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A Scandalous Letter For Rodrigo Duterte About Enlightenment From Bisaya Short Films

Dear Rodrigo Duterte:

Hi. Remember me? I'm the guy who made you The Duterte Experience documentary. I did that in the rawest, non-DSLR video quality because although DSLR shots are good, there should be a more eco-friendly way to produce good work that delivers the essence of the video's message without wasting Internet Bandwidth. 

High-resolution videos could be the reason why the Internet Situation here in the Philippines is bad. Maybe it's our unimportant videos from Christmas Parties that are draining our limited internet data? Unless you're just bragging, do we need to see all your large file size photos of your Hongkong trip when everyone who has one peso can go to Hongkong now? Do you agree, Duterte?

Chapter 1: Transport Fuel
Speaking of saving energy's resources in our path to Subtractive Progress, where we deduct things in our life to become better, what do you think about the attempt of this fuel company called Total promoting Safe Motorcycle Driving? Is that pretentious, which I learned is your favorite word? Is that just a marketing trick out to people the way you sometimes market yourself as Honest, Unpretentious and Ready-To-Kill? What is your stand on Traditional Dirty Oil versus More Costly But More Sustainable Clean Energy, by the way?

Bisaya Short Films presents Piolo Pascual Lookalike From Total
Anyway, the Bisaya Short Films Force interviewed the Executives (including the one who looks like Piolo Pascual; see photo in left) behind Total's new products and they were all excited about how they're expanding here in Cebu.

It's their first time to join the annual Motorbike Convention held in Plaza Independencia this weekend, and they gave away Powerbanks, and were generous enough to give away freebies that are literally useful for Filipinos in the Tropical Climate, e.g. folding fans, UV-rays-protection Arm Warmers.

For more info of Total Oil's complete product, so you can be part of the Vigilant Team to monitor how the France-based company is behaving in our motherland, click HERE. Thanks, Duterte.

In the bigger perspective, I don't know if the multinational oil companies'presence is good for your general vision of the Philippines because diba, Duterte, you said in the Bisaya Short Film above that we're so kawawa as Filipinos because we were enslaved by Spain for 300 years? Total is from France, so what will you do to prevent this history to repeat?

Perhaps we can help prevent history to repeat by watching a Piolo Pascual movie? You know, the one where he plays Simoun, a character in Jose Rizal's El Filibusterismo. Not the one where he sings with Sarah.

Oh by the way, the next time you're here in Mactan to do a campaign, you can just get food delivered to your Headquarters and save Earth's energy and gasoline by getting one FoodPanda motorbike to deliver you some good food, instead of using two cars to transport your people to a resto. Foodpanda is now in Mactan, with 30 stores in.

But don't forget, Duterte, to pick the food that's not filled with transfats, hydrogenated vegetable oil and aspartame because those will poison the supposedly enlightened Duterte Workforce that will bring eternal change.

Chapter 2: Food Ethics

How can you, Digong, expect the rest of us to change when you don't try to change your bad food diet first? I'll wager the next messiah that the reason we're all sick and corrupt is because we eat and drink too much junk. 

But thats just me, a person who was saved by ego-detachment modules from Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, novels of J.D. Salinger and James Salter, and non-fiction work of Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Tim Kreider, Jenna Lawson and David Foster Wallace.

After the Foodpanda meal, you can go to SM Seaside and eat desserts at Room For Desserts; their Cotton Candy-wrapped Ice Cream is said to be half the price of that in Milk Cow. Will you go taste it for us The Rest of The Filipinos, Digong, and tell me if it's worth spending my money that I worked hard for and the money that I shouldn't be just spending on food that doesn't nourish me to become a person worthy of your leadership? 

Speaking of money worth spent, how many times have you seen Lav Diaz' 8-hour movie Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis, a movie no one who doesn't like German Expressionism should watch? You should watch it because you like torture.

