These past days have been confusing me like hell and I've all the reasons to say it's probably not just because of the elections spectacle that wake me up to my more suffering. It's all this intentional disregard for everything worthy of being made fun of through irony that's not making it better. For example, the line "it's not like we're going there and working our ass out just for the money" is undervalued to have no meaning more than what it directly is. What about reading it as actually just going there for the money? Haven't people thought about that?

A few hours before I wrote this I bought french fries from a kiosk in a mall. I asked for some tissue paper and the store manager, or should I say, cashier said they didn't have any. So I said, "Oh, thanks. Eating this would REALLY make my hands clean.

I'm not sure I'm not entirely being a troll.

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