How VisPop Music Festival Music Can Make Cebuanos Forget Their Death

Problem: You're suddenly now an existentialist Cebuano, which means you're just one level lower than the emo teens who are so WhoGoat, they actually have goat beards to fit their emotions, and you think that your death is soon. It is in death that you endure life, as Albert Camus might have implied, so you need to face it like a selfie.

You want to live in the absurdity of this existence and death, but you also don't want to stop listening to the Spotify Playlist right now, which is filled with Visayan Pop Music because you can't get that earworm of a song blasted through in that wonderful Yolk coffee shop near Ayala, Cebu. That song is that Bisaya Up Dharma Down-esque song about taking a photo of a handsome stranger. Nothing's absurder than that.

What should you do to?


1. Find that earworm in Youtube and listen in a loop. Here it is because you're lazy: Pa-Pictura Ko Nimo, Gwapo (Lyric Video) by Marie Salvaleon

2. Join the Music Festival where "Pa-Pictura Ko" was born or catapulted into a novelty star. It's common Cebuano Wisdom nga ang mga kanta sa Missing Filemon ang musika para sa Cebuano kung unsa ang Eraserheads sa tibuok nasod. The songs have become a shadow of Cebuano nuances, ridiculous habits and Western-adapted identity-confused culture. 

You enjoy this confusion, and next week you can enjoy it more because Missing Filemon might be part of the event in the poster below that celebrates what passes for original Cebuano Pop Music and the event that fuels debate on whether we genuinely have originality in our songs when our identity is a Pinakbet of world cultures.

Hurray for Being Colonized By Americans and Spaniards so now Our Music Culture is screwed!

This music festival is a concert featuring all the music from Vispop Music Festival 1-3.
Visit Their Facebook Page for more info.

3. Visit YOLK Coffee Shop in Mabolo and do a Food Therapy.  We liked it there, even if they turned off the aircon when they saw I was the only customer there (Hurray for Environment!), and you might like the place so much, too, that you'll no longer cry for something you know will mathematically just end.


A Guide on Why "I A Robot" Hate Stephanie Reese's Organic Broadway Act

1. Because she's brave.

You hate her guts. You hate her guts for performing without the kind of talent that only a self-conscious, too manicured, too perfectly artificially finessed performer/worker should have. Pit Senyor!

Also, she's somebody's daughter, so if you think she's a powder of dried toilet waste shavings, then hurray for your kindness! Good luck with the anti-depressants.

2. Because I'm under therapy.

And the last time you received the genuinest hug was the first time you wet somebody else's pillow with your tears.

3. Because I haven't listened to Louis C.K.'s comedy act, where:

3.1 He talks about how a piece of smartphone doesn't suck but our life around it is the one that sucks instead.

3.2 He talks about how Hatred is a form of entertainment. If the movie is really that bad and I'm angered by it, then maybe I'm at least entertained enough  by the movie to hate it. Hence, I was still entertained. Hashtag I Just Blew My  Mind.


Bisaya Short Films Presents Haim, The Dum Dums, Christian Martinez and Frances Ha

1. Haim's music has an intense electric piercing effect to me that ranks second to my perhaps first three listens to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's music in Once.

2. The Dum Dum Girl's straightforward black net top is just as hypnotic as their vocalist's reverberations that lure to get David and us some aural sex. 

3. My first viewing of this Christian Martinez short film got me teary-eyed and had me feel that thing I had from watching Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence's recital in Silver Lining's Playbook. A video that also makes me want to say "Lava" out loud for no reason.


4. The hard black charm and white lies luring anyone to passion in the movie Frances Ha kind of wants to make you run barefoot and forgotten just to test whether the word authenticity still rings a bell.


NU Killed Ely Live

Last Month I held the sweaty palm of god. Like, literally. And it sang, specifically a song about a dance with a maid.

