The Status of Minor Cebuano Addicts

The other night there was a theatre show in celebration for town fiesta a few blocks away from where I was sitting, which might as well be a celebration of everyday, considering it's easier to count the days we're not celebrating one than the opposite. It was presented as mainly about a guy who was doing drugs and felt like a big failure at the end. Then he supposedly realized he was wrong and should've followed his parents' advice.

Now I don't know about you, but if trying to solve this problem is now just being dismissed as to be this simple, I'd have every crap I own ebay-ed pronto so I can totally start shoveling all those druggy cooly thingies down my dried N-methylamphetamin-virgin throat. For if this is now how everyone generally seems to don't give a quack about the day to day insanity-driving struggle to prevent and cope with having a drug-committed kid and the people most likely to be doing drugs are certainly not the most adaptable and cared for among the lot as it is, then you would be crazy not to think you might as well just be doing the thing, right? Unlike the other, at least drugging still might have some remotely even almost impossible chance of height worthy to still look forward to in such circumstances.

Cebuanos, think it through. Or you might end up getting the wrong kind of kids to raise.

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