Richard Abad


Read Jessica Zafra's Favorite Books To Calm Your Nerves

Problem: You're a reader of Jessica Zafra's work because she's introduced you to the greatness of David Foster Wallace, James Salter, Lydia Davis, Jonathan Lethem, Ian Rankin, Ian McEwan, Alan Furst, Woody Allen, Elmore Leonard, and Jerome David Oh Dear God Thank You For This Writer Salinger.

You read her the way atheists don't go to church. Your nerves are shot.

What do you do?


Visit Jessica Zafra's post "100 Books" and read them all. Do not watch movies unless it's The Wire, Arrested Development, Bored To Death or Broad City. Go straight to the books.

You can start by reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and find out where the "The Poor Man Gets Rich To Get The Love Of His Life" story template famous in Filipino soap opera comes from.

Go read Woody Allen's Without Feathers and never again read that title of an Emily Dickinson poem line without being reminded that there are always two ways to seeing things.

You can also start with The Catcher in The Rye, and don't believe anyone who tells you that books can make you go crazy. Crazy people are crazy without reading books, and sometimes by  not reading one.


Breaking Down Breaking Bad

1. I was watching Breaking Bad in between feeling that I was about to die from pneumonia and dealing with the strongest earthquake I'd seen. It was my plan to finish the whole series before I die, and I ultimately did. I feel like I'm a different person now, even if I still hold the same dilemma and ambiguity about selfishness and morality that I wouldn't have entertained if it weren't for the temptation of David Foster Wallace stories.

2. Questions for Vince Gilligan: What happened to the Doll's Eyeball bit? It was given some fair amount of focus in I think two episodes, and was one of the few symbolic images that stood out but didn't appear to go anywhere cathartic the way the pink teddy in the pool went to the direction opposite what I thought.

3. Every scene/sequence in Breaking Bad always showed me a kind of clue of what's about happen in a way that I didn't get from the hints that Ingmar Bergman's Persona's intro shots gave to the whole story; except for that part in Bergman's where the kid was touching the white screen, which to me was like an image of him being the kid that failed to come out. I like this part of Breaking Bad, because it reassures me that I understand the story in the most pre-Learning-of-Postmodernism days.

4. I like to believe that the whole theme of the entire TV series is to always point out the question: If it is impossible to know the truth unless we have a video camera hovering over us to shoot our daily actions without us knowing, how absolute is the law and everything we consider right and wrong? It also reassures me to go on with my life knowing that to define your own right and wrong, even if you might go so far as saying rape is right, is ideal, and should be encouraged for survival, because it is only through this most extreme self-centered imposition that the battle of definitions of right and wrong can exist, which seems to be the most promising guide for us to reach a world where there's no way that a person can say that stealing a rotten apple from a rapist Chinese merchant who loves dogs is right. Right now, ambiguity is okay.


A Supposedly Unpublished and Spam-Tagged Jessica Rules The Universe Blog Comment and Movie Review of Admission, The Robber, A Separation, The Pixies' Bagboy and Ian McEwan's Novels and The Genius of Judd Apatow and Paul Thomas Anderson and The Insanity Defense That I Will Probably Do Again

1. Just listened to new song of The Pixies and the lyric was something like "You Proselytize Alone." and it struck me as a song for me in a way that Jed's words to Joe struck me in Roger Michell's movie of Ian McEwan's Enduring love, a movie comment of my probably proselytizing alone, a theme of The Pixies Bagboy, a new song I just listened to. To live extremely is to push against the flow of time that's borne back to the past, so Dear God: Is Proselytizing Alone a necessity?

2. Yes, true, Tina Fey's Admission has no real conflict because why would the Prodigy want to be in Princeton and why would Tina Fey worry about the son when the son's a genius and why would I judge Portia when she's coping in whatever means to the ennui of being in a double-bind, but Groucho Marx has no real conflict, but we still barrel into the work not because there's eroticism but because we still realize that Having no real conflict is the point of- oh shit be normal be normal don't talk too much you're not ready to be deemed too "inteligientz" by your friends and too crazy to their taste because it's embarrassing.