Ely Buendia is the lead vocals of Eraserheads and Pupil, if you live under a rock. Or worse, a rock. And speaking of rocks, he’s probably one of the priority rock gods you need to google right now. Especially that it’ll be a while before you can listen to him be played in long playlists on good free live-rock radio broadcast now that NU107 is finally no longer just undead.

Ironically I blame it on technology and I guess I’m writing this because it has just dawned on me that music is surprisingly powerful among Cebuanos in ways never accounted for before and anything that puts it in crisis deserves a bisection.

When we question technology it’s always about the issue of excess that gets the ax. And the hardest question we’re faced when this happens seems to be about drawing the line. It’s about finding where and how exactly we could consider the next purchase of a new iPhone acceptable without bolstering the reasons we’re now facing something seemingly as inconceivable as a free rock radio channel being completely off-air. I guess doing that seems to be as easy as playing the electric guitar, with no actual guitar, and blindfolded, and just as cliched. But I still think the least we could do is to remember the question.

And wouldn’t it be better if we always remind ourselves of that, instead of always finding the quickest ways to render the just recently launched cellphone, music players and free radio defunct? Encouraging people, especially kids to apportion such time and passion for music to the point of even respecting enough someone as distant and impersonal as a musician to label them as a god is clearly better than teaching them it’s not bad to own, own, own, right? Own houses you barely have time to live in, laptops in cities you can hardly power a street lamp without interruptions and more junk you don’t even need. Or want.

I guess it’s still a matter of preference, because what is freedom anyway if not that? Besides, it’s not like listening to Ely Buendia sing live and humming along with him is better than using all your gadgets combined during brown outs that are no longer rotational, right?


The 3 Latest Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona's In Love And War Music Videos You Need To Watch Before You Die

Yep. The title couldn't be more accurate. Apparently, no one can have enough of Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona's In Love And War stuff, as shown in the increasing number of readers who apparently got accidentally redirected to my blog that I sometimes have forgotten existed. Which doesn't mean every post here isn't something I take very seriously.

Anyway, here are three music videos that pretend to give justice to Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona's work. I don't know if you know this, but I heard these videos are downright amazing, artistic, avant-garde, shiny, sparkly, tasteful, bestest, goodest, and even urine-inducing of all epic videos of all time! Also, I shot and directed them, so you know this isn't obviously biased.

Ely Buendia Sings "Ang Huling El Bimbo" With A Little Girl, A Grandmother, And The Carpenters Who Built Her Cottage

If three videos are way beyond your Youtube Attention span quota, just watch this one. It's the best of the three. Plus, you might also be in this video.

Ely Buendia Performs "Wasak Waltz" Live

This song's my favorite in the In Love And War album. This video features Ely Buendia playing the piano and also Ely's immaculate back. Oh man, why didn't you move to the other side and freakin get a shot of his face, you might say? Well, how often do you see a music video that mostly features Ely Buendia's posterior and still enjoy it?

Ely Buendia Sings Francis Magalona's "Kaleidoscope World"

I'm of two minds with this Francis Magalona song. It's catchy, and relatable in a" There is a farmer in front. And now the sun is setting. I have two coins."-kind of way, but didn't feel like something I could own. It's one of those songs that you like listening to, but not too much to make it like a viral Bieber killer song. But you need to watch this because it's the proof I held the hand of god. Someone's a fan.


Illiterate Street Children In Cebu

 "Hindi ko maintindihan (I don't understand)"
Last September’s a pretty boring month, no? Don’t get me wrong: I knew about Rolando Mendoza and the things that we were told weren’t done. I heard of dengue, September 11, Ondoy, the mainstream trade of kidneys downtown and knew what they weren’t about.
I even half-pretended to be shocked when I heard of the recent gang rape with a nurse. Or that bombing incident post-bar exams. And you’re probably not the only one who saw that girl playing dead in one of the streets you pass by when riding a 10M and reaching that part near SM that’s clearly straight out of a Lino Brocka film. But come on, do we really care? Do these even make for a good story in a tagay? How could you possibly say that these illiterate street children in Cebu are better and more entertaining to our literally flooded lives than Charice on Glee? How is talking about them cooler than the new phone I’m seeing in front of me along with the rest of the probably six more smart phones this girl owns and is that a Pokedex?

