A Guide on Why "I A Robot" Hate Stephanie Reese's Organic Broadway Act

1. Because she's brave.

You hate her guts. You hate her guts for performing without the kind of talent that only a self-conscious, too manicured, too perfectly artificially finessed performer/worker should have. Pit Senyor!

Also, she's somebody's daughter, so if you think she's a powder of dried toilet waste shavings, then hurray for your kindness! Good luck with the anti-depressants.

2. Because I'm under therapy.

And the last time you received the genuinest hug was the first time you wet somebody else's pillow with your tears.

3. Because I haven't listened to Louis C.K.'s comedy act, where:

3.1 He talks about how a piece of smartphone doesn't suck but our life around it is the one that sucks instead.

3.2 He talks about how Hatred is a form of entertainment. If the movie is really that bad and I'm angered by it, then maybe I'm at least entertained enough  by the movie to hate it. Hence, I was still entertained. Hashtag I Just Blew My  Mind.

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