sinakitay, mangabit, atbp.

Kining tanang kasakit daw nag gikan sa atong pagkahilig ug drama. Ang pagkatawa ang usa nga makapalayo nato sa makadaut nga drama, matud sa libro.

And so A Funny Valentine is a force of good that may help us detach from the insanity and mga kabuang sa atong pagka attached sa drama.

Less drama means less suffering. So watch this show and read Eckhart Tolle's books because I did.

3. Pooh is in the concert, and if you Search Pooh on Youtube and watch him act as Manny Pacquiao, you, like me The Man Behind Bisaya Short Films, would also like to watch him act live

4. Chokoleit is a favorite of Vice Ganda. And Vice Ganda is the most significant change I have seen in the world of Filipino comedy in the last 10 years. #MissUniverse #MaxineMedina

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