6 Reasons To Watch Easy A Starring Emma Stone

It's good something like Easy A is in Bisaya Cinema for everyone who just can no longer bear the amazing humor of Petrang Kabayo to enjoy. Not that Vice Ganda isn't a force to reckon. To help you decide whether to skip this or it's a go, give this guide a try.

1. It's got Emma Stone in it, which pretty much sums up the reason why you should also be looking for her in Superbad and Zombieland. They're just as necessary for you to be like the genius you really want to be even if you don't really want to read.

2. Stanley Tucci plays a father. In Easy A he's got a line saying he was previously gay, but said in a way that isn't just dubious, but also funny. Watch out for that.

3. It's oddly a homage to Failbook.com. Coke Zero being tweeted is something you should learn how to make fun of.

4. Lisa Kudrow is there, but not in a role you'd like her to be, but then again, who wants to watch her outside Friends? No seriously be nice to her.

5. Using references to a gnome, Huckleberry Finn, Scarlett Letter and 80's chick flicks might be something you can a learn a lot from when deciding to dominate the world with your short films.

6. Emma Stone will be in a Bisaya Short Film.

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