How is the rising number of inveterately illiterate kids more useful to our need for art than Sam Milby’s singing in this Mall Sale (aptly titled “Bear Sale”, which meant it was for SeptemBER, the first month in the Christian calendar that has the suffix BER in its name, which was/is pronounced “Bear” in cebuano) we’re definitely going to visit twice? Why worry about the kind of systemic graft you only see in your family and friends when there’s always a Sam Milby movie to watch and European films like “The Robber” and “An Education” to ignore, even if they were screened for free weeks ago and made at least one person happy and sad?
Of course Sam Milby is better than this guy right here!
Why read books and learn what that TSINELAS group means when you can sprawl Starbucks and be prideful you’re stupid? And why even care when there’s clearly a saviour for all? Speaking of saviours and movies, here’s a good idea that we should instead be more concerned about: iPads. Which are great.

And I’m only saying this because I have proof, which is the man I saw using an iPad for at least three hours in a cafe in this city where the power supply could barely even power mine. More than irking me for the competition that I shouldn’t even be forced to attend to, his iPad made me think: if the very thing that supplies us the chance of happiness we both need is limited, who’s going to have the last say? Trick question: of course it’s me. Anyway, part of you still wants you to do to people who own things like iPad what you most instinctively do to cockroach, but a part of you still feels sorry about that for reasons you know not exactly what. But here’s the certain sad catch: everything’s still democratic and you can pretty much do whatever you want. Especially on Septembers, where illiterate street children in Cebu run the streets like never before.


Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona's In Love And War and Pokemon and Bears

 Pokemons are awesome. And I guess signatures, too.

Hey just because I like velociraptors and I'm pissed at iPhones being blendered doesn't mean I simply like Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona's In Love and War. Because I don't. I respect it. And this is a review of the album from an artist whose wet palm I mistook for not just a god's and whose SM City Cebu concert I felt satisfyingly stupid to be a part of. It was also an ego-fest for me, because I made a joke there with people I was jamming with and it goes like this:

"Sikat siguro ni siya sa?"
Tagalog translation: Siguro sikat to si Ely Buendia.
English: Wow, this Ely Buendia guy must be really popular!

1. Higante - A song for your enemy, like your mother's son, your brother's father, parking lot bears and parking lot people.

2. Bleeder - It reminds you of getting a tattoo.

3. Bus Stop - I wrote in SunStar about a girl and a boy under an umbrella in the rain and if this song hadn't been too upbeat, this might be the theme song for the piece:

"That's me with Syn's head! A dream come true! Also, that's cotton candy she's holding. "

4. Buzzkill - I don't know how to jump a gun without googling it or doing an urbandictionary search. Gloc 9's rap says a lot about my wish not to ever attempt a "Guess how smart I am when I met Ely and threw a joke at him?". "Dry like a raincoat"'s irony's annoying.

5. Dreamdate -  If you wish for Panda bears, they poop a lot, so be careful what you wish for. Applies for dates, too. Also, the song says a lot about how all dates you dream of dating are most certainly nightmare douchies. Except when it's me, obviously.

6. Hands On - This is not for me.

7. Bum Ticker - I did an urbandictionary search about it and I learned it's an american slang for a bad heart. So now you know there's a song for that.

8. Wasak Waltz - I respect and favorite this song. Although "Wasak na Pagsasamahan" is ambiguous and that's not a quality you'd want a personal song to have.

9. It's All Right, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - This is not one of the few Bob Dylan songs I religiously listen to.

10. Unstrung Heroes- It's proof that you can never have enough of The World Cup and this is one of the two songs in Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia's In Love and War album that I'm storing in my hard drive. And the last bit where Francis Magalona wants you to have less blood? It's REALLY cheerful and REALLY not creepy at all.
UPDATE:  A retweet from The Man himself. I am grateful. Of course this is the most important thing you should know about me.

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