3 Fantastic and Cinematic Reasons People Should Go to J Centre Mall in Mandaue


Ganahan ka muadto ug Macau or the Venice-inspired River ride at Mckinley Hill sa Manila but you don't want to ride the airplane because the risk of an airplane collision is too much for you. What can you do? And how can Clique V help you?


Go to J Centre Mall because it's a fantastic place para sa tanang mga taw sa Cebu nga ganahan mag lipay2x. Why? Tungod ani nga mga rason:

1. Jcenter Has Cinemas that Feel Exclusive

Kung taga Mandaue ka, sa Jcenter jud tawn ka mutan aw ug sine dili lang tungod kay duol siya, pero tungod kay murag private theater ang sinehan; spacious, pang film festival ang crisp sound and dili crowded. Very intimate. Perfect sa mag date karong Valentine's. Perfect sad sa mga gusto mutan ug Lav Diaz movies because Lav Diaz has to be watched intimately.

2. Venice And Macau Are In J Centre Mall Now

Kana ganing ganahan ka muadto ug Macau pero dili ka ka aadto kay dili na allowed maka kuha ug passport until June 2018 kay nakuha na tanan nga slots? No problem. Ayaw nalang pag Macau. Adto nalang sa Jcenter now. Because look at this: 

3. Jcenter Mall Is Where You Can Watch Bisaya Films And Youtube of Filipino Talents

Kana ganing gikapoy naka sa gipangsalida sa Sinehan kay puro derivative of mass-produced movies that pander to an escapist mindset? Char. Then why not create your own Movie Marathon sa Jcenter? Go to Bo's Capitol sa Jcenter, buy Proud Filipino products there and stream some Bisaya Films sa imo Youtube while ga sip kas imo coffee or nag nibble sa imo healthy 75% dark chocolate. 

Your options are unlimited! You can also watch the fun postmodern and absurdist music videos from Clique 5 on Youtube because you want to enjoy the light side of life after reading David Foster Wallace's heavy take on existence, Nassim Taleb's Black Swan tragedies and Albert Camus' take on suicide. In the end, ang Bisaya, gusto ra malipay.

Kung magkugi ka, pede ka makakita sa mga movies sa Cinema Rehiyon online or sa mga pakatawa sa Sutukil Sauce sa Youtube or sa mga Free Films ni Lav Diaz nga ma stream sa Youtube or even mga movies ni Vice Ganda. So why not watch na?


 Bisaya  Short Films presents "Clique V"


P.S. Clique V is a Filipino boy band group composed of 7 young males aged 17 to 20 and which was formed last August 2017. The boy band is managed by 3:16 Events and Talent Management Company, and has appeared in Umagang Kay Ganda, Ito Ang Showbiz of DZAR 1026 and Hala Halo radio show sa Cebu, and now they have finally appeared in Bisaya Short Films.

February 27, 2018 will be their concert at Music Museum, with surprise and special guests. Search Clique5 on Youtube after reading E.E. cummings' poetry.

If you want to learn more about the Clique V members or want to book them for corporate events, pageants or book them in a Lav Diaz or Bb. Joyce Bernal or a Darren Aronofsky movie (why not!?), please email me at the top left message box on the top. Thanks!

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