Best Coffee Shops For Cebuanos and Other Solutions From Kambal Pandesal and Cinema

Problem: You just saw Kim Chiu's Ghost Bride and you didn't like it because Kim Chiu doesn't have #SkinInTheGame because she's not married and you believe that only actors who got married should play Married Roles.

And so you realized that you want to watch more movies because of such disappointment. Most Cebu coffee shops are closed because it's already 11pm, and you're graveyard shift, so you have time to spare to watch more movies or videos before your duty at 3am. 

You look for the best coffee shops in Cebu City to stay and stream movies online. The information you find online are incomplete. 

You want an affordable coffee shop with good wifi that serves good pastry and won't ruin your monthly budget. What do you do?


1. Go to Kambal Pandesal Bakery Cafe at Mabolo Hotel near Mabolo Church because they're open 24/7. 

Just ask for the Store Officer at Kambal Pandesal to request from the Hotel Receptionist for the wifi. If they don't give you the wifi, report it to me here (see top left message box) and I will forward it to Kambal Pandesal Manager, whom I personally met at a blog event.

The Kambal Pan Desal Bread and Pastries are officially made with San Miguel Products, so that's the stamp of quality right there. Bisaya Short Films personally liked the Cupcake because it is to cupcake what La Marea Brownie ala Mode is to Brownie ala Mode. It is to cupcake what Siomai sa Tisa is to Siomai. It is to cupcake what the movie Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is to Most Powerful Cinema Today.

According to its Store Manager, Kambal Pan De Sal's Coco Bread is made from real freshly extracted and grated coconut, unlike other competition's coco bread that may be just made with bread crumbs and sugar.

That said, Bisaya Short Films suggest you try Kambal Pan De Sal's treats, after you stick with your fiber-rich, fruits and vegetables diet that your grandmother tells you you should always eat. I will also put my name behind Pan De Coco and Pan de Kape, because they taste sosyal but priced cheap and because in cinema, it pays to be cheap. I mean, look at Grandslam Director Quentin Tarantino. He's so cheap, he didn't go to film school.

2. Go to John Michael's Traveller's Lounge

This coffee shop is located in Jcenter Mall, and Bisaya Short Films tried their freshly fried potato chips and it was so far the tastiest chips to date. You can find books in the shelves of this coffee shop, which you can read but you won't because you don't. 

With the store's wifi, you can stream your favorite Bisaya Short Films, Medyo Maldito Videos or Favorite iFlix Movies. You can even watch Kita Kita through iWantv in this coffee shop because of the store's reliable Wifi. If it's not reliable, please report it to me. I will forward your message to the owner. 

Who wants to be inside a crowded Starbucks that has no Wifi when you can stay in John Michael's Travellers Lounge and watch movies all you want while eating the tastiest potato chips today?

Also, you can buy at John Michael Traveller's Lounge the tickets for the upcoming David Pomeranz Benefit Concert at JCenter Mall, which are priced so cheap, even your yaya can join. David Pomeranz' songs form the subconscious of Cebuanos, and hearing him sing live will most likely be a one of a kind experience. It may be an experience you should't miss. Bisaya Short Films will be there to cover the event.

Also, the concert will benefit the scholars from Music in Motion and people from the church group Crossing Cultures International. We learned from the interview that they had no fixed agreement on the percentage that goes to the charity groups. To learn more about Benefit Concerts, read this article by Nassim Taleb. Click HERE.

Please email me at the message box at the top left of this website to learn more about the price and availability of the tickets.

Do you have other suggestions kung asa the best coffee shops in Cebu? I'd like to hear your comments below.

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