How Not To Feel Alone With Eliza Luthman's It Felt Like Love

Problem: Your mother died. 

Your mother died of cancer. Your mother died of cancer and now you're alone. Your mother died of cancer and now you're alone with your dad in a world where 16 yr olds have sex, where pointlessness is the point and where you die either way.

You don't want to feel alone. What do you do?

Solution: Watch Eliza Luthman's It Felt Like Love and Start Feeling Less Alone

First, enjoy the beautiful catchy title. Second, pretend you're a disturbed male and enjoy watching the girls dancing in the movie  Then appreciate its cinematography and camera's sharp attention to details of male and female skin.

Then when you reach the penultimate scene, ask yourself: did she do it on him, or the three of them, or did she do it at all?

Finally, think about this: the point of Eliza Luthman's melancholic coming-of-age movie is that no one but yourself knows whether you did what others thought you didn't and in the world where you wear masks to cope with loss of innocence, 

the best way to deal with the days is dance.

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