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A Politically Ignorant Cebuano's Problem Solved By Watching Cameron Crowe's Aloha

Problem: You think that it's unfashionable to talk about politics with your friends. You have friends who listen to EDM because it's in. You have friends who don't watch Filipino movies or Bisaya Short Films because they tell you they're cheap.

All of you want to watch a romantic comedy that ends well.

You want to talk about politics with these friends because something inside you tells you that you have to talk about whether Grace Poe should be our next president just because it's something you feel that you are to be part of.

Society is guilt-tripping you to vote for a president, care for a president, for a nation that never cared for you. #whogoat. How can you talk?

 Solution:  Watch Cameron Crowe's Aloha

Remember Jerry Seinfeld's wife going to Oprah and showcasing her Cakes and Pastries Completely Made of Vegetables? 

Oprah tasted the cupcake filled with pureed broccoli and Oprah couldn't tell there was broccoli there. 

Aloha is THIS broccoli cupcake. Watching it with your friends could get you some politics knowledge (the vegetables) even if you're eating a standard Valentine's Day template date movie (the cake).

Aloha is about life of regular citizens around a military environment, and who live with luminous awareness that a human being who is capable of completely falling in love with someone can launch a rocket in space and obliterate the humanity to its YOLO end.

Highlights of the movie to watch out for: Bradley Cooper's "Father's Day Celebration", a daughter crying after dancing a heartwarming well-scored Hawaiian dance; Danny McBride bringing a kid to the park that remind syou of his TV show; and Emma Stone shouting "You Just Lost Your Signal" to Bradley Cooper resonating the famous Jerry Maguire lines your dad used to tell your mom, unless you're adopted.

Watch this movie if you understand what type of "Stop Overthinking Like David Foster Wallace" fun to expect in a movie starring John Krasinski of The Office, Bill Murray of St. Vincent, Danny McBride of FunnyOrDie, Rachel McAdams of Mean Girls and Bradley Cooper of The Hangover.


6 Reasons To Watch Easy A Starring Emma Stone

It's good something like Easy A is in Bisaya Cinema for everyone who just can no longer bear the amazing humor of Petrang Kabayo to enjoy. Not that Vice Ganda isn't a force to reckon. To help you decide whether to skip this or it's a go, give this guide a try.

1. It's got Emma Stone in it, which pretty much sums up the reason why you should also be looking for her in Superbad and Zombieland. They're just as necessary for you to be like the genius you really want to be even if you don't really want to read.

2. Stanley Tucci plays a father. In Easy A he's got a line saying he was previously gay, but said in a way that isn't just dubious, but also funny. Watch out for that.

3. It's oddly a homage to Coke Zero being tweeted is something you should learn how to make fun of.

4. Lisa Kudrow is there, but not in a role you'd like her to be, but then again, who wants to watch her outside Friends? No seriously be nice to her.

5. Using references to a gnome, Huckleberry Finn, Scarlett Letter and 80's chick flicks might be something you can a learn a lot from when deciding to dominate the world with your short films.

6. Emma Stone will be in a Bisaya Short Film.

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