6 Things You Might Hate/Love About Enchong Dee's The Strangers

1. Julia Montes in full acne system looks hot, but needs to un-act more.

2. The only van scene that has solid dialogue reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine and the entire movie, Rashomon. Or Jay, if you will. And Julian Barnes’ The Sense of An Ending.

3. The guy from The Kitchen Musical reminds me of the only vivid image I have of Ralph Fiennes’ sniper scene in Schindler’s.

4.  If you think like me and you're not a stupid judgmental Einstein, you'd like The Strangers.

5. No soundtrack would make the film more scary. JM. De Guzman should be in my Bisaya Short Film.

6. Janice de Belen's most riveting moment: Seemingly Instagramming while taking number two/poo.

Rating: As pleasurable as a McDo Iced Coffee.

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