A Good Year

I was in the kind of coffee shop where the barista tries to up your order of Tall Mocha Latte and you realize there's not that much reason to say No, so you spend extra 10 bucks for something you knew right away you'd feel bad about later.

And then I started to read. Then thought about Marion Cotillard's substituted line in A Good Year, the movie being screened in this cafe's free TV. Then I realized how wrong I was in railing against this movie. Who would've thought this movie could be this brilliant if we didn't let all the actors talk and just stream running images of Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard?

Then of course I had to watch these ladies in front of me lay-out a photo album. It's partly a scrapbook, because they're using green paper-cut-outs shaped into those kind of round flowers you make as a kid. Those flower shapes that never seem to capture any real flower's shape, if you think about it.

Then I was now watching the barista watch these ladies finish their scrapbook. And then I hear her tell the lady customers, "Wow! That's really good. "

Whatever happened to conflict of interest, I'm happy.

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