But I just watched American Psycho, the funniest movie of the week, a Family Guy Peter Griffin-centered episode disguised as a movie, and after laughing through the confession of Patrick Bateman  - Portia Nathan is reference to my brilliant Grouchoist friend Portia and Nathan is Nathan For You, a must see for Zobel de Ayala. If only I can find a way to tell personally Zobel how total-the-opposite-of-the-ghetto-but-still-the-ghetto his Vipinoy system is. Vipinoy: a capitalist commune, a capitalist socialism, where commodities are shared and yet the commoners are encouraged to buy. Brilliant, genius, Iannis Xenakis level of Cunning! Also, Esq. Zobel, where's that Indonesian coffee that made me love the Vipinoy? If we're really VIP, why is our coffee instant NesCAFI (yes, It's I, not E. Robert Frost, if anything, taught us that poetry is songs and rhyme is a weapon)- and but then oh okay so back to, after Bateman confessed and the lawyer said he had dinner with X ( I read Lydia Davis and X has never been used more divinity-ly), he and I seemed to realize that the NOT-HIM are/is more insane and what's the point of the attempt to blend.

And I wonder like Terrence Mallick's To The Wonder wonder: is there no one really that can tell me if the movie's better than the Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho  the way The Godfather series, a basis of what I read is the Judd Apatow trilogy of 40 Year Old and Knocked Up and Superba, is one of the rare cases where the movie's better than the book? and how is this related to the not-yet-watched-but-already-clearly-PRISM-tracked-downloaded Hitchcock Psycho I have on Dropbox? Because I read Lunar Park and it's not good the way Spam like this is not.

3. I'm only writing of Admission because 20th minute-ish into the movie I cried with reverie and wanted it like a choice, the same way people who line in a taxi queue for four hours because it's a test of Patience...the name of my friend, Patience. It was a joy to cry. The way I cried to Identity Thief's Jane/Ryu/Jane Doe/McCarthy Character because she was adopted and had nowhere real to run to. The way I cried to Jason Bourne's Will Hunting when he said is there a sign at my back that says I am in need of help. The way I cried to Michael Heisenberg's The Robber,a  film used in my award-winning published short LitWit blog post about Facebook and Social Network that reeks of self-conscious David-Foster-Wallace-aspiring Double-Bind sardony and ironicism and politicianism and formal humor and that probably is the reason I am doubly quarterly Jessica Zafra blog-banned. Not that Jessica Zafra, but the other Jessica Zafra.

4. No, Aimee Mann. 4 is The Loneliest Number...Man.


5 Things About Everything That A Bisaya Learned From Stealing Tim Kreider's We Learn Nothing

1. We learn nothing.

2. We learn everything, but only a part of it. Okay that doesn't sound right. I don't think I agree with Kreider's thoughts on how we should just sever ties with people who are mentally sick or who drag us down and abuse our kindness to smut. But I don't think I have a good reason for my disagreement, other than denial.

3. We are like cats; we shun people who show their affection, we crawl towards them when it is deprived of us. Kreider had a line about our appreciation of life only when we're in the middle of a jungle and we're holding honey and a horde (or school? Bears like fish. Ergo, they ARE fish.) of bears lunge towards us.This is true, but I love bears, and if there's death, then I should just share it with them. I'm kidding, but not that part.

4. We Cebuanos should read his book because it mentions David Foster Wallace and James Salter, the two writers you should know more about because you're probably religious and you're probably so smart, you think Ferdinand Marcos is cool and that we should always ignore the street kids and we should always bullshit our friends with our brilliant lies.

5. We should believe in peak oil. That's right, bay. Mahurot ang oil gipanggamit for your Hummer and more genius cars. Tough shit, right? Now deal with it. If you're the genius kind, buy more iPhones and iPads and forget about other poor people's plight and enjoy life now, and who cares about the immorality of buying iPads professionally made by 8-year old kids when you know God is with you? God is with me God is with me God is with me. Me. Me. Me.

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